• Written by Mandy 12 Oct 2011, 14:45
  • Lesbian

When I was about 19 I was staying with a girlfriend whilst her parents were on holiday. I had just split up with my boyfriend and to be honest I was missing his cock more than I was missing him - to put it simply I was feeling very randy. The hot weather wasn't helping either. We had been out in the garden sunbathing for quite a lot of the day and this had turned me on. Isabel had a lovely body and I couldn't help but think how very sexy she looked in her thin, little bikini. Now it was evening and we were sitting out in summer dresses drinking cool wine and talking, as girls often do, about sex. Did you know that girls actually talk about sex more than men? Well, we do anyway. Suddenly Isabel asked a question.

'Do you like porn?'
'I've never seen any.'
'Haven't you?' She paused then said softly, ' Would you like to?'
'That sounds fun,' I replied. Quite honestly I was so turned on that it just sounded wonderful.
'Let's see what I can find. My older brother's got some, he doesn't know I've found it though.Make yourself comfortable on the settee.'

She scurried upstairs and was back in a few moments. We were soon watching a very sweet brunette sucking a shaved cock whilst she rubbed her pretty pussy. I stared fascinated and my juices started to flow. I was also aware that Isabel was writhing slightly next to me on the settee as she watched the horny scene. She was also watching me to see how I reacted.

'What do you think?' Isabel asked.
'She's a lucky girl!' I replied, 'having such a lovely cock to suck.'

At that moment the fellow dropped on his knees and began licking the girl. She was almost hairless and we saw, in glorious close up, how his tongue worked on her, licking her up and down then concentrating on her clitty. He pulled away for a moment and revealed how wet she was and how her lips were swollen. Then he tongued and licked her again and my juices flowed even more.

I looked at Isabel, who seemed unable to keep still. 'It's no good,' she whispered, and she pulled her dress up, tugged her little thong aside, and began to pleasure herself. I couldn't hold back either and I rubbed myself openly not caring - if Isabel was enjoying herself then I wasn't going to restrain myself.

'Isn't it sexy,' she said huskily, and at the same moment I felt her hand on my thigh and I was in no mood to resist. Her hand strayed up to my dripping cunny and she began to rub me and explore my most intimate places. I loved it! I pushed myself on to her hand then began to rub my hand up her thighs and on to my goal. God! She was even wetter than me and she was hairless too.

On the screen the guy was thrusting deeply into the pretty brunette, then he pulled out for a moment and there was a lingering shot of her cunt dripping with juice and we also saw his hard, gleaming cock. Drips of love juice actually fell from her! Then he thrust into her again, fucked her hard and pulled out, she opened her mouth and he shot at least six powerful squirts of come straight at her. She licked it sexily from around her mouth then opened her lips to show the hot spunk in her mouth. She smiled at the guy then gave him a final luscious suck! I don't think she was putting on an act, I had no doubt she had enjoyed herself!

'That was good,' I panted, 'really good.'
'You didn't mind me feeling you?'
'No ..... ' I replied dreamily, 'No.... - it was lovely.'
The porn was still running and had moved on to another scene.
'This scene's so lovely, simply sublime,' whispered Isabel.

Two pretty girls in skimpy bras and tiny g-strings were laughing and giggling, then they kissed. Fingers wandered and soon the g-stings were pulled aside. Both were perfectly free of any pubic hair, it looked so sexy and so inviting. Isabel and I were rubbing each other again and then as one girl fingered the other Isabel slid one finger, then two into me. 'Ahhhhhhh!' I moaned.'Ahh!' The sensations were heavenly as more pent up sexual frustration was released.

One of the sexy girls we were watching began to lick the other; lingeringly her tongue pleasured her friend and we could watch everything in larger than life detail. It looked gorgeous and I wanted to join in. There was a very sexy and pretty girl right beside me so I slid to my knees and gently pushed my head between her legs.

'Just a moment,' Isabel panted and she slipped out of her little panties, pulled off her dress and stretched out on the settee with her legs invitingly apart. I dived in, pulling her cunny lips open and for the first time delicately used my tongue on another girl. Oh, the juice! She was sopping! It was so sexy I just devoured her and gained a great deal of pleasure as well. I licked her clitty and gently slid my fingers in to Isabel who moaned and groaned in appreciation. I pulled back for a moment to draw breath.

'Don't stop,' she moaned, 'please don't stop!' Immediately I began to lick and finger her again until suddenly she writhed excitedly and orgasmed, even more juices seeping from her as she did so.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhh!' she gasped, that was wonderful. 'Now I must do the same for you.'

I quickly undressed, lay down stretched out on the settee and Isabel knelt beside me and began to gently kiss and caress my whole body. She delicately licked and kissed my erect nipples then worked her way down me. I opened my legs and she softly kissed my thighs and then licked closer and closer to my wet slit. I pushed myself closer and she began the most intimate and delicate licking I have ever enjoyed. No boy had ever licked me like this. Isabel was simply sublime! She used her tongue to tease and stimulate me and I enjoyed pushing my dripping cunt hard on to her as she used her tongue on me. Then she pushed her tongue right into me so that she was tongue fucking me. I could not control my self any longer and happily gave way to a powerful orgasm that left me quivering in delight.

Isabel had stopped pleasuring me, instead she was staring at me with a cheeky smile on her face.

'That was wonderful,' I whispered and I moved to her and we embrace, her nipples pushing in to me and mine in to her as we gently kissed.
'It was lovely for me too,' she said.

So it was on that evening I saw porn for the first time and I had my first girl - girl sex. Both were delightful. I also discovered that although I am not lesbian I can enjoy sex with the right girl and find it extremely satisfying. Isabel isn't lesbian either. She demonstrated that very clearly two nights later when I saw her happily take on two horny fellows!