• Written by John 11 Aug 2011, 22:58
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Even though I am happily married & have a wonderful sex life with my wife, I still have that urge that makes me want to have other women. For several years I have surfed the internet without success trying to find a women or a couple. Over 10 years ago I had a threesome with a couple for one evening in a local hotel which was very enjoyable, but unfortunately I never thought to arrange another meeting with them & lost their e-mail address.

Recently realising that the approaching age of 70 I was no real catch for younger girls or couples, so I signed up on a senior web site. To my surprise I had quite a few reponses from older ladies. Picking one or two out I e-mailed them being completely frank with them, by telling them I was happily married & all I wanted was a sexual relationship. Again to my surprise a 75 year old lady replied to say that se was the reason she had signed up.

After a few e-mails between the pair of us, we agreed to meet in a shopping mall food court.

At the agreed time I turned up to find her waiting at one of the tables drinking a soft drink. She still had some of the beauty that she obviously once had & while slightly stooped she seemed to be very active, with white her like me & very neatly dressed. Joining her I introduced myself with my correct name which she reciprocated with hers.

She never beat about the bush, almost at once telling me that she wanted to have sex with me & asked where we should go to get what the pair of us wanted. Suggesting a nearby motel, she told me that she felt I shouldn't have to spend any money & if I was happy with it we should go to her house. Agreeing, we decided to travel in her car & she would bring me back to my truck when we had finished enjoying ourselves ( as she put it ).

Driving to her house she told me that she had been a widow for over 17 years & hadn't any sex in all that time & had craved for sex as her husband & her had been very sexually active for the whole of their married life, consequently missing the feel of a man in side her body.

We arrived at her house which told me that she was obviously wealthy. Driving into the garage & automatically closing the door she suddenly reached across the front seat & passionately kissed me. My response was to wrap my arms gently around her & allowed my tongue to explore her mouth. Immediately her breathing became hurried with her hands roaming my body for a few seconds. She broke away telling me that we should get to her bedroom right away otherwise she would let me take her there in the garage.

SHe got out of the car, went through her kitchen sheding her clothes as she made her way to her bedroom.Following behind her & getting to the bedroom I found her already stripped down to her bra & panties ( which were obviously old ladies type ).

Beckoning me to her I moved toward her until I was pressed against her. We wrapped our arms around each other, kissed long & deep with our hands exploring each other. My hands found the clasp on her bra allowing it to fall to the floor. Moving her back from me so I could look at her breasts I found them sagging down almost to her waist. She told me that they used to stand up so very erect. Taking one of them in my hand I told her that they were still very wonderful, bent forward & took one of them into my mouth, making her nipple become erect.

She asked me to take my trousers & underpants down as she wanted to see my penis. As I started to strip I told her that I was not very large, only just over 5 inches. Then asked her how well endowed was her husband. There was no diappointment in her voice as she told me that he had been massive, almost 8 inches.

My pants were at my ankles allowing her to go down on to her knees & take my penis very expertly into her mouth. Beginning to give me the most wonderful feelings, she was obviously very experienced at sucking on a penis.

Working my way down on to the floor without letting my penis leave her mouth, I worked my way into a 69 position, slid her p ants down & straight away found her clitoris with my tongue, making her almost straight away start to moan with sexual enjoyment.

After a couple of minutes attention to her clitoris she started to plead me to fuck her, telling me she wanted me inside her fucking her. Moving from her pussy , turning around, I climbed on top of her. Her legs opened wide allowing me easy access to emy penis into her. At once her legs wrapped tightly around me & began to push up at me. Normally I read that the man is first to climax, but I guess she had been so long without sex that she started to climax almost at once, going into a very loud climax telling me to fuck her harder. Her climax lasted for what seemed an eternity, continuing until I emptid myself into her, making her squeel even more with sexual joy.

Rolling from her & laying along side her I allowed my hands to explore her body as she explored mine, then told me that she had really needed that. It was worth the wait for over 15 years, & she wanted more, but first of all she wanted to show me something.

She got up from the bed & I watched her as she left the room. I appreciated her body as she left & more so when she returned. She had cerainly been a very beautiful sexy woman.

Sitting on the bed along side me she opened a small box & took out some photos. They were poliroids, every one of them of her, with other women & men & from the size of one man's penis I guessed which man was her husband. She then told me that she & her husband had several friends that they swapped with back in the late 50's & early 60's. She was in most of the shots in various positions having sex either with a man, woman or two or three men & women. She & her husband had obviously been very sexual when they were younger.

Having looked at all the photos we resumed pleasuring each other & as old I am I managed to take her in several positions as she demanded. I must admit though her mouth was neede to arouse me for the last few times to be able to give her the sex she demanded from me.

Since then we have met almost twice a week to satisfy the lust for sex that we both need. She certainly proves to me that sex is always something one needs & the older a woman gets the better she gets at it.