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You may have read recently how my sexy wife Sophie was re-awakened to the joy of swinging! In particular 3some MFM fun. Check that story entitled "My wife spectacularly re-awakened, at last!" by searching for Sophie's hubby. Now she has really taken to it with even greater relish than before. It used to be something we did every few months, sometimes as long as 6 months between meets and then she lost her confidence but now she wants it so much and I guess time is a little easier to find with kids growing up, 2 now married and 2 at home becoming more self sufficient. . . . so that's what she gets! 2 horny guys regularly spoiling her!!

Since that meeting with our long term friend the personal trainer we have met up for some more wonderful threesomes almost every couple of weeks. Not surprising as those who read that story will recall how Sophie had the most amazing sex ever with the deepest, the longest and greatest number of orgasms she had ever experienced. I have to say that is how it has continued as visits to his home gym have always ended up with her getting well and truly fucked by the both me and him.

She has become insatiable and on some occasions we end up staying the night, all sharing the bed, my gorgeous wife lying between us waking one or other of us throughout the night to get between her lovely long legs and enjoy the pleasure of her most welcoming hot pussy . . . . . or both of us for a spectacular spit roast! By morning she has been known to have had us both 3 or 4 times and still want more!!

Maybe turning 50 recently, although she looks 10 years younger, has made her determined to enjoy herself realising she can still pull a fit guy and I guess having this young guy, only 35, who fancies the pants off her and who knows just how to please her in bed, also helps a lot! Added to all this, our own sex life between meets has inevitably been even better too, so it has been hard to imagine how to better it.

Of course one does always look to push the boundaries of sexual experience and I have to confess she does manage to leave both James and I exhausted after some of our sessions. As I already have said quite often Sophie is often left wanting more, so James and I had discussed privately the possibly of enlisting a little extra help to satisfy my horny wife! She is never overly keen for change and loves out little threesomes as they are now but I felt it might be time to introduce her to something new and maybe turn it into an MMMF foursome!

I wouldn't do something I knew she couldn't cope with or wouldn't be happy with and felt an extra guy, if the right guy, might add another dimension to our fun. Oh yes I was really excited to see how she would handle 3 hard cocks at once although I already suspected she would have no problem and in her new found sexual liberation would embrace it with total enthusiasm. I also rather like the idea of being able to watch my wife being pleasured by 2 horny young guys! James was certainly up for sharing her with another man . . . . and he had just the guy in mind.

We shall call him Tom and he is very fit and good looking, even younger at only 28 but with a liking for mature women. Now we decided not to tell Sophie about our plan but to make it a surprise for her as I felt sure if the situation was right she would not resist this opportunity for some new fun! If she knew about it beforehand I thought her old insecurities might creep in and she could pull out, after all this guy was not much older than our son! James also reassured me he thought Sophie would like him so I felt happy.
I knew there would be no need to worry on his part as we had met him briefly when he was leaving from a training session as we arrived and had apparently comment how sexy he thought my wife was. Perhaps he picked up their body language as he had asked James rather directly if he sleeping with her as well as training her and when James admitted he was regularly fucking my wife and how horny and insatiable she was with 2 guys he appeared quite envious and said he didn't blame him! With my permission he was shown some of our videos and told of our plan! Needless to say he jumped at the opportunity to share in the pleasures of Sophie's sexy body!

So the day came and we arrived for the usual gym session, prior to the eagerly anticipated bedroom session! Just 5 minutes into her workout Tom arrived on the pretence of having got the 'wrong day'!! But not to worry James said he was happy to take them both for the session if Sophie didn't mind. I had been sat watching her work out as sometimes I did just enjoying seeing her lovely body moving and her flirting with James! She hesitated then looked at me with a quizzical smile and said she didn't mind little knowing what she was inadvertently agreeing too though perhaps she had a sneaky suspicion. She did admit later that it did cross her mind but she quickly dispelled that thinking this young guy would think her too old and could not possibly want her so set her mind to her workout.

They were working hard and James sharing the attention between them, knowing looks between him and Sophie, then the smiles at me with the lust in her eyes knowing she was going to get fucked good . . . . little did she know how good! I did catch her glancing at Tom rather wantonly and had no doubt watching this fit young guy was certainly turning her on even if she didn't imagine she would be working out in the bedroom with him soon. As he was doing some press ups she even looked at me and mouthed "Phwoar" while my mind was already imagining him doing press-ups between her lovely long legs!

