• Written by biiiigdave 25 Mar 2006, 01:36
  • Erotic

Well this is my first attempt at putting my experiences for everyone to read.
It was also my first visit to Broxton to see what went on. For the first hour there was virtually no activity and a lot of blokes standing round. At about 11 a car pulled in with a man and woman in and parked up. Soon she had her feet up on the dashboard while her fella kissed her and played with her pussy.
Soon the window was opened and the group of 7 - 8 men took turns to finger her pussy bringing her to several orgasms. Her fella also took turns fucking her pussy with a dildo. After about half an hour she needed a rest so the window was closed and it went quiet again with no activity.
The couple moved their car up to the top end of the carpark and just sat there for a while. A little later there seemed to be activity around the car so I went for another look. Once again blokes where reaching in to finger her pussy again and this time the door was opened. Soon there was someone wanking their cock her face and it disappeared into her mouth,and it wasn't long before he came down her throat. Very quickly someone took his place and shoved their dick into her mouth and she started sucking on that, then she told the guy to stick it in her pussy so he climbed onto the passenger seat on top of her and fucked for for a few minutes until she came.
A space then appeared and I was able to get in their and fingered her pussy sliding two fingers in to her hard and fast bringing her to another orgasm while she kissed her fella. By this time I was wanking my cock and soon it disappeared down her throat, all 7 1/2 inches. She wasn't able to keep this up for long because it kept going down the back of her throat.
She then asked me to fuck her so I put on a condom and tried to get it in her whilst she was kneeling on all fours, this was not very successful as I am tall and couldn't get the angle!! I then suggested they might want to come back to my place a few miles away to finish off what we had started and after a brief discussion they agreed.
When we got back to my place we sat down in the front room and her fella started french kissing her. I started rubbing her leg until I had my fingers in her pussy again getting her nice and wet. I then knelt between her legs and started to tongue her pussy and rim her ass, driving her crazy.
When her pussy was dripping again I knelt up on the sofa and pulled her head onto my cock. She was one hell of a cock sucker and I have never had a woman who could take it all into her mouth!! Whilst she had her mouth full I leant forward and started fingering her pussy and ass sliding two fingers into each as she moaned into her mouthful of cock. Her fella was encouraging me telling me she would let me do anything to her.
I had to put my dick in her pussy and fuck her because if I'd waited any longer I would have just shot it everywhere. I pulled her ass to the edge of the sofa and slid my dick into her and fucked her hard, stopping every now and again to try and make it last. Eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and pumped her pussy full of cum.
After a bit of small talk and a drink they both left, taking my email address so hopefully there will be a return visit soon.. I can't wait because next time I will fuck her ass while sliding her pussy full of dildo.......unless her fella wants to join in!!