• Written by gm965 27 Jun 2012, 11:10
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Turned Wife into my SLUT!

This happened just before last Christmas and I have only just had the courage to put it on here. So here goes!

My wife and I are just normal 40 something’s who have 3 lovely teenage children, but as can often happen, we sometimes forget about ourselves and our needs as adults. My wife is very attractive, 38G boobs, not skinny but not fat and she always dresses to please. Our sex life has always been good, not what I would call wild. She hates oral (giving & receiving) and doesn’t really like to stray into fantasies. It is what it is!

Anyway, it was her 41st birthday and I decided that I would take her away for a weekend so that we could spend 2 days relaxing together with no distractions. Having booked the weekend, I kept it secret right up to the last minute. The hotel was expensive and had a hot tub in the room, sea views mirrors on the ceiling and walls and to honest looked fantastic. The hotel room got me thinking that I could turn this weekend from a normal weekend away to something a bit more. So I decided to give me wife an invitation to attend a “dirty weekend” away with me. I also gave her some instructions in the invite like, you must enjoy yourself and you can do whatever you want, you must wear stockings and suspenders plus your 4 inch fuck me high heels. I had also included a sheet of paper with numbers 1 to 10 on it. This was for her to write down her “Dirty Fantasy’s”. 1 week before we went away, I gave her the invite whilst on our own at the pub. Now I was a little nervous about giving her this invite, because I was not sure how she would take this. When she opened the invite she gasped and then had a little laugh. She read the invite and then said that it would be nice as she needed the break, and that she had better get herself down to Ann summers! Blimey, I thought, that went better than I had hoped.

The day of going away for 2 nights came. The kids went off to school. We dropped all their clothes etc off with the in-laws and off we went for a dirty weekend. In all honesty, I was not expecting a dirty weekend, as these things never normally turn out the way they are planned. But hey, a weekend away is still good I thought. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by the owner, a lovely lady called Petra. She took us to our room. The room was lovely, the views spectacular, and I had the most gorgeous women with me to share it all. The owner asked us if we would care for a complimentary drink, to which we both agreed. So off she went. You could tell my wife was relaxed as she was smiling and humming, which is always a good sign she is relaxed. My wife walked to the window and as she brushed by me, she gently rubbed my cock. My cock started to get hard. Then she came back and grabbed it through my trousers.

“Now that’s what I call a hard cock” she said. And with that she unzipped by flies and took out my 7 inch cock. It is not huge but I have got a fantastic girth. My wife proceeded to gently pull my foreskin back and forth gently building up speed, all the while looking into my eyes saying “you like?”

The room door went and my wife let go of my now stiff cock and I had to rush to get it back in my trousers before the owner walked in. Petra brought our drinks over to the table and she immediately caught sight of my bulging trouser problem. Without hesitation she said out loud “you need to get that seen too, otherwise you’re going to explode”. I didn’t know where to look! My wife just looked at me and laughed. Petra wished us a good weekend and left. My wife then grabbed me and we made love on the bed. That day we made love 4 times, the most we have ever done since having the kids. It was great.

The next day started off like the previous day, morning sex and then up and out for the day. As we were out and about we decided to try and do most of the Christmas shopping, so that we didn’t have to worry about it later. We finished the shopping dropped off the gifts and strolled into town for some lunch and drinks as we were not driving anymore today. We had a few large glasses of wine each and had a lovely late lunch. We strolled slowly back to the hotel and went back to our room. Petra met us halfway and said “I see you got it seen too then”. “Yes”, I said “And it won’t be the last time either it gets seen too this weekend”. We all smiled and went on our way. Back in the room, I noticed that they had not left us a breakfast menu for the following day. I asked my wife what she wanted and said that I would just pop downstairs to get a menu and leave our breakfast request for the morning. Well, I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a menu and also trying to find Petra. Eventually, she came into the bar and apologised for not leaving one in our room. I filled it out and left it with her. “Have a good evening” she said. “I will”, I said. I walked back into the room apologising to my wife for being so long and the reasons why. No reply. I walked into the bedroom, and she was not there, so I then walked into the living / dinner area. There sitting on the sofa in a Sexy Secretary’s outfit, fishnet stockings and 4 inch black high heels was my wife. “I am here for the interview” she said. “Right then, would you like a drink Miss...” Galore Pussy Galore. I fetched her a drink and sat opposite her.

“Now then Miss Galore, why do you want this job” I said.

“Because I love to please a boss in everything I do, and I know I am a good PA” she said.
“Ok, but I have other PA’s to interview today. What makes you so special, what can you bring to this role that they cannot?

