• Written by Norman 18 Dec 2002, 23:26
  • Erotic

This is another true tale of my Shy wife, but it is years & years after the first experience in the 'Shy Wife' story I've just wrote about.

I still have stories from earlier on & later on but this one is a favourite of mine, Frankies & Johns.

A few years ago, my then wanking pal Frank and I were talking horny as usual, watching a homemade video of my wife Joan that I'd teased him about having for ages & finally I was showing him it.
He was sitting wanking and getting harder just talking about Joan, how she shaves her fanny, what underwear she likes, the sex experiences she's had in the past, how he'd love to fuck her etc etc

His cock was just as he'd bragged about many times after we'd been out drinking as a foursome. His nickname from his younger days was Donkey Cock and it was between 9 & 10 inches of thick cock.
He'd told me many times he'd love to fuck Joan and I'd told him about how me & Frankie used to get her to pretend to be asleep for us, then help ourselves to a horny time.
Frank had said why not get her drunk sometime & he'd try to flirt with her for a change, and see what materialised. I thought it was worth a try sometime soon.

Joan already knew Franks nickname & we'd fantasised about her cock teasing me & him sometime as she'd done previously for my other pal Frankie. She had asked me about Franks cock many times, was it as big as he'd bragged etc.
I'd told her it was 9 or 10 inches & I'm sure she fancied trying it sometime & reckoned I could persuade her to go to sleep one night for us.

One thursday night Frank rang to say his wife was away that weekend and had suggested we should still go for a meal but don't tell Joan that Ann was away. If we'd told her Ann wasn't going to be there she would definitely not go out with two men.
So on the Saturday night we drove upto Franks bungalow 13 mls from ours, knocked at the door & Frank answered all dressed to go out. He winked at me & said 'Sorry, but Ann's had to go somewhere, but we'll just go to the local pub rather than spoil the night'.
I quickly answered OK knowing Joan wouldn't have the nerve to say no.
So we walked upto the Pub via the little path up the side of the field & grabbed a nice quiet corner where we could chat. Frank got the drinks (Shandies for us two) in and Joans usual Whisky & lemonade suddenly became a treble.
She even said to Frank 'I hope this is not a double mind?' and Frank said 'No, its just I know the landlord & he gives good measures to me'

I think she suspected something but wouldn't call Frank a liar. We chatted & I got the next ones in, making sure it was a double or treble one for her.

Joan was soon getting tipsy but was enjoying herself. I reckon she felt special out with two men. Frank started talking about his younger days & the girls he'd been out with etc etc. Then he mentioned how they ribbed him at school & called him donkey cock. Joan didn't bat an eyelid as the talk got more and more naughty.
Frank was giving me thumbs up signs & when I went to the toilet he followed & showed me his cock standing hard saying 'I'd love to shove this up her tonight Norman. What do you think the chances are?

I told him she seems in a good 'sexy' mood & the dirty patter seems to be turning her on a bit, so 'you never know'.

Frank then said, when we get back to the bungalow, you grab the one chair for yourself & Joan will have to sit on the settee.I knew why he'd organised it this way because he'd have to sit next to Joan that way.

We then set off down this pitch dark path to Franks bungalow and Frank was signaling me with the thumbs up as Joan staggered slightly.He grabbed her as if stopping her from falling & had a sneaky little 'accidental' feel of her & a bit silly carry on.I think Joan thought he'd stopped her from falling because she just might have if he hadn't grabbed her. When we got to the bungalow, I went straight for the easychair & Joan plonked herself down on the settee while Frank went for drinks.

On his return, he sat next to Joan who didn't say anything.If she'd been sober she'd have noticed something 'fishy' was going on.
Then we had a bit more sexy banter & because she was tipsy and in a giggly mood she took part & didn't object. Frank really was flirting a bit with her and she seemed to like it, so he started complimenting her figure & said 'Are those boobs real Joan'

Joan being in her giggly mood and laughing at his comments said of course they're real you silly bugger what do you think they are?

Frank then pretended to grab them saying 'I dont believe you, Gis a feel'

Joan struggled with Frank as he pretended to grab them to see if they were real & she was obviously enjoying this attention and wrestling him.
I knew Frank had now made his move & it was try it on with her or give up.
Then all of a sudden Frank had her blouse wide open and her sexy bra was in full view with her tits just about overflowing.
She was still laughing as they grappled and I dont think she knew her blouse was wide open, but Frank was now turned on & determined to continue because he was desperate for Joan, especially when I had helped get her in this state.

I unzipped my cock which was rock hard by now & sat stroking it watching there antics on the settee.

Joan then looked over directly at me, saw my cock getting wanked smiled at me as if to say OK I'm going to let him go further. She then slid down into a horizontal position.
Frank then loosened her bra & had her tits out with his mouth on her nipple while his other hand pulled her skirt up around her waist, showing her stockings and suspenders and tiny little panties.

I then went and stood next to her & she took my cock into her mouth and started gently sucking it,while Frank got between her legs and slipped her panties to one side.
Seeing her shaved fanny all juiced and ready was really horny for me never mind Frank. He'd seen it on video and now he was going to fuck it.

I had to take my cock from her mouth because I was coming too quick with the excitement, so I went to help Frank with Joan. I eased her into a good position and As he knelt between her legs I pulled her fanny lips apart and helped him in because I was frightened he'd be too big for her. She took him right up her no bother

Within about 4 minutes of bucking Joan like a rabbit he spunked his load up her fanny yet he was the one who'd bragged he could go a long time.
My other two pals often shot there loads in a couple of mins but they din't brag they could last ages.

Afterwards, I drove home and Joan was so horny after that night, she sucked my cock all the way home. When we got into the house we had a fantastic fuck & she'd loved the experience, but it had taken a fair bit booze to get her so she wasn't a shy wife.

She did say that Frank nearly crushed her and didn't fuck her as good as Frankie or John.