There was little conversation but a distinct air of sexual tension and lots of glances between us all. Tom couldn't take his eyes off my wife when he was facing in her direction and clearly fancied her from the growing bulge in his shorts which Sophie had certainly clocked from the wide eyed look she gave me. As she sat at the weights exercising her inner thighs (yes, the one where her legs are open!) his gaze was transfixed on her lycra covered pussy as he slid back and forth on the rowing machine no doubt imagining sliding in and out of her delicious hole - indeed, although he wasn't given any promises by James he had seen the videos and been told what an amazing responsive and willing lover she is so probably had a good idea she might have him. James and I both knew she would too but it was she who hadn't yet grasped the reality of getting fucked by 3 horny guys, especially one so young and fit!!

I closed my eyes for just a moment listening to the groans of their exertions in the gym imagining that the sound may be very similar upstairs in a little while as they fucked, only the squeaking of the gym equipment replaced by the creaking of the bed! I just couldn't wait to see him enjoying my lovely wife and taking her to the heights of pleasure and sexual ecstasy! I have always done pretty well keeping up with James but for sure the stamina of this guy would be significantly better and I had no doubt he would give her the sustained fucking she wants in these situations. Hard to imagine how before swinging she was content to snuggle up after one nice orgasm . . . not anymore!! The more she has the more she wants!!

Eventually she was done with the fitness session and ready for the sex session as she headed purposefully to the shower.

"See you in bit!" she winked at James

And "nice to have met you" she added to Tom

"Hope to see you more of you" he replied with a big grin.

She just smiled coyly, wiggling her bum in a rather sexy way as she left the room.

Tom just looked at me "Wow, your wife is gorgeous! Will she really be up for handling all 3 of us?"

"Oh I think so" I reassured him “I can see it in her eyes! She is horny already just thinking about James let alone you as well. I guess she won't believe you want her though. . . . but when she does realise she has more at her disposal than usual she is going to go be wild!! Well I take it you would like to fuck her?

“Too right" he replied without hesitating "she is one hot sexy lady I can't wait . . . ."

He paused slightly perhaps feeling a little over enthusiastic talking to the husband of the woman he had been invited to have sex with, but he added "you really don't mind seeing her with another guy?"

"Just love it!" I replied "I love to see her pleasure and her pussy getting plundered by another guy’s hard cock. She is very sexy and responsive so please enjoy her and make her moan! You just give it to her good and make her cums lots and you will make us both very happy!"

"I'll do my best" he chuckled, adding "I am so horny I can believe this is for real . . . I have to confess I have never done anything like this before but I am so up for it. Your wife is so gorgeous and sophisticated . . . " he added almost lost for words, rather unusual for one who appeared quite confidant.

"but yes she loves to have sex with more than one guy" I finished for him with a grin "she just loves being spoilt, having lots of orgasms and to feel wanted and desired, what woman wouldn’t if they could just let themselves let go and enjoy their sexuality!"

I could see from the bulge in his shorts he was now raring to enjoy my wife and hoped he wouldn't be disappointed . . . well I knew he wouldn't be!

"Wow!" he concluded as I suggested "I'll go and check when she is ready for us then" heading upstairs

She was quickly out of the shower eager for some fun and heading to James' bedroom. With a final flourish of the towel over her sensual curves she threw herself on the bed with a huge expectant grin on her face. I quickly undressed and lay beside her, kissing her tenderly and slipping my fingers into her already sopping wet pussy.

"My we are turned on" I remarked "bet you fancied Tom didn't you?"

"Oh yes he was very fit" she confirmed "but he would never want me"

Little did she know, but I left it at that as I didn't want to spoil the surprise in store! "so has he gone now?" she enquired, to which I nonchalantly replied "I think so" and continued kissing her and caressing her soft skin, as I heard the shower going, knowing 2 horny guys were preparing to have sex with my wife!

She heard the shower too and expectantly slipped her finger in her pussy "come on James" she called out "I need you cock!"

The shower stopped and he replied "I'm all yours Sophie" as he burst through the door dropping his towel, his massive erection standing out before him ready for action. My horny wife embraced him passionately, eagerly grabbing his cock as he lay on the bed next to her. As I retreated to the chair near the foot of the bed she had rolled him onto his back and was hungrily sucking on his swollen tool. I then caught a glimpse of Tom standing in the shadows on the landing peering through the doorway and from the smile on his face he was obviously enjoying a similar view to me of my uninhibited wife down on all fours taking James manhood deep in her soft warm mouth, with her bum thrust provocatively upwards towards us just inviting attention . . . . as she sucked intensely her hips wiggled subconsciously anticipating the impending spitroast!

