• Written by dirty little stories 22 May 2006, 14:50
  • Erotic

It started last summer when my wife and I had our home repossessed. We were caught between a rock and a hard place. So we bit on the bullet and moved in with my mother--in-law.

My wife and her didn't get on. My mother-in-law is 41 and my wife is 25. I think that some of the tension was down to my mother-in-law getting pregnant at 15 and for a long time she blamed my wife for ruining her life.

My wife is dark haired 5'6" 36-24-35. Her mother is also darkhaired 5'4" 36-24-36. Thet are nearly identical. Except my wife is slightly quieter than her mother. They are both very attractive although my mother-in-law likes to glam up alot.

get to the good stuff. We had only been there about a month when I came back early one evening to hear a blazing row between my wife and her mother. Mother in law was going on about the amount of noise my wife made when I fucked her. My wife shot back that her mother was just jealous because she was without a man since she split a few weeks earlier from her toy boy lover.

The next thing I hear is my mother inlaw saying she could fuck me if she wanted and the only thing stopping her was the fact that I was married to her daughter.

This caused my cock to jump. Wow that was a thought. I waited for my wife's reply. "Is that what's bothering you" my wife screamed. My wife stormed out of the room and almost collided with me in the hall way. (TO BE CONTINUED)