• Written by badgillgood 9 Apr 2006, 15:13
  • Erotic

My partner Kevin and I walked through the door not really knowing what to expect. We were met by Jim and Janet. Janet was not a small woman infact she was, shall we say a big bit over weight, I was really attracted to her, as she was quite pretty and looked very sexy and horny in her black stockings and red and black suspenders, her perk nipples sticking out of the peep holes in her black and red bask, She looked like a real horny whore, I felt my pussy get hot and moist, my groin started to throb, at the thot of what was going to cum next. Never having been with a woman before, I shivered, I was really going to have this woman all to myself, and Kevin was going to watch as her and her husband Jim took me to the depths of total ecstasy.

Jim lead Kevin over to a chair in the corner of the room and gently placed a blind fold over his eyes, this was unexpected as he thot he was going to watch the whole thing, next he tied Kevin’s hands behind the chair, not too tight, enough that he could get the out when the time was right. I could see his cock go hard under his tight jeans as the became aware of what was to cum. Jim slipped Kevin’s jeans down, as he had no underwear on his hard throbbing cock bounced out, Jim, dressed only in a pair of silk boxers was starting to get very aroused himself, I could see he had a big manhood underneath. He took Kevin’s cock in his mouth and sucked hard just to tease him. Then stopped….Kevin has never been with a man before…….. My god what a day we would have. To be continued………………

Janet came over to me and removed my overcoat to reveal my half naked body. On their request I was wearing only a black thong, no bra, silk stockings and suspenders to match a sexy flowing see through lace black gown,. Her erect nipples touched mine as she brushed against me, throwing my coat to the floor she started kissing me hard her hot tongue exploring my mouth as I responded by sucking hers, exploring each others mouths our hands were unstoppable, first we played with each others hot hard nipples and breasts, she led me over to the bed, all the time Jim telling Kevin what was happening,
We kneeled on the soft black bedding, her curves and soft flesh enveloped my sleek size 12 frame as she gently but firmly pushed me back on the bed, she very quickly moved to sucking my nipples, she was licking and groping hard at them now, her mouth was replaced by her hands as she move down my body holding on to my erects all the time, I was getting wetter and wetter all the time, the throbbing was getting stronger, I couldn’t wait to taste her wet bald pussy, but I was going to have to be patent. My clit is pounding now as she runs her tongue round my lips flicking over it as she found her way into my now soaking knickers. I opened my legs and squealed as her teeth bit gently at my pound she sucked so softly at first, teasing me with great expertise. She pushed her fingers deep inside my channel, and I groaned as she sucked my clit and finger fucked me, her nipples brushing against my thighs I was in heaven, after almost making me cum , she stopped, still holding on to my clit with her teeth, slowly moving her fingers out then slipped one at a time into my bum hole, and started to plunge there, , I looked over at the men and they were enjoying every minute Jim had his cock in one hand and Kevin’s in the other, slowly wanking the both of them, the cocks as big and throbbing, as any I have ever seen, ready for a good fuck.. Janet nodded to Jim to cum over, he kneeled on the bed and stuck his throb on my face rubbing it over the whole area before thrusting it in my open, willing mouth, I sucked greedily on the big hard stiff almost swallowing it as he thrust it further down my throat, I sucked and licked it as if it was my last, I could just see Kevin squirming on the seat as he still could not see but could still hear Jims commentary, but he was not allowed near us yet.
Soon Jim was fucking my mouth Jan was fucking my ass and sucking my clit for what seemed like for ever, I could feel his climax nearing and I wanted him to cum in my mouth, all over my face, and swallow his hot sticky juice, but suddenly he moved his throb out my mouth and swapped places with Jan, he plunged deep into my cunt and started to bang away forcefully, It was big hot and pounding, Jan started kissing me again and I could taste my sweat pussy juice on her lips and face she was soaking now. she then stuck her huge fat breasts in my face I licked and suck at them like a woman possessed, her nips hard and hot, she fondled and sucked mine at the same time, they were using me like the slut I was becoming, I had never had a more horny experience in my life as she slowly lowered her hot slimy bald puss onto my face, my first taste of puss and I loved it, I soon found her clit and sucked and licked it as she had done to mine, sliding my tongue in and out of her hole. Then using my fingers, she moved her soft fat bum around my face as I sucked and gently nibbled the clit. Jims fucking was getting slower and I knew something was on his mind, he got off and as I carried on with Jan feeling her sexy clothes against my body I was nearing orgasm myself, he came back with a huge black vibrator he slowly pushed it in and out of my now soaking hole. When it was moist he moved it round to my arse hole and gently but firmly thrust it in he started fucking my but. It was tremendous, he stopped and left it sticking im as he put his stiff in my puss again and started fucking me again , this time I climaxed right away, I screamed and screamed for what seemed like for ever as I came over and over and over again, each climax lasting longer than the last. Just as I stopped Jan let out the loudest shriek as she came over my face spitting puss juice all over me I held on to her clit with my teeth as she also came again and again. At the same time Jim groaned as he shot his load in my throbbing puss and it made me cum again as I felt his spunk shoot in to me before he pulled his stiff out, and shot the rest over my puss, over my tits and then into my mouth as Jan moved off to let him in, I thot it was all over when he shoved his still stiff cock back in my mouth I licked and sucked all his cum off just as it was clean, he gave a shriek again and came some more all over my face rubbing it in with his cock. As Jim was rubbing the spunk into my breasts and nipples. Jan moved over to Kevin who was now free from the ‘ties’ and wanking his big hard throbbing cock.. not to be left out she straddled her fat body over him and slid his cock deep inside her………………. I have never seen him so turned on. as she pulled her breasts out for him.

Kevin took her large breasts in his mouth and started sucking her nips. As she slowly road him thrusting and twisting her hot flesh, getting faster as they reached climax together, screaming in ecstasy as he shot his load in her fat pussy, spunk was running down her legs as she got off his body we all lay on the bed and licked her pussy clean, kissing and sharing Kevin’s cum between us, The smell off sex was strong in the air….as we lay we talked about what we would do next,
Soon we were all asleep, rapped and entwined, the four of us together, my hand on both men’s cock and a large hard nipple in my mouth. It was a sleep that would lead us to the next stage of our horny day out, which “was” going to be carried out “outdoors”….. more to cum soon