But this time not me sharing her with James but a horny young stud about to sample the soft sensual delight of my wife's pussy for the first time. Oh yes I had been either end of some lovely spitroasts, with my wife between James and I, but now I was going to be able to sit back and enjoy watching her so expertly take on 2 hard cocks at once!!

James was letting out satisfied sighs as her tongue rolled around his tip and he murmured "so would you have liked Tom to fuck you then?"

Her mouth still full she let out a long definite "mmmmmmm" with a confident roll of her hips.

Tom was now in the doorway un-noticed by Sophie, his cock in hand fully prepared to take her and took that as his cue! He looked towards me and I nodded in approval as he stepped into the room knelt on the bed behind my wife and took hold of her hips . . . . then I saw his cock as he let go of it to grab her! He had a massive cock, the biggest I have seen in the flesh, like the sort you see on porno movies! It must have been at least 9 inches long maybe 10 but so thick as well and so hard, his foreskin pulled back and his bulbous tip gleaming with his pre-cum! WOW!! This impressive specimen of manhood was about to plunge deep inside my wife . . . . now I was really looking forward to seeing my Sophie's pussy swallow up that monster!!

We had never been fussed abut size like some and Sophie just preferred someone who knew how to use what they had, which James certainly, not that he is small, but right now I knew if this guy knew how to use it too, she was in for a real treat and I was very excited to see how she would respond to the largest cock she had ever had! Oh yes another boundary to be pushed and her pussy about to be well and truly stretched! Would it hurt? Would she cum just from the moment he penetrated her? I was about to find out as his massive swollen bellend brushed up and down her crack coating his tip with her juices then slowly easing between her pink pussy lips.

She sighed appreciatively probably thinking it was me, anticipating my more than adequate 7ins! . . . . but any moment she would realise it was not me as he starting to enter her! Tom only had a couple of inches inside my horny wife and he thoughtfully positioned himself so I could see her hole stretching tight around his massive shaft when she pulled away from James and gasped "WHAT THE FUCK?"

He was being tentative and gentle with her but realised she was so ready for him, her pussy dripping with her juices and so hot and welcoming, so he thrust it firmly home until he was buried completely balls deep in my willing wife! I murmured in amazement "Fuck!" as my wife took it all and she let out this deep heartfelt groan, the shock mingled with pleasure as she turned to look at me with the realisation it was not me inside her.

"OH GOD" she cried, not a hint of pain and clearly loving what she felt and only now turning to see who it was giving her such pleasure!

She just looked at him and grinned "mmmmm Tom" as he pulled out plunged effortlessly back into her. "ooooh yes, fuck me" she murmured in her bliss, without hesitation, pushing her body back towards him urging him deeper. He didn't need any further encouragement and clearly loved her soft warm walls caressing every inch of his monster tool as her plundered my wife's treasure! He was slamming in hard against her lovely firm bum fucking her hard and deep with all his youthful energy . . . but it was a slow and controlled fuck, every thrust given a little more force, creating a louder moan from my wife and after only 3 or 4 strokes she was screaming out loud "YES . . . . YES . . . OH YES" already on the brink of a massive orgasm.

James and I just sat back stroking our cocks admiring this wonderful sight as Sophie was about to cum quicker than I have ever seen before. Yes, this was her youngest fuck, her biggest cock and now her fastest orgasm!! Was it the excitement of the surprise or his size? I didn't care, any guy who can give my wife such pleasure is welcome inside her pussy any day! Indeed she was on cloud nine, loving it and I was enthralled with this wonderful picture of her sexual bliss, her whole body shaking her hands grasping tightly at the sheets as Tom expertly milked her orgasm. he slowed to let her rest as she whimpered and moaned, breathing deeply but she wanted more as he gently slid in and out "oooooh, don't stop Tom, that feels soooo good" she uttered as he gradually built up the pace until he was screwing her like a piston engine at full throttle.

Youth and physical fitness certainly had its benefits as he fucked her with such energy and stamina and her orgasms were now cumming one after another like waves crashing down a long beach. But he wasn't all youthful wham bang either he knew how to use every inch of his tool as he took her with slow deep sensual thrust grinding against her writhing hips reaching round to caress her hard sensitive nipples sending shocks of ecstasy through her body. Then in one swift move she was on her back legs spread so wide and his cock just disappeared again inside her hungry hole!

