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The house was ready, I had put my old house in the hands of an agent. I moved Lynne's things into storage.

Anna had taken me shopping. We both had a new wardrobe. Mine was just a bit smarter. Anna's was much smarter and more respectable. She kept the 'slut' look, "For when we want fun." She said.

This morning Anna let me at her pussy with a razor for the first time. That just naturally led to sex.

Today we are packing for a Greek holiday, nice summer clothing and swimwear that we hope we will not need. We are packing condoms which we hope we will need. We packed tampons, Anna has not had her first bleed since she stopped taking the pill, but best to be prepared. 

Anna never used much makeup,  but since she got back to Britain she has developed two looks.

Her hair pulled into a high ponytail with makeup that attenuated the angles of her face. That is what she wore to the airport, everyone turned to look at her as we walked through the airport. She put my relaxed casual style to shame.

She wore a black dress, with a shiny red dog collar and a loose top which she left open. She had picked it because it would just pass for day wear, but with a few changes in accessories she could wear it to fancy dinners several nights in a row. 

Her other look was softer, sometimes hair flowing, sometimes wund into a bun.

We are staying five miles from the airport. As soon as we got in we made love and I flooded her.

"I miss you making me really sticky." Anna told me.

"So do I." I replied leaving my cock in her, plugging any leak. "I enjoy seeing you enjoy sex."

"I know. We need a couple to play with."

"We could look on the site." I had added a couples account.

"We could but not tonight."

We bathed and went out for a look around.

The wind has been blowing hard for two days now and still no answers to our ad.

In Rhodes City we saw a woman in white. A top that was more a frilly bra and a skirt with most of the front missing. We both wondered if she had nickers and Anna asked if she should get one like it. I said maybe but not for the office. 

Friday, the wind has dropped, the sea is calm. We have just found a notice forbidding guests in our room, but that doesn't matter right now, we still have no answer to our ad. Time for breakfast and sunbathing. 

Friday afternoon and the wind is still with us but not so strong. While we were window shopping, Anna found a simple blue and white summer dress with a broad belt. 

"I can do things with that." Anna informed me and the first thing she did was buy it.

We are just off to dinner. Not the best buffet but it does. Tomorrow we are off on a tour. 

Anna went to the bar and I went to the room to put the mosquito killer on.

As I entered the bar there was a beautiful woman at the bar served by a female bar keeper and a few guests scattered around. 

"Good evening what would you like sir." The barmaid asked as I sat down. 

"I'll have what the lady is having." I replied. The guy at the end of the bar looked up.

"Yes sir." She said finishing the ladies drink.

I watched as she made my gin sling.

"Shall we find a table?'' I asked the woman.

"Lead the way."

We sat by the pool and talked about the hotel and weather. Then I escorted her from the bar. 

As we passed the man at the end of the bar I asked, "Your room or mine?"

"As long as you give me a good time I don't mind." She answered for the man to hear. 

I closed the door and released her belt. She let the dress drop. I pushed her knickers down and she was naked. She unbuttoned my shirt as I unbuttoned my cuffs. She pushed it off my shoulders and pulled me by my belt to the bed. She sat on the bed, pulled my cock out and began to suck. I pulled the pin from her hair and it fell loose. She looked up, smiled and moved fully onto the bed and opened her legs. I ate her pussy making my cock available to her. We played 69 and she came.

I turned and slipped into her hot wet pussy. She was hungary. She enveloped me in her arms and legs. She came. I watched her face in the dim light coming in the window. 

"Don't stop." 

I did not, I flooded her.

"Don't stop."

I kept pumping, pumping cum out, then filling her again. 

"You are a bad boy Tony."

"Am I?"

"You are picking me up like that."

"You could have just said hi, and you didn't have to say what you did when we left."

"No, but it was fun."

"If nothing else they will have a story to tell."

On looking at the site we found we had two replies. We sent a message to a couple asking if they would like to meet.

Saturday,  we woke and Anna offered me her back door which I took but I complained it was not the way to make babies.

"All work and no play makes for a dull sex life." She reminded me.

I had to agree. 

We took a look at the site and found a reply, agreeing to drinks at 2 pm.

We did our tour, had a lite lunch and went in search of the bar. It was not far from our hotel. Tom and Bev were easy to spot, at least Bev was in a big yellow daisy flower pattern. 

"Tom and Bev we presume?"

"You must be Anna and Tony." Tom replied. 

We ordered drinks and found a table. 

"How long are you here for?" Tom asked. 

"We are are going to the islands Tuesday, then back next Tuesday." I informed them.

I looked at Anna holding her first two fingers apart as she lifted her drink; she would open her legs for Tom. 

"Where are you staying?" I asked, indicating to Anna I was interested in them.

