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The airport was busy but Kim was waiting for us.

"Anna, Tony, and this must be Sally." Kim kissed Anna's cheek then mine. "May I?" Kim asked as she leaned forward.

"Please." Sally replied leaning forward to air kiss.

"We could not give you the same room as last time, but it's just as good and Dolphin is your maid." Kim informed us as she pulled her summer dress off.

Joy was waiting. "If I may have your passports you may select a ring. Will you come up and see us on Tuesday. We are busy over the holidays. The hotel is full."

"Is Leboo still here?" Anna asked.

"Did he make an impression on you? Yes he is still here. Shall I ask him to drop by?" Kim replied.

"I'm just asking for Sally." Anna explained.

"Of course you are." Joy answered, catching my smile.

"Can you have that picture removed?" I asked Dolphin.

"Don't you like it?"

It was a tasteful picture of a couple fucking, or fucking up to fucking.

"We will have some remote meetings and the picture is not an appropriate background." Anna explained.

Dolphin looked around the room and agreed. "I'll have the picture removed, if you close the balcony door you should keep unwanted noise out. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Is there anything you want to do?" Sally asked, looking at Dolphin in her rabbit ears and tail.

"Is that just for Easter?" Anna asked, feeling Dolphin's buttocks.

"Yes, some of the male staff have cock combs."  Dolphin confirmed as she turned her head towards Anna who kissed her. "There is a swing." Dolphin suggested.

As Anna and Sally helped Dolphin into the swing I picked a condom at random from the blow by the bed. I was in no hurry to use it, Dolphin was being pleasured.

I rolled the condom on and slowly sank myself deep into Dolphin. I did not move. I looked down on Dolphin, hands on her body, a finger or two brushing over her clit, mouths kissing her or her tits. 

"Is his cock good?" Anna asked.

"Yes." Dolphin's voice seemed to shudder as she answered each question. It was not my doing. It was all Anna and Sally, I just remained deep in her.

"Will you stay tonight?" Sally asked. It was not a question I even considered.

"I will?" Dolphin pronounced, the word will was stretched by a spasm of pleasure.

I started to move gently, not wanting to move her, but soon the swing was moving to my thrusts and Dolphin was all mine. Eventually I filled the condom and stepped back. Anna was soon licking at Dolphin's pussy. 

"Chocolate." Anna paused and went back to bringing Dolphin's to another crescendo of pleasure only to be replaced by Sally.

I still had the condom in my hand, it tasted of chocolate and I dropped it into the basket. 

I watched from the edge of the balcony half looking at the three women and the swing, half at the scene below.

Anna and Sally retreated to the bed, leaving Dolphin's in the swing, exhausted.

I removed Dolphin's feet from the restraints.

"I can't move." Dolphin explained. "My legs are jelly." She looked at the two women 69 on the bed. "I'll get the painting moved." Dolphin offered as she started for the door.

"I want lunch." Anna announced as she parted from Sally. "Where is Dolphin."

"Gone to get the painting removedโ€ฆ.and to recover."

"Were we too much for her?" Sally asked.

"Possibly." I conceded.

"Lunch and cock." Anna decided.

It was 2 PM, but we found lite bites in the restaurant. We also found some very nice egg shaped chocolates everywhere.

Sally picked a couple, a bit older than us, but we sat next to them. Soon we were chatting, not long after that Anna was bending over and taking a cock. As I started fucking the man's wife I noticed a man in the pool looking at the five entangled bodies.

Two of the four place tables had been pulled together for dinner providing space for six. We learned it was meant for us and friends, but others beat us to the table.

We picked a couple up in the bar later and took them back to our room for a treat in our private hot tub. They left after two hours.


There was an Easter Egg hunt after breakfast, not much of a hunt, but the little chocolate eggs were great.

We had a little fun by the pool, and later a swim followed some more fun.


People started to leave, but there was still at least twenty couples.


Leboo was on duty. "Anna, Tony, your usual?"

"I'm surprised you remember." I replied as Leboo put glasses on the bar.

"Is this your guest?" Leboo enquired.

"This is Sally, Sally this is Leboo." Anna introduced.

"What would you like Sally?" Leboo asked.