They smiled at each other as they got into a passionate rhythm and kissed for the first time. Wow what a horny sight as he thrust into my wife her hands grabbing at his bum, his cheeks clenching tight each time he probed her depths, the bed bouncing as he skilfully fucked my sexy wife. As their lips parted she recalled his last words downstairs. "Well you certainly have got to see more of me" she chuckled "couldn't believe you are interested in me!"

"Too right I am" he replied between thrusts "you came highly recommended by James and you more than live up to that! . . . . . a truly a hot sexy lover!"

She just grinned from ear to ear and sighed "come on then stud fuck me some more"

With that he pushed her feet right up onto his shoulders and drove his cock in hard.

"Oh yes" she encouraged "you feel so big" as he penetrated her deeper than ever . . . . yes indeed deeper than anyone had ever been before as she had her first experience of VVWE inside her and she took all of it so completely until his heavy laden balls slapped up against her bum. Her pussy was so wet and warmed up she had no problems taking it all and it was truly a magnificent sight from the foot of the bed seeing her legs spread like this and her pussy lips gripping tight around his thick shaft as he started to pound my wife for all he was worth. She was in heaven, eyes closed tight, head tossing from side to side constantly muttering "yes, yes, yes" and she was thundering towards yet another climax!

I sat transfixed as their entwined bodies writhed around the bed, Sophie’s soft feminine curves contrasting Tom's toned muscular physique. Both were moaning and gasping as they fucked with such passion and enthusiasm and they had made a clear sexual connection as he seemed to know just what she liked. What was there not too like about him! He was, young, fit, with amazing self control (he still hadn't cum even though he clearly was enjoying my wife), a totally unselfish lover, with a huge hard cock, and a nice guy too . . . . He was a woman's dream and I was so pleased my lovely wife was enjoying this treat!

They had been going at it now for a good half an hour, both sweating and panting with their exertions and Sophie's face continually wracked in bliss as she had so many orgasms I lost count! He was a creative lover too as he fucked her in every position possible, always giving me a good view of his massive manhood plunging into her now very hot pussy. WOW what a picture, every view so erotic until finally she ended up in one of her favourite positions straddling him and lowering herself onto his swollen tool. It just looked amazing seeing her impaled on this monster and I pondered where had it all gone as she sank down and he disappeared right up inside her. She didn't even flinch, just groaned loudly as she started to ride him furiously and quickly started to cum, as she always does in this position!

Tom was doing is best to thrust up deeper as she wriggled and ground hip hips into him and she just seem to be on one continuous orgasm as she was now almost screaming and yelling "my god, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck, FUCK, FUUUCK" her head thrown back in her bliss.

He was clearly getting close too and loving my wife's pussy so wonderfully massaging his cock. "Oh yes Soph" he echoed and his face started to grimace with pleasure as he muttered "I'm gonna cum"

"OH YES TOM, fill my pussy!!" Sophie cried out as she crashed forward onto his chest, gasping as she reached another peak of ecstasy!

His cock was thrusting up hard and fast now as her body trembled and her bum clenched uncontrollably with her orgasm then he let out an almighty groan and push up deep into her welcoming pussy. I saw his balls tighten and his shaft twitching as he filled my wife with his hot cum! . . . . it sure looked like he was giving her a real good drenching as his cock just kept jerking inside her. Sophie's cries turned to a long satisfied "MMMMMMM" punctuated by a few deep sighs as she pushed herself down squeezing with the aftershocks of her orgasm and milking his seed from him!

She told me later she could feel the force of his spunk pumping deep and splashing inside her as he came and this wonderful sudden rush of warmth as he flooded her tunnel with more cum than she had ever felt in one go . . . . oh yes her lovely pussy was going to get well and truly soaked with 3 of us all horned up and bursting to fill her! . . . and . . . . we had found a heavy cummer as well as her biggest cock! and just to top it off he turned out to be a good repeater with amazing recovery time and what appeared to be an endless supply of hot sticky cum for Sophie!!

He just let out one long deep groan as he twitched his last drop, for now, and she just fell into his strong arms panting and breathing deeply. They lay there for a moment, the heady aroma of sex filling the air then they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. "Wow!" they both exclaimed, their smiles turning to a chuckle as clearly they had both enjoyed each other immensely! and yes he was a heavy cummer, his cock, still buried in her now very puffy looking red pussy, was coated in milky white cum which was slowly oozing out! As Sophie leaned forward to kiss him passionately his still massive tool slipped from her and great blob of spunk dripped out and ran down her the inside of one of her thighs!