"There" Bev stated point across the road. "It's a nice room, would you like to see it?"

"We would yes." Anna answered.

We finished our drinks.

They let us in and closed the door. 

"Safe sex." I said.

"Any boundaries?" Tom asked. Bev was already pulling her dress over her head.

"No pics, poo or pain." Anna answered. Loosening the sash on her dress.

"..and of course no mean no." I continued. 

"Always" confirmed Tom, looking at Anna as she disrobed.

She moved towards me in matching  knickers and bra.

I pulled a pack of condoms from my pocket and toasted them on the bed. Bev unbuttoned my shirt as I released my trousers. 

"What a big one" she told me.

Anna did not bother removing Tom's shirt, she went for his cock.

I reached around and released Bev's bra with one hand.

"You know what you are doing." She told me.

"He does." Anna confirmed. 

We all managed to fit on the bed. I buried my head in Bev's pussy feeling her legs close around my head sealing my ears. Her legs tightened and I knew she had cum. I crawled up her body pushing her legs open. I looked over at Anna who was riding Tom.

I pulled a condom on and slipped into Bev. She was easy and hot. She clung tightly to me and wrapped her legs around me. She did not want me to leave her and I was not going to. I felt myself explode into her. I pulled out, fighting against her enveloping legs and finger fucked her. She came with a huge gasp. I pulled the condom off and pulled another on. I eased back into her even looser cunt. This time she came first, but I was not far behind. This time I remained in place. I twitched my cock.

"You're still hard." Bev commented.

"You're a very fuckable woman."

"Give her to me Tony." Anna demanded.

"Should I give you to Anna, before I take you again?"

"O God yes." Bev answered.

I pulled out and Anna descended on her, offering her own pussy to Bev. They ravaged each other as I pulled my condom off.

Tom had a semi which was quickly coming back to life as he watched his wife defiled by Anna.

"Don't you just luv your wife getting off on cunt." Tom commented. 

"I like to see Anna enjoying herself."

Tom started wanking. 

"Anna will want that soon." I offered


"Your cock Tom."

"I hope so."

As soon as the ladies parted I pulled on a condom and started at Bev doggy watching Anna taking Tom's cock.

"I'd luv to have some spunk in her cunt." Anna wished.

"I'll fill you Anna, that will give you a cream pie." I told her.

"I want Bev's pussy full." Anna continued between Tom's thrusts. 

"I'll fill her." Tom informed Anna.

I came, turned Bev kissed her.

"You taste of pussy." I told her.

"She tastes of my cunt." Anna corrected me, as I kissed and finger fucked Bev.

The ladies came together and Tom came shortly after.

"Get your cock in me lover." Anna demanded.

My cock was just about hard enough to penetrate  but soon hardened in Anna's engorged pussy. 

"Fill me for Bev." Anna encouraged.  "Fuck me, fill my cunt with spunk." She was never shy with words but I knew she was getting crude to harden my cock.

I pounded away, desperately wanting to let go one last cum. Anna continued to encourage. 

"There I knew you could do it." She whispered, then louder "A nice big load for you Bev.

I sat back with a deflated cock. Tom was rock hard as the girls went at each other again.  I was glad of the rest.

As the ladies came up we took them again condoms on pumping husband's cum from full pussy. 

We sat back, all exhausted. 

Back at the hotel we sent a message to the single man; 'Sorry, we have made other arrangements.' Then made a vouch on the profile of Tom and Bev.

By the time we did that the single man had answered, 'Sad git, bet you're just wanking. You're all fucking wankers on here.'

Anna blocked him. We have an agreement, both of us can block anyone and the other will respect it. 

Friday, we have been enjoying a relaxing few days and just off to the island of Symi. A chance for some free sunbathing. 

Saturday, we have a small hotel right on the beach. We arrived just in time for lunch and took an afternoon walk to another beach, both requiring a swimsuit.

After dinner we started chatting to some guests. 

Sunday, one of the ladies, Isabel, was on the same boat trip as us. Anna was chatting away as we motored between bays to look at the scenery. Anna and Isabel swam as I looked at the church at one of the stops.

By lunchtime Anna was spending more time with Isabel than me. It was a fabulous lunch.

At dinner we all sat together and Isabel agreed to take a small hire boat around to a quiet bay on Monday. 

Monday, we had breakfast and hired a boat. The three of us set off with a picnic lunch and lots of drinks. 

We found a small bay, not enough room for a dozen people. We tied the boat to a large rock and kicked the larger stones away. There was room for us to spread out. We stripped off to swim ware, then Anna asked "You don't mind if we go natural,  do you?" Without waiting for an answer she went nude.

Isabel went topless and said "no" in a surprised but confident voice. 