“I give great massages and I always please”. With that she uncrossed her legs to show a smooth wet pussy, before crossing them again. “Let me show you”. “OK” I said.

With that I undressed and lied on my front on the bed. “So what now?”

“Well I need to get on top of you to get a good position for the massage”

With that she sat on my back and proceeded to give me a massage, grinding her hips up and down the small of my back, all the time I could feel her pussy juices seeping from her wet pussy.

“Ok, on your back Sir, I now need to massage your front”. With that I rolled over, to which she then touched my now hard cock.

“Oh sir, what a lovely cock you have”.


“What did your other PA’s do for you?”

“Well when I was stressed they sucked my cock”

“Is that part of the job description?”


“Well I had better not disappoint then”. With that my wife started teasing the end of my cock, flicking the head and licking the shaft up and down, before finally taking the head in her mouth and sucking on it. She then took the whole length in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it for what seemed like 15 mins. Here was my wife who didn’t do oral, giving me the perfect BJ ever.

“What else did your other PA’s do”

“They let me lick there pussy’s until they came all over my face”. Without hesitation she sat on my face and grinded her wet pussy into my face. I licked & sucked her clit and occasionally put my tongue into her pussy. She was now on heat. “Oh god! That’s good, more, harder!!!” Next she moved around so that we were in a 69 position and she proceeded to suck my cock again whilst I worked on her pussy. This went on for half an hour. Whilst I was licking her out, I decided to see if she would mind me rimming her. I did this for few minutes and when I did, she just said “oh you bastard, that’s good”.
My wife then dismounted my face and proceeded to lick my shaft up and down.

“What did your PA’s NOT do that you wanted them to do?”

I thought for a moment and asked myself, do I go for it and see what happens or just provide a normal answer. Fuck it; let’s go for it I thought.

“The one thing all my previous PA’s wouldn’t do for me, is to allow me to fuck them up the arse”

“Well let’s put that right then, I need this job”. Here I was with my wife who never ever had shown any interest before in sucking cock, receiving oral and now going to let me fuck her up the arse.

I picked up the lube and squirted it onto her arsehole and onto my rock hard cock. My wife went on all fours, exposing her lovely arse hole. I gently inserted a finger into her arse, slowly sliding it in then out. I then inserted two fingers, then three until her arse was wide and inviting. I snuggled up to my wife’s arse and gently pushed my cock into her arse. She steadily moved back and back and finally the whole of my cock was in her arse right up to my balls. I proceeded to fuck her arse.

“Oh my god, fuck me, harder you bastard”, she said.

“Do you like that?” I said

“Oh yes Sir, I LOVE you fucking my arse and you’re going to fuck it every time we make love”, she said.

The following morning, I asked my wife what she thought of the weekend and what she liked the most. She told me that she had realised that sucking cock was really nice and not as nasty as she thought. She loved having her pussy sucked and licked and especially her clit sucked. And she absolutely loved her arse being fucked! But most of all she now wanted to be my WIFE SLUT always and that I was to treat her and talk to her like my slut. And so I have. But that is not where it ends, oh no.

We made love one more time before leaving to head home and yes I had to fuck her up the arse again. (Who’s complaining)? We rang down to the owner Petra to come and check that everything was ok. Petra came up and checked the room before taking the final payment from us. My wife was so horny; that she kept rubbing my cock and that just got me hard again. Once again Petra noticed my bulge and said “well you didn’t get it sorted as you told me. You really need to get that sorted”. My wife looked at Petra and said “be my guest”. Petra looked at my wife winked and then sank to her knees. She unzipped my flies and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job. She took me deep into her mouth and I spunked right down her throat. God, I was in heaven. I turned to face my wife, and to my surprise, she was sitting on the couch stark naked, fingering herself. I immediately stuck my cock in her mouth and made her clean it; she absolutely loved it like a good slut does. I turned to see if our host had left, but to my utter surprise, she was also stark naked in front of me. I took my cock from my wife’s mouth and Petra started to lick her pussy, driving my wife over the top, exploding all over Petra’s face. I went behind Petra and slipped my cock into her moist pussy, ramming it in hard and then slow, Petra was going wild. She then shouted out “give it too me up my arse like you did with your wife”. How the hell did she know that I thought, but then I thought what the fuck, here goes. We spent the next 2 hours fucking, sucking licking and coming all over each other before having a hot tub together and one final shag, before leaving for home.

I now have the SLUT wife who sucks cock, takes oral and loves being fucked up her arse.

What a weekend.