I was so hard and ready now but so was James seeing her pussy like that still gaping, glistening wet and looking so inviting. He was straight in their grabbing her hips and plunging his aching cock right inside with one massive thrust and the loudest wet squelch. Sophie murmured "oh yes please" before resuming the deep tongue tangling kissing with Tom who still lay beneath her.

So James took over pleasuring and enjoying my wife's willing pussy fucking her so expertly like he always did holding her hips tight and thrusting deep. She had her head buried in Tom's shoulder now, moaning and murmuring "OH fuck" once more! mmm what beautiful erotic sounds she made together with the creaking of the bed, the slapping of James body up against her bum , the loud wet sound of his cock pumping in and out of her very hot sopping tunnel and his deep satisfied groans of pleasure with every thrust!

He must have be very turned on watching Sophie with Tom, as I was, for unlike him he appeared already on the verge of cumming, muttering "fuck! Sophie your pussy is so hot and wet!"

He paused and pulled out of her, his very swollen cock dripping with her juices and Tom's cum, breathing deeply to stop his impending climax. Then to my amazement I noticed Tom's cock in barely 5 minutes was rock hard again pointing upwards hovering below my wife's open pussy. She must have sensed it too as her bum lowered and her mound touch his tip, a look of surprise turned to one of sheer delight and with a graceful but firm rocking movement she thrust her body down onto him with a loud wet thud until his wonderful tool was once more completely swallowed up between her legs. His balls were pressed up tight against her bum she started to grind into him and his hands reached out to caress her swaying breasts. James moved in behind kissing the back of her neck and fingering her clit . . . . Oh she really was so lost in her bliss now and so hungry for cock as Tom rolled her onto her back fucking her in the scissors position and she grabbed James manhood pulling it to her mouth!

WOW! Things just got even better as I watched my horny wife taking on these 2 horny guys, hands all over her lovely body their throbbing manhoods seeking out her most sensual places, their bodies thrashing around the bed in an orgy of lust and desire. You could see it in their eyes and the pleasure Sophie was giving them as they took turns to enjoy her well warmed up pussy and her hungry mouth. How amazing seeing her spitroasted by these horny young guys, impaled between there rock hard erections.

It was a splendid sight and Sophie must have cum 3 or 4 more times as she sucked and fucked them both with such hunger . . . there was absolutely no sense of her being used, indeed she was loving every second of it, and no competition between the guys either and they almost politely shared her, offering her to each other as they needed to rest or hold back from cumming such was the insatiable passion with which my horny wife responded to them.

The noise was now almost deafening as all 3 of them moaned, groaned and sighed continuously and James looked ready to explode as indeed was I just watching and holding, but not daring to stroke my cock too much!! Tom by his heavy breathing was also ready to unleash another massive load into some part of Sophie's body as she was riding furiously on James who was grimacing and desperately trying to hold back, extending his and her pleasure. Tom moved round behind her, knowing she doesn't do anal he nudged his tip at her entrance next to James cock, but even with all the excitement Sophie felt she could take his monster as well as James in her pussy at the same time!

She had another idea, having easily accommodated both James and I before, me being long but somewhat slimmer in girth to Tom, she beckoned me over to the bed with a slightly exhausted but cheeky grin. I knew her mind as I lay back and she swiftly leapt of James and straddled me, sinking her delicious pussy onto my aching tool. It had never felt better inside her . . . . so hot and slippery it was sublime!! "FUCK" I exclaimed as she smiled down at me wriggling her hips, wonderfully massaging my cock. "Having fun?" I quizzed "ooooh yes!" she smirked as she just slipped and slid around on me so well lubricated by Tom's cum still squeezing out of her and dripping down my balls and I knew I would not last long in this heavenly state!

She directed James behind her and leant forward kissing me passionately and sighed as I felt James slide in next to me making her walls tighten wonderfully around me. I could hardly move but just lay there and she wriggled slightly letting James do most of the work as he firmly thrust in and out. Now I'm not bi at all, although comfortable in such close proximity to another guy, but this was a lovely feeling being engulfed in the soft warmth of my wife's pussy whilst James rock hard cock rubbed along the underside of mine exciting my most sensual parts!