I  pulled my trunks off and wondered how far this lady would go.

Anna creamed my back and turned around for me to cream her.

Anna offered to cream Isabel's back and began speaking Spanish, a language I can order two coffees in on a good day. The only thing I caught was that I did not speak Spanish. I finished creaming myself, paying close attention to my cock which was growing. 

"Lots of cream on that Tony, turn over Isabel." Then she continued in Spanish and  creamed Isabel's white triangle, pushing her bottoms down. Isabel took them off revealing a tightly trimmed pussy with the outer limits waxed or shaved.

Time went on and Anna asked for some wine which I collected from the boat. Anna continued in Spanish. 

As I poured her wine Anna handled my cock and balls.

"Don't embarrass Isabel Anna."

"I'm not embarrassed, thank you for being concerned." Isabel offered, then switched to Spanish. I imagined what the conversation was, and hoped Anna was being successful.

I poured Isabel wine. She spoke Spanish to Anna as I held the plastic beaker for her to take. Isabel cupped my balls.

"Anna is right, you have soft skin there." 

"Thank you."

"You should use condoms." Anna informed Isabel.

Isabel took the wine and returned to Spanish.

"Do you mind if we make love?" Anna asked in English.

"Anna, I think you are embarrassing Isabel."

Anna said something in Spanish and went to swim.

"Do you do this sort of thing often?" Isabel asked.

"We enjoy nature's way." I told her thinking she was talking but sunbathing. 

Isabel touched my arm, I touched her shoulder.  Suddenly we were kissing. Hands wondered, eventually I found her pussy and massaged her clit. She came with a heavy groan pulling by body to her. I pulled a condom on and claimed my reward, sinking into her deep wet pussy, feeling the warmth on her body on my balls. I pumped her gently, knowing the gritty sand beneath the blanket could be uncomfortable for her. She came again softly and I allowed myself to fill the condom.

Anna was already beside us. As I retreated Anna began to work Isabel's pussy and kiss her. I lay there on my side watching first Anna please Isabel, then Isabel please Anna. Then I began to finger Isabel, there was a moment of confusion, then Isabel kissed me and I felt Anna's hand reach over Isabel to touch me. Isabel came sandwiched between us. I entered her again on our sides with Anna cuddling up to Isabel, her hand mostly on Isabel's tit. She came again and I pulled the condom off and took Anna filling her pussy. 

I moved off Anna and she began to eat Isabel's pussy, offering her own to Isabel. Isabel lapped at my leaking mess. They both came, Anna twice and Isabel once.

"I have never done that before." Isabel informed us.

"Never done what?" Anna asked.

"Never been with a man and a woman, never had a pussy with, that was full." She told us, finding the words. 

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked, knowing that she had.

"A bed would be more comfortable." She answered with an awkward laugh. 

"Then you must spend the night with us." Anna suggested. 

We went for a swim, recreamed, sunbathed some more, had lunch, sunbathed, fucked some more, and swam before air drying and returning to the hotel. 

Tuesday morning, for the last 3 days Isabel has been with us constantly; walking, swimming, dinning and fucking.

Last night we introduced Isabel to anal. We had been in bed for an hour when I fucked Anna leaving my deposit. 

Anna and Isabel went 69, Anna started to rim Isabel. Isabel returned the favour. 

After they broke apart, sated, Isabel said something in Spanish, Anna replied. Soon I was carefully and tenderly introducing Isabel's tight bum to cock.

She said "It was OK, but it was probably better for Tony than it was for me."

"I love it" Anna told Isabel.

"I will give my cock to you anyway to enjoy it." I told them both.

Anna and I are going back to Rhodes. Isabel has our contact details on the very slim chance we are ever close enough to play again.

We have sent Bev and Tom a message saying we will be back tonight and hope they are free to play. 

Tuesday evening, we have just got back from seeing Tom and Bev.

We never had our fair share of condoms,we had used most of them with Isabel, but they did not mind.

We started by swapping wives, then the ladies exchanged pleasures. 

After a glass of wine Anna offered her backdoor to Tom, who took it with enthusiasm.

"Tom enjoyed that." I announced. 

"So did I." Anna confirmed. 

I kissed Anna knowing she was angling to get me in Bev's butt. That never happened. 

What did happen was we filled our own wives and ate cream pie. I kissed Anna and passed her a snowball of Tom's cum taken from Bev's pussy.

Wednesday, we are on our way home. Anna was a little disappointed I did not get Bev in every hole.

"Not every woman is you Anna." I told her.

"If they were there would be no point fucking around would there?"

"No point at all. A little difference is a wonderful thing."

"O, no darling, I like something big."

"I know you do." I kissed her.

Written by Tony

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