Written by Ad186

27 Aug 2019

Im 49 years old and my partner debbie is younger at 37 years old,debbie has shoulder length blonde hair and lovely blue eyes,she is a very shapely size 14/16,with a nice round bum,and nice ample tits ,not too big ,but a nice big handful,and she is 5ft4but got nice shapely legs ,not skinny or fat ,just beautiful ,shes had a few nice comments about them,im a leg man and thats what 1st attracted me to her when we 1st met,

Anyway ,a while ago we met and became friendly with this couple lee and lyn,we met them at a friends anniversary party and got on well ,been out a few times for drinks and a mealor 2,lee is 47 and lyn is older at 51,lyn is slim ,maybe size 10 ish ,long black hair ,pale skin ,and smallish tits id noticed

We had just come back from our holiday ,when lee texted inviting us to theirs for a bbq ,we thought why not ,few hours away from the kids

Saturday came we got ready ,is was a very warm night ,i put on a light shirt and shorts ,when debbie came downstairs she looked hot ,she d already had her eyelashes and nails dont that afternoon ,and she was wearing a white short sleeved,denim mini dress with button all the way up front ,it stopped well above mid thigh ,wearing high heeled open toed sandles,her bare legs looked amazing all smooth ,tanned and shapeely ,loads of thigh on show,i said not seen that before ,she replied she d bought it for the holiday but forgot to pack it and said do you think its a bit short ,i wanted to show off my tan,i thought yeh maybe it was ,but said no you look really hot in it

I was a bit naughty ,debbie had had a couple of glasses of wine whilst getting ready so was happy and relaxed,i nipped out to the car and put an open bottle of poppers under the seat ,debbie has tried poppers and it really turns her on,i thought get her horny i nice fuck on way home somewhere quiet.

When she got in the car the dress rode up showing lot more thigh and nearly her knickers ,it takes about 45/50 mins to get too lee and lyns house in a village,she kept asking about the smell and squirming in the seat and i kept complimentimg her on how sexy and hot she looked ,as we got there i said gorgeous legs on show shame about the her nice tits ,she just smiled and undone a few more buttins revealing her bare cleavage ,i said wow i nearly come in my pants ,which made her laugh and said never know your luck ,which meant game on for later on

We walked straight round to back garden ,lee was stood at the bbq in shorts and t shirt and lynn game out in shorts and a vest top ,saw debbie you look nice ,debbie said bit overdressed and they both no not at all you look lovely ,debbie sat on a chair and crossed her legs and the dress rode right up again revealing too much of her smooth bare thighs ,lee just kept looking at debbie lee sat opposite ,to get a better view i suppose ,anyway evening wore on ,because i drove i didnt drink but the other 3 drunk loads getting more and more silly ,lee joked you ve got nice legs debbie ,lyn scoffed urmm what about mine ,lee laughedyours are nice too ,she laughed good job i love you ,bit later debbie went to the toilet ,and came back and sat down opened her bag ,her knickers were in there ,shed taken them off , she whispered in my ear'for later on i need a good fucking im so horny ' i thought wehey its on ,lee and lyn went inside i asked debbie is it lee letching at your tits and legs and flirting or thought of me fucking you in a layby later ,she replied 'both',dirty cow i thought and smiled to myself

Lyn and lee came out and said we ve run out of booze ,need to find a shop ,asked me to drive ,lyn said ill come i cant trust this wally ,pointing at lee ,i kissed debbie and said wont be long and left lee and debbie sitting on the patio chatting and laughing ,we drove to the local shop and it was closed ,lyn rung lee and asked where will be open ,he said only place is a few villages away ,lyn said tell debbie we ll be a while ,and i ve not abducted her other half ,on way lyn asked whats that smell ,i thought lee might be in for a fuck tonight aswell.

We returned about an houror so laterlee was sat on the patio alone in just his shorts no t shirt ,saying its bloody warm tonight ,then debbie appeared smiling ,hiya just been to the toilet ,i noticed a couple more buttons undone showing a bit of her lacey bra underneath ,but didnt say anything ,the night carried laughing ,joking ,chatting ,then debbie said its late we better get off ,said our goodbyes and left.

Driving bavk debbie announced where you taking me for this fuck then ,sudden hard on in my pants ,i found a secluded farm track and pulled up ,debbie right away unbuttoned her dress pulled it open put her legs on the dashboard and started rubbing her clit looking into my eyes ,i pulled open my shorts and started wanking my cock then she leaned over gently licked my cock then give me one of her amazing blowjobs ,then got up and whispered urs is the 2nd cock in my smooth pussy tonight ,i was gob smacked ,i replied oh yeh when ?,she said when you and lyn went for drink ,lee sat right next to me flirting and touching firstly my arm ,then my thigh then he leaned in for a kiss i was so horny i kissed him ,back tongues and everything ,he pushed my thighs apart stroking them higher and higher ,he nearly jumped when he found out i had no knickers on ,he started stroking my clit and i thought there is no going back now,i undid my dress layed back ,and he rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy till i came ,i got his cock out and started wanking him ,he said no ,and picked me up and i sat astride him on the lounger,and rode his cock we kissed and he sucked my hard nippes then i came again ,then he grunted and came in my pussy ,i was in toilet washing the cum from inside my thighs ,i didnt say anything got out the car lead her round to the bonnet bent her over it and fucked her like a man possesed,didnt last long and my cum joined lees,debbie you dont mind then ,i replied no hottest thing ive heard ,i ve always had a fantasy of sharing you ,she said ive always known that why i did it she said ,whith that we got back in car and drove home for another fuck in bed ,what a night !!!