• Written by pcbytes2011 30 Apr 2012, 02:37
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Me and the wife went to my mother inlaws this weekend 1 so she cud look at the kids and 2 so we didnt have to drive back home being 25 miles from MIL's after a nite out. so we got there on the sat afternoon i asked her if i cud go on her pc to watch the footy on these illegal channels to watch my team well they put me in a good mood after a 4-0 drubbing of fulham. anyway i went down afterwards and mil was lookin after kids as wife had dived home for something she had forgotten, anyway i was chattin away to mil and she asked if i had seen anything i shudnt of of her pc....puzzeled i asked her what she meant she giggled and said i dont believe you never looked at my history or any of the pics on there, i said no i only watched the footy and then came off her pc she said hmmm so u missed out on seeing whats on there then, i said guess i did she then smirked and walked into the other room where the kids were watchin tv.
I was puzzled as to what she could have on her pc and my mind was whurrling at what could be on there. After about 20 mins i told mil i was goin for a lay down as i got in the room i started to remove my pants when the door opend it was mil she said she needed to get the kids nightwear before they started falling asleep (even thou it was only 5.30pm) i cud see her tryin to sneek a peek at me in my boxers so i thought rite u bitch u wanna see it ....see it you will i swiftly pulled my boxers down and out popped my cock i slyly looked towards the mil and sure enuf she was looking at me her eyes seemed to lite up and boy was she happy to see the old boy, she seemed to take an age so i slowly slid into bed purposley leaving the covers below my cock and laid on my back she was finally getting the kids stuff and she turned towards me and looked at me full on and said mmmmmmmmm sure aint changed since last time i saw it. i said nope mickey is still the same she cocked her head and said "micky" yup i said she then asked why i call my cock mickey so i said cos like all mice they like going into dark holes and slipping in and out she giggled and said well it certainly liked my hole and briskly walked out the room.
I fell asleep thining about the last time i fucked her and wondered if we wud ever get another chance. I awoke sometime later to see my wife bent over showing me her pussy as she removed her trainers i said mmmmmmmmm now thats a site for sore eyes she giggled and said ssssshhhh mum is just next door i leaned over grabbed my wife and dragged her back onto the bed making her squeel and laff before i managed to get my mickey into her mouth making her suck me off while i played with her pussy my wife cudnt see the bedroom door from her position and all of a sudden i heard it slide open and looked up from licking her pussy to see her mum standing there watching us she smiled at me lifted her skirt and moved her knickers to 1 side and slid a finger into her pussy before taing it and licking her finger smiling at me, she then turned on her heels and walked out the room winking at me.

To be continued