• Written by james 5 May 2006, 16:04
  • Erotic

part 1.

i was walking down the college hall way, i looked at my watch, 'shit' late for lesson again.i was just about to speed up when, i heard voices coming from further up the hall way, , through the doors, leading to next floor.then the doors pushed open and i saw two girls walking my way, they seemed to be late as well.As i saw them more clearly, i noticed they were both asian girls, who looked either indian or pakistani.
my cock suddenly went rock hard, this was only my third day at new college,and i had , had to travel qiute a few miles to this new college, which i had noticed had a large asain community in it.i had never really come across asain girls much, and being a white guy had never had any experience with them.
from the first day, i had noticed how sexy these girls were.
the two asian girls advanced towards, me, and i to them, as we were going to cross eachother,they were both wearing traditonal asain clothes,which i later found out, was called salwaar kameez.the top was like a shirt, and the bottom was like trousers, exept really preety.one was weaing red coloured, and the other was all in blue.as i neared them , i noticed just how sexy they were, both were really preety, and had really tanned , coffee coloured skin.there hair, looked beautiful black, with some highlights, running through it.
as i neared them, they both stopped talking, and just stared at me, i noticed they were both wearing high heeled shoes, which were showing off there sexy olive coloured feet.i noticed the trousers, type, ie, salwaar,was really tight and was sticking to there legs, and had a cut at the bottom, whick showed off a bit of there ankles.As we passed eachother, i waited a few seconds , then looked back, and thankfully they didnt look back. i noticed how the kameez, ie, top.stuck to there body, it was that tight, i noticed how it just covered there bums. i felt my hand travel down to my cock, and felt how hard it was,as i saw them walk further down the hall,i heard the click click of there heels go, and noticed how the one in the blue, clothes, her arse, wiggled about slightly.i imagined fucking that sexy asian arse, and then found myself going into the room, where my lesson was.