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Anna and I left baby Claire with Fria for the night.

It was a company dinner and we were staying a few streets away in a hotel. We were sat at a table Anna was sitting away from me on the far side of the table.

The woman on my right was talkative. I vaguely knew her from the office, her name was Sarah. 

We had reached the dessert when Sarah moved her leg against mine. Without thinking I moved mine with a little more pressure against her leg. Her foot must have slipped out of her shoe, she started rubbing her foot  on my lower leg.

We had finished dinner and people moved into the second room.

"What was going on with Sarah?" Anna asked.

"We were playing footsies." I told Anna, leaning in and dropping my voice.

"She is single." Anna informed me.

"Is she?" I cast my eyes around the room looking for her.

"Yes, don't leave without me."

"You want to join us?"

“No, but daddy will notice if we leave separately.”

I put an arm around her.

Anna's father approached us. “Where is Claire tonight?”

“We left her with Fria.” I informed him.

“I thought you were breastfeeding?”

“There are ways nowadays, daddy. You should circulate your guests.” Anna attempted to avoid any further questions about feeding.

“Come with me Anna.”

Anna told me later he was telling everyone about his grandchild.

I spoke to a few then went to the toilet. As I came out Sarah was waiting for me in the corridor. She pushed me against the wall. I pushed her back against the far wall, realized she was not drunk. 

“I have a room.” she told me.


“Let's go.”

“In an hour, I have to circulate.”

She told me where to find her.

I found Anna about half an hour later. Her father was telling someone we were having his grandson next year.

“That's a 50-50 chance grandad.” I commented. 

“Tony, where have you been?” Anna asked.

“Catching up with a few people.”

“Is it time to go?” Anna asked.

“I think so. Goodnight John.”

“Goodnight Tony, say goodnight to your mother Anna.” John kissed his daughter on the cheek.

We found Mary with a group of wives. She kissed Anna goodnight and invited us over to see her granddaughter. 

“So tell me.” Anna invited.

“She has invited me to her room.”

“Where is she staying?” 

“Our hotel.”

“That's convenient.”

“It is, what about you?”

“Don't worry about me, you go.”

Sarah was naked when she opened the door.

“You took your time.” she accused, pushing the door shut and pressing herself against me.

“Do you need time to get ready?”

“You are joking!” She laughed. 

She opened my trousers, knelt and pulled my trousers and underwear down in one move, and went to work on my cock.

“Can we get to the bed?” I asked.

Sarah bounced up and rushed to the bed looking back at me. I pulled my shoes off, then my trousers. By the time I got to the bed I had unbuttoned my shirt and grabbed four condoms from my coat pocket. 

I pushed the condoms under the pillow.

Sarah was on the bed, on her side, a knee raised showing her target.

“Are you going to use them all?”

“I hope so.”


“Let's see.”

I went down on her shaved pussy.

“That's good, but cock is better.”

I pulled a condom on and started to fuck her.

“Do you think I'm a slut?”

“You just like sex.”

“Call me slut.”

“You're an easy fucking slut.”

“I'm easy! Tell me I'm a slut.”

“You're a slut.” I picked up the tempo.

“Tell me you want my cunt.”

“I've got you cunt,  you slut.”

“Yes” she celebrated her cum.

Her cunt was wet and juicy as I continued to fuck her, then it was my turn. I filled the condom and gave a hard deep thrust.

Sarah went down on my cock as I rolled off her. She pulled a second condom on and climbed on me.

“Let's see what you are made of.”

She lowered herself on me and started to swing her hips.

“Greedy cunt.”

“I like cock.”

“You're a cock hungry slut.”

“You can do better than that.”

I sat up, grabbed her head and pulled her towards me. My cock sprang from her cunt. I kissed her.

“Get my cock back in your cunt slut.”

She lifted herself and started moving.

“You're a good cock.” She told me as she came.

“You're a cunt worth fucking.”

She kept moving and came again and continued to move. I came and went soft.

“You better get back to your wife.”

“Don't you want me to stay?”

“I like what men do to me, that's all I want.”

“Suck my cock.”

“Go back to your wife.”

“Suck it.”

I gently pushed her head towards my cock. She sucked on it and it popped up.


“On your knees slut.”

I pulled on another condom and took her. Every time I shoved my cock into her she grunted. 

I came just as she came and deflated.

“Any more?”

“I don't think so.”

“You better go.”

“I thought you would be longer.” Anna told me as I got back to our room.

“She only wanted my cock.”

“That's nice to know.” Anna told me, rubbing my cock.

“Who's that?” Anna asked when my phone went off.

The text read ‘I only fuck married men’

“Sarah I think.”

I put the phone down. It buzzed again. ‘Call me sometime.”

“You have a fan.”

“A fanny.”

“You're discussing.” Anna condemned me playfully. 

Sometime in the night I woke up and funked Anna.

“You called me Sarah.”

“Did I, sorry.”

“You were half asleep.”

In the morning Anna got a text from her mother. We joined them for breakfast. 

While we selected breakfast Sarah picked up her tray.

“Good morning Sarah, did you sleep well?”

“Yes thank you, it was a wonderful night.” Sarah replied, glancing at me.

“Good for you.” Anna congratulated. 

“You're evil Anna.” I whispered.

“You were the one who fucked her.” Anna whispered back.


“She is hot.”

“Very” I kissed Anna.

Written by Tony

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