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It was wonderful getting back in the swing for two whole weeks, we even had a couple of evenings bareback, but now it's back to real life. We are planning a bigger BB Party but this weekend we will make do with Sally, Sue and Paul. Paul has not had his naked cock in Anna for months and I know they are both looking forward to that. I also know he is looking forward to our new BB friend Sally.

Friday 10th February 2023

Sally arrived at three, she was wearing the same coat she had for my birthday, disappointingly she had more on underneath. She exchanged a quick kiss with Anna mouth to mouth.

"Hello Tony." My kiss lasted a bit longer and I got a hug.

I dropped my hand to her buttocks and got it moved to her hip.

"Are Paul and Sue here yet?" She asked.

"They said six and are bringing pizza." I informed her.

"Can't you wait for Paul to give you a proper fucking." Anna asked.

"I always thought he would give a big deposit."

I poured drinks and handed them out.

"Almost as good as Tony." Anna praised.

"Is anyone better than Tony?" They were both being kind to me.

Anna dropped her voice a tone. "Well when we were on holiday I had an enormous black cock. I think he moved my tonsils when he fucked me."


"Noโ€ฆ" Anna laughed "...I could not eat half his cock. When he fucked my ass."

"Really, and was he better than Tony?"

"Leboo, that's his name made me cum but once he shot his load he deflated."

"Not like Tony then. Did he give you his number."

"No, but we know where to find him. He was the barman in our hotel. We can give you details." I interrupted their note exchange.

"The hotel is expensive but it was a real treat." Anna informed Sally.

"We will tell all when Sue and Paul arrive." I closed the conversation.

Sally finished her drink and pulled her zip down, then her dress revealing her body and knickers.

"Shall we go up?" I asked. 

By the time we got to bed I had pulled my shirt off.

I unzipped Anna and helped her remove her skirt.

Anna and Sally were feeling each other as I pulled my trousers off.

Anna held her hand out as I pulled my socks off. I joined them. I was rock hard.

"Fuck Sally darling." Generous as ever.

I lowered myself on and into Sally. Anna was encouraging as I moved my hard cock in Sally's hot cunt. I was shocked how fast Sally came. I kept fucking.

"O Sally, is that good?" Anna asked.


I filled her and Anna went down on Sally's clean shaved but leaking pussy. I allowed Sally to enjoy Anna as I kissed Sally.

Sally made a deep sound as she came to Anna's attention. I knelt behind Anna and sank my cock into Anna's cunt. As I started to move Anna raised her head.

"Niiice." Anna commented.

Sally took my balls in her hands as I continued to fuck.

I filled my wife and sat back as they licked at each other's cunts.

"I'll be drinking at those after Paul has fucked you." I told them.

"...and I be at Sue when you have fucked her." Anna informed me.

I took them both once more and we went downstairs in robes.

"You can have Paul first. He has fucked me bareback." Anna planned.

"Anna, you're a terrible woman." Sally commented.

"Am I?"

"Very!" Sally kissed Anna on the cheek.

Sue and Paul arrived with pizza as promised. We ate at the table.

Paul did not fail to notice when Sally allowed her brest to expose itself.

"I will tidy up, see you upstairs." Anna instructed.

"That can wait, Anna. Come with us." I countered.


We went ahead as Anna dropped boxes in the bin and followed.

Sally had not covered her tit and dropped her robe as she entered the bedroom.

Paul was on her as she reached the bed. I helped Sue with her simple dress and took her beside her husband fucking Sally. 

Anna was watching from the door with a finger in her cunt. Paul was done quickly but kept fucking, his trousers still around his ankles. 

Anna pulled them off. "No one fucks me in their trousers." (Not entirely true, I have.)

Sue gasped as she came. I filled her. Sally came almost immediately after Sue.

"I want your pussy Sue." Sally begged.

"Yes!" Sue surrendered enthusiastically.

They clasped each other and attacked freshly filled cunts.

Anna sucked my cock and Paul started fucking her.

That was how the next hour continued. Two women eating cunts and another getting spit roasted.

We had drinks and desserts then more sex and sleep.

Saturday 11th Feb

I woke up to find Sally sat on Paul. She had her mouth open and was moaning. Paul could not be enjoying it more. Sue was waking up.

"Your man has a great cock." Sally told Sue.

"You've fucked him before." Sue reminded Sally.

"...but I like hisโ€ฆ." 

"Spunk." Anna filled the space, and kissed Sally.

I rolled Sue on her back and fucked her.

Anna was making breakfast.

"Let me help." Sue offered.

Sue started frying. I bent Anna over the kitchen side and started to fuck her. 

"Nice" Paul observed.

By the time we finished breakfast it was almost ten. 

"Shall we go out or stay in?" I asked.

"The club opens soon." Paul observed. 

"I can get fucked there anytime." Sally complained. 

"I don't want any rubbers." Anna argued. 

"We have two cocks here to keep us full." Sue contributed. 

"Sounds like you three want some serious bedding?"

"I want dp." Anna confided.

"Both in my cunt." Sally added, changing from her normal pussy.

"Someone is corrupting you." I whispered in her ear.

"I've been corrupted for a long time." Sally commented slowly.

"I want you cunt."

"You've had it."

"Is that an excuse?"

"You can have my cunt anytime."

"Come on Paul, Sally wants two in her cunt."

I pulled Sally on top of me and she kissed me as she positioned my cock in her. She was still kissing me when I felt Paul slip in beside me and start pumping.

"I'm next." Anna announced.

"You're running over my balls." I told Sally loud enough for all to hear.

"You have both filled us all to running over." Anna reminded us.

"We can make room for more." Sue commented. There were sounds of kissing.

Paul let go his load and Sally sat up to take her pleasure before giving me mine.

There was some soft play, then we gave Anna her double dose of cock and Sue had hers last.

After dinner we spent the evening and night busy in bed. By morning the wet patches were dry, but we did our best to dampen the bed again.

We showed our guests the hotel we had been to after breakfast.

Sue and Paul left but Sally stayed longer.

"I think you are Tony's favorite Sally." Anna informed Sally.

"You're my favorite Anna."

"I know but Sally is after me."

"Sally, do you think Anna is match making?"

"I think she is."

"I am just stating facts." Anna continued.

"I suppose I could make do with the two of you if I must."

"No you could not." Anna accused 

"Could you?"

"Could we settle for just Tony Sally?"

"I don't think so." Sally retorted.

"Is this going somewhere Anna?" I asked.

"Not yet, but lets go to bed."

They demanded me twice and then Anna asked the question. "Do you mind if Sally moves in for three weeks?"

"Why should I mind?" Anna and I agreed we would not invite anyone home unless we agreed.

"Anna, I did not mean that when I said builders were in." Sally confided.

"What are friends for if you can't sleep with their husbands."

"Are you renting me out Anna?" I asked.

"No I tried, no one would pay."

"Thank you very much." I replied in mock indignation.

"You get us both daily." Anna encouraged.

"Is that right Sally?"

"If you can manage." Sally kissed me on the cheek.

"I'll try."

Sally left for home after an early lunch.

Written by Tony

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