"The same as Anna please."

Leboo stepped back to pick a bottle from the back shelf. Sally leaned over the bar, I saw her eyebrows rise and wished my cock got such a response.

"Would Namelok and yourself like to visit us?" Anna asked.

"I'm sure we would, what time?" Leboo asked.

"When can you arrive?"

"Is seven too early?"

"Not early at all." Sally confirmed.

"Sally is impressed." Anna confided.

"I will be." Sally hoped.

I left Sally and Anna sunbathing. Anna's bulge hardly showing as I looked down from our balcony.

I turned on the laptop and allowed it to start up. I took a last look at Anna, a man was running his hand over her belly.

I shut the balcony door and started my meeting.

By the time I put the laptop away and looked out Anna was riding a man by the pool and Sally was encouraging her.

We had a lite dinner and retired to our room.

Sally rushed to the door and let Leboo and his wife in. She was stroking his cock before they got halfway across the room.

"I don't think it's your turn Anna." I commented.

Anna kissed me. "Have your fun Tony."

There was no need to tell me. Namelok headed straight to me. I took her hand and swung her on to the bed and went down on her pussy.

Sally coughed. "That is big."

I looked up in time to see Sally sinking the cock into her. She had an ecstatic look on her face.

"I told you." Anna stated simply.

"You were so right." Sally replied as I pushed my cock into Namelok.

Namelok lifted  her hips to meet me.

"Cock whore." Anna accused Sally.

"O, yes!" Sally confessed. She came in convulsions one after another.

I rammed my cock in and out of Namelok feeling her grip on my arms and her feet on the back of my legs.

Sally almost fell off Leboo and Anna took his cock in her mouth.

Namelok shuddered. Anna sat on Leboo forcing his almost limp cock into her cunt.

"What a cock?" Anna exclaimed.

"Mine not good enough anymore?" I asked.

"It's divine darling, just not as big." Anna answered.

"I've never had one that big." Sally teased.

"If they don't want you I do." Namelok comforted pulling my head to her's.

Namelok and Leboo left us a few hours later. Sally and Anna arranged themselves on each side of me, and we fell asleep.


Sally went off with a couple, Anna and I allowed ourselves to be picked up by another couple.


We spent most of Thursday on the beach, but got willingly dragged back to bed by the couple from Wednesday.

After dinner Kim and Joy visited us in our room. 

Kim claimed me and Sally was enjoyed by Joy and Anna. Dolphin arrived and Anna paired off with her.

Joy was my next partner and Sally lapped at Kim's leaking pussy. When I turned to Dolphin Anna took Joy 69.

I managed to fill a condom with Dolphin and we all went to the hot tub.

"Do you use condoms with everyone, Dolphin?" Kim asked.

"I do, it's safer. You tell everyone, but you don't with Tony."

"We have known each other for years."

"We are very careful." Anna added.

"Would you like to feel Tony how nature intended?" Joy continued.

"I don't have to, do I?"

"It's only a question Dolphin. We advise everyone to use condoms."  Kim said.

The water continued to churn. I relaxed and let the women chat. I have to admit Dolphin bareback was appealing.

"I don't want to do that."

"It's much safer with a condom." I offered, trying to close the conversation.

Anna put an arm around Dolphin. Dolphin kissed Anna.

Joy and Kim knew it was time to leave. They left without fuss.

Sally moved closer to me.

We ended the night on the balcony bed and used a condom. 


We had three couples though the day, and Sally persuaded Leebo and Namelok to visit us for the night.


We had an early start, but not too early too entertain Namelok and Leboo.

We had breakfast and Joy drove us to the airport.

"Did you enjoy your stay, Sally?" Joy asked.

"Very much thank you."

"We hope to see you again?"

"I hope to be back."

"Good, and how about  you Anna, Tony?"

"We will be back." Anna declared.

"I imagine why." Joy ventured.

"Nice to have a change." Anna commented.

"..and the bigger the better. Sorry Tony." Sally apologized quickly.

"That's OK, that is why we swing, to experience differences." I dismissed Sally's concerns.

"Don't we just?" Joy offered.

"We do." Anna Confirmed.

I squeezed Anna's leg.

Written by Tony

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