• Steve 23 Mar 2013, 06:44
  • Fiction

I had been trying to spice our sex life up a bit trying to get her to let us do things we didn't realy do more out of the norm like sex in the car and playing about when we went to the movies, she was always no lets wait till we get home.

I had managed to get her more relaxed when we had sex in the car but could never get her to let me strip her naked when in the car once I got her to sit with her skirt up at her waist while we drove home I loved it looking at her like that I was always thinking of some other way to have fun.

We were on holiday and were out looking at the sites and we came past a video shop and I said I wanted to get a video to watch in our room that night she went to a shop further down the road and i told her look for something sexy to wear, while I went back to look in the shop when I went in it was more a sex store than just a video shop it had loads of sex items as well as videos I could not make up my mind and just looked at all the magazines and felt quite horny then I left When I met up with my wife she asked what I had got told her I could not make up my mind.

For the next few days I could not get it out of my mind and wanted to go back and buy a sexy video or magazine and I wanted to get my wife to come into the shop with me so she could see the kind of things in there, the next time we were out shopping for presents to take home I guided her to where the shop was and said there is that video shop lets go in and choose one to take home she just wanted me to go and get one I insisted saying I cant make up my mind and better if she helped.

I got her to go in and when we got in her eyes went wide and said I dont like it in here lets go I asked her please lets just look for a minute we I got her round to where all the videos were and started to show here some of the covers her face was red I aasked her what kind will we get she wanted to Get out buy I kept showing her other things that were on the shelfs and saying we could get loads of things she said you get what you want and lets go before more people come in I saw a red and black basque and said I want to buy you that and showed her it she said there is no size on it The guy at the counter must have heard her and said ye it should fit you ok but you can try it on in the back to make sure I looked at her and said ye try it on she no let go the guy told us he would let me have it for half price if I wanted it.

I said ok as long as it fits her and put it in her hand and asked where the changing room was He said just through the back there are a few there we went through and there were only video booths she said what are they I told her it was to look at the videos but just use one to try it on she said this is madness and went in the booth a minutr later the guy came through and said if you are buying the basque you be as well to get the rest to go with it and handed me stockings and red panties and left i aske if she was ready yet and pushed the door she was standing naked and steping into the basque I handed her the rest and told her they go with it.

While she was changing a guy came in and went into one of the other booths and just looked at me as if to say what are you doing just then the guy from the front shop came and gave him some tokens and said to me do you want any I looked at him and he said when you see her you will want to join her in there or in the one next to it and showed me that there was a peep hole in the side wall then left the wife opened the door a fraction and looked out I said lets see you then and she opened the door wider wow it was like in a movie I pushed her in and started to kiss her it wa so horny she said stop it the guy will be wondering what is taking us so long I told her that you can get tokens and watch a video and nobody will care.

I went through and asked for some tokens he just smiled and said enjoy I hurried back before she could maybe get changed again I put a token in and when the video came on the female had on the same type off basque we were kissing and I was trying to get one of her tits out when I saw she was looking at the screen the girl was giving the guy a blow job I pulled my shirt of and dropped my trousers and told her do the same as her she sat on the seat and started to suck me it was erotic we were both watching the video and copying what was happening I pulled out of her mouth and said turn round and bend over I started to take her pants down when I noticed movement at the side off me I stopped and was going to say something then thought it would spoil everything and it would all end.

I pretended I hadn't seen anything and carried on taking her pants down knowing that some stranger could see my wife like this like she was in a movie it made me more hornier than I had ever been and made her open her legs so whoever was watching us could see her pussy she was rubbing her clit now and was moaning I pulled the top of the basque down so her tits were free she looked so horny and I was showing her off to some stranger I got behind her and started to fuck her like mad and pulled out just as I was cumming and shot it all over her ass and back I pulled her up and pushed her up against the wall and facing it I was kissing her neck and knew her pussy would be on view and close enough to smell I wanted him to look at her and know how close she was only the wall between us I was pushing her hard against the wall feeling her tits and she started to to tence up and was breathing harder I put my hand down to feel how wet she was and found that she had a cock fucking her I stood back and sat down watching while she held herself up to the wall and me not behind her she was riding him now and then I saw cum dripping from her and knew he had cum inside my wife he pulled out and she stood there for ages till a finger came through and she jumped back looking down she turned to me and asked what happened I pretended I didnt know she said lets get out off here hurry we dressed I told her to keep everything on to save time.

We went through to the front and there were a few other guys there and all smiling I paid and before we left he said you are a lucky guy she is the best fuck she have had for ages come back again, we never spoke for ages and went for a drink and I said sorry I made you go in there and it was just a bit of sexy fun she said fun you know someone had sex with me and I might get pregnant or have caught something how is that fun, I had not even thought about that and had been to horny to think we argued for ages and went for a drink I told her I was sorry but it was so erotic seeing her dressed like that and did she not enjoy it and why did she not pull away from the wall when I had her face went red I said you were enjoying it you knew it wasnt me inside you didn't you she started to cry I told her I loved her so much and it didn't bother me what happened and I had saw what was happening and found it so horny we spoke for ages and promised it would never happen again.