• Written by Adrian 25 Mar 2006, 07:28
  • Erotic

It had been three weeks since Marilyn, my gorgeous wife, had been gang banged by Dermot and his black mates and she had not shut up about it! They’d made her climax over and over again and she said it was the best sex she’d ever had by far!

She’d not let me near her since, telling me it was my fault she was now fucking other men, as I was a wimp and not a real man! A real husband would know how to satisfy his wife. I couldn’t do that anymore.

I didn’t blame her at all for seeking her thrills elsewhere. I was just keen to hang on to her and make sure she was happy! For that I was prepared to do almost anything!

Last Friday she went out with the girls. She made me watch her get ready, all the time telling me that she was feeling as horny as ever and needed a good fuck! I was horrified to hear her tell me that she had told her friends about her black gang bang. Apparently they had all agreed that I was pathetic! I felt humiliated that she had shared something so intimate!

She looked a real tart when she was ready, wearing knee length boots, a very short mini skirt and a top that hardly covered her ample tits! She slipped some condoms in her handbag and off she went!

It was 11.30 when she arrived home; I was still watching TV. The lounge door opened and in she came with another huge, black guy! He towered above me and by his very size made me feel even more inferior!

Marilyn told me to fetch her “friend” a beer. When I returned they were kissing and his hand was up inside her top feeling her tits! She told me to sit down and watch!

I watched as the guy stripped her down to just her boots. She looked stunning and I felt so proud of her! The black guy began sucking her tits and fingering her slit; she was already groaning with pleasure!

Soon he was naked too, his huge, huge black cock standing to attention, her face lit up in anticipation! He laid her across the lounge floor and climbed between my wife’s open legs, easing his unprotected cock steadily inside her snatch! Her body shook as her cunt stretched to accommodate his monster cock! His arse began pounding away, fucking her furiously. I listened to my wife climax three times before he shot his spunk inside her. I was so envious, wishing I could do the same for her!

As he pulled out of her I was amazed at how much spunk was running from Marilyn’s used cunt! Bucket loads! It was dripping down her thighs onto the carpet!

“Clean it up!” she said to me.

Obediently I got down on the floor, between her legs and started to lick it all up! The black guy watched as I licked his spunk from her cunt! He sniggered. I’ve never felt so humiliated!

As if that wasn’t enough, she then told me to clean him up too! The black guy’s cock was still hard and dripping his cum and my wife’s juices! I hesitated.

“Clean him!” Marilyn snapped!

For the first time ever, I took hold of another guy’s cock. It was huge by my meagre standards…a real man! I leaned forward and took it into my mouth as she watched, sneering!

I licked and sucked his black meat, making sure he was clean!

Moments later, he was gone and she went to bed, leaving me feeling totally inadequate on my own.

Not sure how long I can go on like this!