As she kissed me I could taste the sex in her mouth, her juices and Tom's cum from the 2 cocks that had be alternating between her mouth and pussy! She pulled away as I noticed him kneeling next to her face. his massive veiny manhood crying out for her attention! She just turned her head and eagerly took him in her mouth. How horny seeing her up close with another guys cock in her mouth and she was doing her best to get of much of it in as possible as he gently thrust towards her! WOW my horny wife now had 3 cocks inside her for the first time!! Yet another first!!!

She paused sucking for a moment as I felt her pussy walls contracting with yet another climax, then her moans stifled as she resumed her expert tonguing! I could see Tom's thighs trembling as she had him on the brink again and could hear the familiar sounds of James when he is about to cum! I don't know who came first but I heard 2 simultaneous deep masculine groans and could see Tom's shaft twitching in Sophie's mouth as she took another big load from him, slurping and gulping down his sticky cum! . . and at the same time I could feel James cock swelling up next to mine then the warmth of his cum flooding around my shaft and filling my wife's pussy!

A split second later I was lost in my own ecstasy as I joined him with the most explosive intense orgasm ever, my cock pulsing and twitching next to his adding my load to Sophie's now very hot sloppy hole. She must have loved all these cocks coming in her at once as she was off on another body trembling orgasm, pulling her mouth from Tom she let out a massive "AAAAAAAH" his spunk running down her chin onto my neck and her open mouth visibly swimming with it as James and I pumped our last drops into her pussy!!

That had to best the best sex that can be had and we all loved it, crashing exhausted, and gasping for breath in a mangled heap of entwined naked flesh. 3 very satisfied guys gently caressed my lovely Sophie's soft skin as we all murmured contently "mmmmmm" She looked into my eyes and whispered in my ear "THAT was amazing, I don't think I can move!" and none of us did, just lying there on the bed chatting and laughing as a great pool of milky mingled cum seeped from my wife's we fucked pussy . . . . . and it wasn't going to stop there! She was going to be fucked a lot more and drenched with every last drop of 3 horny guys' cum during the course of the next few hours!!

So it went on from the middle of the afternoon when it all kicked off until late into the evening when Tom finally had to leave, exhausted by my insatiable wife!! Between the chatting and breaks for refreshments he had fucked her a total of 5 times and James 4 times and me trailing behind with 3! . . . but I'm not complaining I loved this wonderful new experience of sharing my wife with 2 young guys and I knew we would be at like rabbits for days recalling this wonderful sex session.

Actually after Tom left, James, Sophie and I all fell fast asleep and slept long and deep until the morning when, yes! You guessed I was woken to the sound of Sophie taking advantage of James one more time . . . . and then me . . . . before we headed wearily home.

Now we have more options open to us for more MMMF and maybe some meets with just Tom if James is not available. He certainly said he would love to see us again and Sophie will be there like a shot I know for some more huge, hard, heavy cumming, quick repeating, young manhood! Indeed she is just so horny all the time now and talking about more possibilities to satisfy her re-awakened desires and to push the boundaries further! She already said she wants to spend some time alone with just Tom some time (who can blame her!) which I am happy with especially if he gives her a hot pussy full of cum for me to enjoy and if they can set up the video camera to capture some of the fun or we talked about me watching them in another room on webcam or even just listening to them on the phone. Sophie is always so vocal now when away from home and sometimes I just love to close my eyes and listen to her pleasure as she gets fucked!

Sophie was so complimented that Tom enjoyed her so much and when during one of our resting moments he said he knew loads of young guys who would give anything to spend just half an hour in bed with my lovely wife she smiled at that and I could see her mind working overtime! Now she wants me to arrange a whole weekend away in a cottage somewhere near James and Tom, preferably with a very large bed and maybe even a hot tub! She wants Tom and James there for the whole weekend and to spend most of it hanging around the cottage naked, or in her sexiest underwear or some skimpy little outfits to tease and excite us guys and maybe no knickers so whenever there is a hard cock ready for her she can just open her lovely long legs and get fucked!!

Oh yes and the highlight of the weekend will be the Saturday night when she wants some of Tom's young mates round and to put on striptease for them before they all fuck her!!! Who would have thought my once shy, insecure Sophie who hated showing her body was now contemplating a strip and a gang bang!! When I asked how many guys she just said "the more the merrier" and grinned very naughtily. Will she go ahead with this? Watch this space for more stories!!

Sorry this story is long but it was so amazing and my memories still so vivid I had to get as much of down as possible before the next adventure! I'm quite exhausted too and can't wait now for Sophie to get home from her very respectable job to fuck that lovely willing pussy!!