Written by AlKaz

22 May 2019

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The weather was perfect for the time of year and we visited the East Lancs railway lunching in Ramsbottom and then a walk on Holcombe moor. Not too many people about Mike and I both taking chances to grope the women . . We returned to change as we were eating at our favourite Chinese and we had a taxi booked. Kaz parked herself on the loo as I was brushing my teeth I glanced down at her clad only in bra and her knickers around her ankles . She then did something I not seen in our years of marriage she parted her legs as she pissed giving me an uninterrupted view of the golden stream as she emptied herself.

Finished she wiped and flushed and took my place at the sink. What brought that on I enquired . It’s an interest Mike has developed Sue told me and I wanted to perform for you first hope you didn’t mind. No I think it’s quite erotic I said .

We were first down the others not long and then the taxi not much after that and away to eat and then headed back. We all pretty well kept our hands off each other until the taxi pulled off and we moved inside. Kaz and Mike both heading upstairs Sue and I to the kitchen to put the kettle on . I sorted the kettle Sue the cups and then I turned found and she was bent over the table dress pulled up bare arse exposed .

Just fuck me a bit I want to feel something in here She ran her fingers over her slit I dropped my trousers and quite roughly shoved my cock straight to the hilt and began to pound her producing a screaming cum within barely a minute. I then withdrew.

Better I enquired. I needed that she said straightening up her dress. I zipped back up and we finished the brew . Sue shouted upstairs as the other two hadn’t appeared. And they both came down starkers Mike sporting a full erection Kaz had clearly had the same treatment. I’ve performed for him said Kaz taking her coffee joining Mike on the armchair sitting lightly stroking his cock. Sue and I dived upstairs to our respective rooms and dumped our clothes returning to Kaz lowering herself onto Mike we approached them Mike reaching to wank me as he thrust upwards into Kaz Sue dropping behind tonguing his shaft balls and parting Kaz cheeks to rim her . I moved to offer myself to Mike he greedily sucking on my cock . Kaz cuming hard with the ministrations to her pussy and arsehole. Kaz climbed of I withdrew stroking Mike before sitting and we all reversed roles Sue mounting me Kaz servicing her and me and Mike offering me his cock which I willingly sucked savouring Kaz juices mixed with the precum he was producing.

Sue soon screamed her orgasm and once subsided she dismounted each girl determined to hold Mike and myself from cumming. I stood to kiss Kaz Sue Mike then he moved to the couch bending over it the girls kneeling to suck his cock and rim his arse fingering as they went I watched Kaz ceased and went upstairs leaving Sue attending to her husband I moved to help once again sucking his cock I must admit I was now really getting a taste for this Mike was groaning at this and the treatment his rear was getting form his wife as Kaz reappeared lube in hand .She and Sue began lubing Mike then they moved to my cock each sucking it in turn before applying some to me. I stopped sucking and moved behind Mike looking forward at what was to come as Sue guided my cock to her husbands arsehole now slightly opened with their ministrations. One push and the head of my cock disappeared a loud groan from Mike he pushed back and I was about a third inside . He felt slightly tighter than either girl I paused for him to fully open to take my girth and he moved himself pushing to get me fully inside as a couple of thrusts and I was there. Sue spoke .Fuck him good I began to move slowly at first enjoying the sensation of my cock in his tight asshole he moaning at every thrust the girls standing back Kaz stood behind Sue her hands squeezing those tits squashing her nipples Sue’s right hand behind her clearly frigging Kaz.

I’m not going to last long at this I groaned. Give it to me Mike moaned yes all the girls chorused. I began to speed my thrusting Mike pushing back each of us sweating and groaning until my sap rose and I spurted deep into him holding position until I began to soften and I eased out.

Mike stayed face down the girls moved in kissing me and I headed to the bathroom to clean up . Sue followed with I need a wee. I rinsed myself off and Sue sat down giving me a similar show to Kaz earlier only playing with herself as she finished her fingers in her stream smearing herself before standing and beckoning I approached to be pushed down onto my back Mike must tongue her I thought as she pushed me down to the floor then moving to plant herself on my face.

I’d never tried piss and pussy combined but I have to admit I couldn’t altogether complain Sue ground out an orgasm as I reached to punish her nipples as I devoured her pussy. Sue climbed off. Enjoy ? yes fancy it with Kaz I know Mike has. We’ll certainly consider it. I admitted. Come on said Sue Lets get you fucked. I meekly followed but having experienced the strapon I was definitely looking forward to feeling a real cock in their after the fingers and tongues I had experienced recently .They were sat on the couch Kaz was deep throating Mike he just laid back enjoying her ministrations . We moved over me bending to kiss Kaz and then joining her on Mikes throbbing member Sue moving behind me parted my cheeks her experienced tongue dancing its way around my anus. I tongued his hairless balls as Kaz continued on his shaft sucking each in turn. Sue’s mouth was now crushed against me her probing tongue driving me wild.

Sue stopped using her tongue and replaced it with her fingers stroking the outer then pushing one then two past my sphincter massaging my inner area as I then felt the slightly cooler lubrication being applied. Bend over that couch Sue commanded I complied adopting a similar position to Mike’s earlier pose.

Mike stood still in view as the girls snogged him and each other while applying a generous amount to his straining cock. Mike now moved behind and Kaz also fingering my willing arse in preparation for his attention.

Then I could feel as his glans began teasing my hole he and Kaz using it to gently stroke its way along my now willing crack along down to my ball sac then back to its intended target . They were all clearly enjoying the moment and spectacle and then he paused at my entrance and gently but firmly pushed and I felt the sensation ( certainly not unpleasant ) as his shaft head entered me. I shuffled pushing back straining to get more of this sensation as his shaft began to slide in stretching my well prepared hole and within a moment he was inside to the hilt . I now realised the pleasure I’d given him earlier this was totally different but certainly a superb feeling completely strange but in a nice way as he paused He sampling my virgin tightness Me allowing myself to fully open before he moved much more and to adjust to the sensation.

Mike drew back probably about 1/3 of his length and then pushed in again I groaned as he had the pleasure taking over. Mike continued long slow strokes I was just moaning with his every stroke My cock now beginning to stir back to life as his thrusting began to speed and I synchronised pushing back increasing the sensation.

Kaz and Sue were now either side of Mike stroking him and encouraging his assault on my asshole clearly very excited at our display. Mike began to cum I felt his cock beginning to swell and contract as he spurted his cum deep inside He continued to push until he begun to soften and then it was over he withdrew and I slumped forward Kaz now stroking my bum as Mike moved to clean up.

Enjoy asked Kaz. Marvellous but don’t worry I’m not about to stop fucking you, Sue , Wendy or any other lady on offer just more options out there now. Fuck it was horny watching his cock in you and watching you suck each other. Only like you sucking tits and eating pussy yourself I retorted. I turned over feeling Mike’s cum start trickling from me as we cuddled together.

The time was now past midnight and they shouted down they were retiring as the stay was over tomorrow and it’s a long drive home. We tidied up headed up ourselves and settled down.

We all lay in until in my case after 9 and then usual routine me up first coffees on for all and I took theirs Mike taking Kaz back to our room I joining Sue in their bed for a nice leisurely fuck they doing the same so another hour plus gone before we swapped back and dressed we all sat down to a late brunch. It’s such a shame we don’t live closer bemoaned Sue as they loaded up ready for the drive. Until next time we all agreed.