• Written by Bruceg 23 Jul 2012, 14:35
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This is a true story that happened last week whilst doing a favour for my mother in law. i was going to yorkshire on business for a couple of days and was asked whether my mother in law could catch a lift for a school reunion she was going to in Halifax. My mother in law (Joan) has always been very good to us over the years and is always there for us if we needed anything so i was only too pleased to help her out with a lift.
on the way up the motorway she was texting and phoning old mates to arrange the night and then got a text back from the friend she was staying with to say that she was not well and was not going. i said she might as well stay at the same hotel as me and i would sort out a room for her when we arrived.
on arrival the hotel was full due to a big show nearby and there was no other accomodation available in the area. On inspection of my room it was agereed that as there was a double and a single we could share the room so we put our bags in the room, got changed and i took her to the reunion. i had agreed to pick her up later when she phoned and in the mean time went out for a meal on my own and had a beer.
12.30 came and a text arrived saying she was ready for collection. i went along and there she was with a crowd of "senior women" laughing and joking and clearly having a good time.
Joan got in the car and i could tell she was clearly drunk ! she was very thankful for me bringing her up to the reunion and kept putting her hand on my knee.
when we got back to the hotel we went to the bar as it was still serving and had a drink, then headed for the room.
i went for a shower whilst she stayed in the bedroom and got ready for bed. i quickly noticed that i had left my wash bag in my case and called her to bring it in to me. a few minutes later she arrived wearing just her pants and bra with my wash bag in hand. i was behind the shower curtain and almost immediatly got a hard on! Joan stood there in her drunk state with her arm stretched out offering me the wash bag when she suddenly said " that shower curtain is see through "!! i was revealing all my 8 inches full erect to my mother in law! this made me very horny.
At this point there was a aquard scilenceand then the announcement that she needed a shower to see what all the excitement was in there !
i could hear her moving about in the bathroom but then she appeared in all her glory round the shower curtain. and said "did i need washing".
she had a fabulious body for a 70 yr old slim and pert. few lumps and bumps but not bad for her age. she was not trimmed at all and desplayed a very hairy overgrown bush.
she took hold of my cock and started to rub it and wank me whilst holding me with th other arm to pervent falling over. we touched and wanked each other before getting out of the shower and heading for the bed where she lay me down on my back and took my whole cock in her mouth. she sucked and gobbled me for a good 10 mins before turning round and sitting on my face in a 69 position. by this time her overgrown pusy hair was soaking wet at her hole wntrance with cum. she tasted sweet and clean.
soon she was guiding my length inside he and i fucked her slowly and deep till she climed off asking me to have her arse. she said she lived anal sex with her first husband and used to take it there in the swinging 60s to stop her getting pregnant.
Before i could do anything she was lowering her arse onto my stiff cocg and with a squeel of pain and plaeaure it was in, no lube just fanny juces to ease the entry. she rode my cock up her arse for several minutes and groaned in delight until i increased the rythem and shot my load deep inside her bowel.
after 30 seconds to recover her breath she slowly slid off my still erect cock and with small wet fart pulled completely out.
to my amazement she then said i was to fulfill her 60s reunion and she squated over my face to push out all my cum from her arse and squirt it into my mouth, after the first bolb she farted and covered my face with my cum.
she was there in a flash to sit on top of me again and get my cock inside her and lick my face clean of her anal deposit

what a night and more to cum in part 2