• Written by howie67 3 Sep 2011, 13:27
  • Fiction

I got a text message to get around to Nikki's house right away! You don't want to keep a good woman waiting so I jumped in the car and went right around.

When I walked into the front room she was stood there waiting. She's a shapley hourglass figure, big tits and arse with a nice little spunk belly. Her long, dark ginger hair is held up and she's got her glasses on. She has on a black basque, sheer black stockings, black lace thong and rounded off with a pair of thigh length boots. She's holding a riding crop with a dildo attached.

'Take off your clothes!' she orders. I flick off my deck shoes and tee shirt, drop my shorts to the floor and stand there in my purple lace thong.
'Put those on' she says, pointing to the couch. I dress up in a matching black basque, black seamed fishnets and also black lace thong. 'Come here'.

I walk over and am told to kneel down. She grabs the back of my head and forces my face into her crotch. I lick, nuzzle and chew at her pussy through her panties, sniffing heavily. I put my fingers into the sides of her panties and slide them down.
I return to her pussy, licking and kissing. Pushing my tongue into her. She is almost naked down there. I am constantly feeling her bum cheeks and running my hands down her legs to her boots.

She is moaning happily, then pushes my head away. 'Kneel down, face away!' I do as I'm told. I hear some shuffling behind me and after a while feel my thong being pulled to the side and a cold liquid poured onto my arsehole. She puts one finger in and moves it in and out. After a short while she adds another, then a third. Moving them in and out of my hole.

They are withdrawn and I feel a dildo being pushed in. Is she using the whip?? I feel her boot clad thighs bang into me. No she has her strapon!! She starts slowly then speeds up. Banging the rubber cock into my arse. She is hard and fast and it is painful but a turn on. When she is happy she withdraws. 'On your back!' I do as instructed. 'Panties off'. I slide them down. 'Now wank yourself'.

I start to pull on my cock. She takes off the strapon and stands over me. She is frigging her self off as well. I know she has come already, it's in her face. My first spurt almost reaches my face I'm so turned on. Second onto my fat belly, the rest dribbles down onto my cock and balls. 'Stay there', after a bit she starts to piss on me. Her first gush lands on my cock and balls, she steps up and finishes her piss on my face.

I'm wet, empty and fully satisfied.

This is fantasy but if anyone can help I'd be very happy. I'm fully bi, so if a man wants to take Nikki's place, more than happy.

Please message me if you enjoyed it. howie67