3 Jan 2019

From part 1 … It was a minute or so before my wife looking over Colin’s shoulders eventually saw me sitting in the armchair in the darkness. She smiled and asked if I was alright with everything and when I said I was she blew me a kiss and closed her eyes to carry on enjoying him. Colin turned and asked if I was sure it was ok and when I nodded he went back to feeling my wife. Continued …

Lesley was dead keen to hear more and so I carried on telling her about it. I told her with him knowing he could carry on without me minding he neeled in front of her and pulled her hips to the edge of the couch. Lifting her skirt up he gripped her panties and had soon dragged them down her legs to get rid of them. He was well into enjoying himself and running his fingers through her pubes he cheekily told me he liked May’s pussy saying it was much more hairy than his wife’s. He pushed his trousers and pants down and knowing my wife was up for it told her to spread her legs wide for him. She did and shuffling forward he started rubbing his knob on her and was soon pushing his prick into her as my wife moaned away.

I suspected the next question Lesley was going to ask was how big was his cock and I was right ! I told her my wife was lucky like her because it was just as big as Alf’s at around seven inches or so and thick with it. With that she looked up at me and smiling pulled my head to hers to passionately kiss me. As we did I ran a hand over her jumper to feel her nipples and with her breaking off from kissing me to say that felt nice my hand was under it to feel her breasts. For years I had dreamed of doing that and at long last there I was feeling her lovely firm tits with her letting out long appreciative sighs as I cupped and gently squeezed them.

I couldn’t wait to see her breasts and when she rested her head back against the couch and closed her eyes I knew she wasn’t going to stop me. I gently lifted her jumper up and got my first sight of them and very lovely they were. Firm and large with beautiful big areoles and nipples which I started sucking with her groaning and telling me how nice that felt. I confess I was in a bit of a dream world having letched after her body for so many years. I’d laid in bed many a night with my cock in my hand having a wank thinking what it might look like but never thought I would be lucky enough to see it, let alone I feel it !

She was clearly happy so as I continued to suck her nipples I slipped a hand down over her skirt to her knees and was more than pleased when she opened them for me. It didn’t find tights as I expected but lovely stocking tops and thighs and some very wet knickers ! I soon had one and then two fingers in her and working her clit with my thumb I was surprised at how soon it was with her gasping out as she came. She closed her legs tightly to stop me from carrying on and pulled my head up to hers and holding it there kissed me deeply and told me how lovely that had been.

Things were going swimmingly and I was amazed at what she was letting me do but …. I then found myself in a real dilemma with my conscience kicking in. I had a raging hard on and dearly wanted to give her a good seeing to as you can imagine but …. she was the partner of my good friend. What to do was the question ? Mind you, it didn’t seem to worry her because there she was with a hand on my trousers squeezing the bulge under them. I whispered I would love to have her but told her about my doubts. However, to my joy it turned out not to be a problem !

To my great surprise she quietly said Alf made up stories in bed about me and her. She said having got her very excited one night he asked if she would really like to do it with me and when she confessed she would he said she could. To be honest I was astonished and blurted out what a fantastic friend he was to share her. She soon put me right though saying it wasn’t quite like that, the catch being it had to be a “one off fling” which she had promised him. He had insisted he didn’t want to know if we had done it and so she said it had to be our secret and not spoken about. Holy Batman, it was very strange, but boy was I pleased to hear I could do her !

With the dinner not working out she had decided that evening was the perfect opportunity for us to be together. Now, the thing was they never went anywhere without the other and so I thought he must have known if she was ever going to do it then it was going to be that weekend. I gave her a big smile and thanking her said I couldn’t believe my luck. I got down on my knees and with her wriggling to help I slowly pulled her hips to the edge of the couch and pushed her skirt up to her waist. Seeing her laying there was a lovely sight with her in black stockings together with a lovely set of matching lacy black suspenders and panties. Getting her to lift her bum I gradually pulled her panties down her legs to reveal a nice blonde hairy muff. As I knelt there between her legs I reached down to adjust myself and she cheekily asked me if I was going to “Do a Colin ?”

I laughed realising what she meant having described him being like that in front of my wife and said I wasn’t. Putting my hands against her thighs I pushed them apart and lowered my face down to her pussy. I wanted to make sure she didn’t regret coming to me and so I licked her slit and sucked her clit as best I could. I obviously did a good job on her because she groaned out loud as she came for the second time that evening as she held my face hard against her pussy. When she let me up she thanked me saying she had really enjoyed it and confided Alf rarely did to her despite him expecting her to suck him off. Detecting a bit of disappointment in her voice about him I secretly hoped she might visit me again for another mouthing despite her promise !

I stood up and when I had undressed she sat up saying she was going to return the compliment. Pushing my foreskin back and cupping my balls she gave my knob a good licking and sucking and then putting her hands around to grip my bum cheeks she began slipping her mouth back and forth on my prick. She did that really well and with my cock already at bursting point by then l said for her to hold back saying I wasn’t far off cuming. She must have heard but took no notice and carried on. Well, I had warned her and so it couldn’t have been a surprise to her when I groaned and exploded in her mouth just after she had given me several “deep throats” when she got her mouth right down to my pubes. To her credit she swallowed me down without choking and laying back she licked her lips and ( after picking some pubes from her mouth ! ) smiled at me asking if I had enjoyed her.

I knelt down and putting my cock in her leaned forward to kiss and say I certainly had ! Knowing Alf was so much bigger than me I said I hoped she wasn’t disappointed with me. She said she wasn’t and had enjoyed sucking me because it made a nice change with her not ending up with an aching mouth like with Alf. I couldn’t have been more pleased to hear that and joked she was welcome to do it whenever she wanted ! That made her laugh and it was nice to see her now relaxed and having a good time. I told her I was impressed with her not choking when I came and she said with him being a heavy cummer she had got used to it over the years. She surprised me even more saying she had done that to make sure it would take me a long time to cum again when I did her - and there was me thinking she was innocent lady all those years !

As we laid there kissing she wanted to know more about what had happened with Colin and my wife. I said there wasn’t much to say except he gave her a good seeing to that evening and came in her twice. Lesley wasn’t content with that and begged me to tell her all the lurid details so I did. I told her how he took his time and delighted in using my wife for ages before finally groaning out loud as he rammed his cock in and shot his lot. He kept kneeling there for a bit gently prodding her in and out telling us how much he had enjoyed her and then brazenly told me it was my turn !

With May’s legs still wide apart I couldn’t wait and as soon as he had moved away I went over to have “sloppy seconds” with my wife as it now seems to be called but wasn’t back then. He had clearly pumped a good load in her because by the time I had taken my trousers/pants off and knelt there she was already leaking. There on the carpet was a pool of his cum but it still felt like there was a lot still in her as my prick easily slipped in and out. That was a new and first experience for me using another man’s cum to bring myself off and I can tell you it didn’t take me too long after what I had just seen going on in my lounge that evening !

With us all sitting on the couch and May between us Colin began fingering her now very slippery pussy with it having just been filled by the two of us. In the end she took over and brought herself off screaming out aloud while the two of us laid beside her with each of us squeezing a thigh as we sucked a nipple. I told Lesley I was amazed with the evening and never thought I’d see my wife behave like the way she had.

Hope you enjoyed, part 3 soon.

PS. With this second part I’ve left a line between the paragraphs and would be interested to know if readers prefer that.