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Paul and Jill were school sweet hearts married with kids both 29 Jill long blond fine hair medium build nice breasts and bum to match girl next doortype who with a tv make over would be a stunner,she Wanted to try another cock as all she.d had was Paul ,s he was average build guy next-door shorthair slightly receding not fat but not a gym freak just normal looking guy Jill wanted to see him with another guy he wanted to watch her ,we met in chat room me 36 6ftish fairly muscular single outdoor worker we had chatted exchanged phone numbers now it was saterday they were to visit .
We were all nervous but at ease at same time I explained to Paul I didn't want to runoff with Jill it was all just bit of fun after Jill had some wine she sat next to me she had black knee length split skirt stockings boots White blouse she began to kiss me soft but urgent kisses on my mouth and neck Paul sat on floor watching us I began to unbutton her blouse slipping my hand in over her soft but firm breasts lifting her black lace bra up to expose her erect nipples her hand slid down to my jeans undoing me my cock sprang free she broke off our kissing to look at it I raised my hips slid my jeans down she took hold of my cock gently pulling down the foreskin then slowly wanking it very gently but very effectively on me god I could feel my come building as I slid my hand up her thighs over her stay up stockings on to her very soft skin no knickers she had plump pussy lips but she was hot and damp , my fingers found her damp clit she gasped griped me tighter when I touched it she pumped my cock faster I was on the brink of coming I broke off looking a Paul sitting on the floor open mouthed watching us "can't leave you out can we " I said
Helping him to his feet we both stood there Jill suggested we kiss we both looked at her say blokes don't kiss lol I sat Paul it the arm chair undoing his trousers sliding them around his ankles he was erect cut just under 6" I judged I held his cock inmy fist beganto lick his head and glans he stiffened in the chair as I used my lips to slide on and off his head now it was Jill who sat with mouth open watching us after few mins of this me bobbing on his cock he's he said" I'll come if you keep going" "ok let's go upstairs then" I said
More to follow,,,,,,