Written by Tony

20 Jun 2011

Me and my wife recently returned from holiday in the canaries. A welcome break for both of us, excellent weather and our first bit of erotic fun (if you can call it that), probably a bit tame for some of you.

We come on this site regularly to talk but not had the bottle to do anything and probably won't, may be it's the planning. This sort of just happened.

My wife Jane is 50 and I'm her toy-boy at 47. We had been there a couple of days aclimatising to the temperature, just staying by the pool, Jane sunbathing topless. Not a brilliant figure but after 3 kids not many women are. On an evening we didn't do anything special, just go for a nice meal, a couple of bars then go back and sit outside and play cards. One night one of the young lads we had seen by the pool came and said "hello" and asked what we were playing and asked if he could sit down, which he did.

"Nothing really" I said. He introduced himself as Martin from Ipswich. He said he was here with his sister and her friend. "A bit of a strange combination", I said.

"Yes, a friend dropped out so I stepped in. A mistake really, it's a bit boring" he said. We chatted a bit longer then he said "goodnight" and left.

The following day we got our hire car and went up to the sand dunes and spent the day sunbathing naked. It's a good feeling the sun on your naked body and also watching other men looking at your naked wife. When we got back to the complex it was still early so we got two sun beds and sat by the pool. More or less straight away Martin appeared and sat down. "Hello" he said, looking directly at Jane's naked breasts.

"You had a good day?" he asked. "Yes, not bad" I said. I told him where we had been.

"Sounds good" he said.

"A bit boring for a young lad like you" I replied.

"Probably," he said. We talked a bit more and he left.

That night we did our usual thing again and ended up outside our accommodation having a drink and talking. It wasn't long before he was here again. "Hello" he said and sat down. "So what are you doing tonight?" I asked.

"Nothing, I think I'll sit here and talk to you," he replied. We had a few more drinks. He told us he was twenty, and had split from his girlfriend three months ago. That was why he had agreed to take the spare place for the holiday. Then he said "did you sunbath naked?" I laughed "yes".

"Why, both of you?" he said.

"Yes" I said.

"Are you going again?" he asked.

"Probably", I said. I looked at Jane. She smiled and said she needed the toilet and went inside. He watched her go inside and said to me "I would love to see Jane naked. Sorry if I have offended you but I would". I just laughed.

"You practically have" I answered, "by the pool".

"Can I come with you next time you go to the dunes?" he asked.

"You will have to ask Jane", I said. "Anyway, if we are naked, you have to be."

"Yes ok" he said, "but will you ask Jane?"

Just then she came back. "Martin wants to go to the sand dunes with us" I said.

She looked a little shocked but said "ok".

"Can we go tomorrow?" he asked.

Jane said "yes, it's fine by me". So it was agreed.

After he went I asked her if she would still go naked.

"That's what he wants to see, isn't it?"

"Won't it bother you?" I asked.

"Probably, but after the holiday we won't see him again".

Then I got to thinking what could happen. She looked at me and said "may be rub sun cream in and that's it?"

The following day we set off nice and early. Just general chit chat in the car, nothing about much, but all the way up I was semi hard wondering what might happen. When we got there we parked up and set off for a nice quiet part, got all sorted out, Jane took off her T shit and shorts leaving just her bikini, Martin and myself just in shorts. Jane took off her bikini top and asked me to rub sun cream on her back. She knelt in front of me and I started to rub, Martin watching all the time. I slipped my hands round a couple of times and rubbed her breasts.

"I'm going into the sea", he said and ran down the beach. Off he went.

"What about your bottoms?" I said. She looked at me and slipped them down so she was naked. When he came back up he stopped in his tracks when he saw her. He quickly laid down on his stomach. It was obvious why. For the next twenty minutes or so we sunbathed, nobody saying anything.

Then Jane said "I'm naked, now you two". So I took off my shorts. We looked at Martin nervously. He did the same. Not a bad size, about the same as mine, but his was starting to grow, so he quickly laid down.

After he had relaxed a bit we did some swimming and sunbathing, sunbathing and swimming. Jane asked again for some sun cream rubbing into her back. She knelt up as before and I started to rub her back. Martin was watching and I beckoned him over. I put some cream in his hands and let him rub. He did her shoulders and the middle of her back. I kneaded it all way down, right down her legs, so he slowly went lower over her bum cheeks and on to her legs. I moved so Jane could see it wasn't me rubbing her. She smiled. I started to do her front, quickly moving on to her breasts. Martin was really hard now. I wasn't far behind. I grabbed him and pulled right up to Jane and put his hands onto her breasts. He slowly massaged the cream into them. He was now fully hard and rubbing against Jane's bottom. She moved away and laid on her back, legs wide open. We both carried on rubbing cream into her, both fully hard. Martin now moved down to her trimmed fanny and started putting his fingers inside her. She started gently moaning with pleasure. I couldn't believe what was happening, unbelievable.

I kept looking round to see if anybody was about, but it was clear Jane looked to be really enjoying herself. Then Martin gently put a finger up her bottom which sent her to another level. She pulled Martin on top of her and guided him inside her. What a sight and turn-on watching another man enter your wife and one that's eight years younger than your eldest son! Martin pumped for all he was worth and was done in less than a minute. He got off and I got on and lasted about the same. Unbelievable sex. When I had finished, he turned Jane over and took her doggy style. Then she let him do something we only do occasionally. He lubricated her bottom hole and slowly entered her and slowly pumped, building up speed until Jane came again. He emptied up her bottom.

What a brilliant day, more than I ever dreamed of. Other things happened with Martin before we came home, but the first was the best.