• Written by Rhino 24 Apr 2006, 12:50
  • Erotic

Hi this is the story of my affair with an older neighbour of mine when i lived with my parents. She was married but her & her husband were just together for the sake of their children. I will call her Lynda from now on. Lynda was a friend of my parents who lived 2 doors away. I had a crush on hr from an early age, probably about 14. She was very attractive and had a nice figure. as i moved through my teens my crush developed and i became more & more attracted to her. By the time i was 19 i could barely look her in the eye for fear that she may realise what i was thinking. Anyway Lynda was at home 1 day and i (now 21) was off work and i noticed lynda mowing her front lawn. I always looked for excuses to "bump into her" so went out and made sure lynda saw me, she aknowledged me when she saw me & i walked over to say hello. we had a brief chat and i then went off to the pub for a lunch time pint! I was heading home again about 2.30 & lynda was out front again doing a bit of gardening. With the few beers in me i was feeling a bit more confident i stopped to talk again and made more eye contact. after a few minutes lynda went in doors & i went home. The next day i was supposed to go to work but i decided to "extend" my holiday by 1 more day and attempt a bit more flirting with lynda. I was planning to und when i saw her go out & get in her car. She was looking very sexy & i could barely control myself. I waited for her to return and about lunchtime i saw her car pull into the road. I left my house and made out i was going to the pub, i walked past just as she got out the car, she joked about me going to the pub again so i asked if she wanted to join me! she smiled and said no but i was more than welcome to join her for a drink indoors as she was celebrating. it turns out she had been for a job interview and the interviewer basically told her there & then she had it. we sat in her lounge talking and i became more and more aware of how sexy she was. I was becoming aroused as her ample breasts were pushing her tight blouse to bursting point. It was becoming uncomfortable wearing my tight jeans with an erection and i started to figit, lynda seemed to look down and looked embarrased, after a few minutes lynda finished her drink and got up. She looked amazing & i couldn't control myself anymore. I told her i had a crush on her, before i knew it she was unbuttoning her blouse, she knelt down & unzipped my jeans releasing my erect penis. She took it in her hand & slowly rubbed i was so turned on i splurted immediately. I was very embarrased and got up to leave, as i got to the door lynda grabbed me took my hand & lead me upstairs. We had sex 4 more times that afternoon and many more over the course of 2 years. Her husband never found out and 2 years ago my family were all invited to her 50th. She still looked stunning and i managed a quick fumble outside with her. I seriously reccomend anyone with a crush on a much older women, if you get the chance take it, you will never forget it!