Written by blackgoldd

27 Jul 2014

A few weekends ago, I took Sas with me for a weekend break away. We had discussed the next step of our cuckolding relationship several weeks ago. Hubby was well aware of my intentions and was eager to move things forward. I laid down my plans to Sas. Unsurprisingly, she was excited and agreed to all of it.

The plan was simple. We will go to Brighton together. Enjoy 1 night together and I will take her back home the next day. Unknown to her, I had given hubby a different set of instructions to surprise and excite her; after all she was my girlfriend for the weekend.

I instructed Hubby to take Sas to the hairdressers on Friday, then out shopping for a list of dresses; red, white, red & black and finally a pink figure hugging summer dress. She was to visit a beauty saloon and have her hair, nails and body attended to. Sas was to obey my instructions given via hubby without question. She was at the saloon for hours. At the end of it all, she looked amazing. Straight blond hair; to just below her shoulders, facial treatments, red full lips, long manicured nails and a full body treatment.

Hubby packed her bags according to a list I gave as well. Channel No 5 perfume, no underwear whatsoever, a Pandora wrist chain, an ankle chain with ‘I love BBC’ dangling off it, red lipstick, L’Occitane toiletries and her 5 new dresses neatly hung in a travel bag hanger. Sas was allowed a bag of her own to add in anything else she thought she might need excluding underwear, clothes and accessories obviously.

Saturday morning arrived and I picked Sas up from a shopping village several towns away from her home. Hubby handed her over in a beautiful figure hugging pink summer dress, her ankle chain on her right bare ankle as always. As she stepped out of the passenger’s side of their Chelsea tractor, we embraced and kissed for the entire world to see. Hubby took a few pictures of us together and transferred her bags to my car. We waved goodbye to hubby and started our weekend together. On the way down, I took pictures of Sas giving me a blow job at a stop over and sent them to hubby.

On arriving in Brighton, I headed straight for a famous spa. As I drove past the hotel towards the spa, Sas asked, are you taking me to the spa you talked about? Yes indeed. Sas being the typical suburban middleclass wife was nervous. The thought of visiting a naturist spa was completely alien to her. She started vocalising some reluctance, what if we meet someone I know there? What will that someone be doing in a naturist spa I answered? Who in your social circle will be that adventurous? No answer. Glad we cleared that up.

I reassured her it was near impossible to meet anyone she knew, even if she did, whoever it was could not claim to have arrived there accidentally.

We got to the spa. Sas sent hubby a text telling him she was having a great time and going into a spa. I had arranged for her to have a one hour long massage shortly after arriving. We used the facilities for just under an hour before I surprised her with the news of her massage. I wanted her thoroughly relaxed for the weekend. On coming out, I led her to the shower to wash off the oils then took her into a private room and proceeded to fuck her already dripping wet pussy for a good hour. She was now ready for my list of surprises.

We left the spa after several more hours and drove to the 4* hotel. Dinner was in an hour and Sas quickly got her dresses out for me to choose her next outfit. I picked the white dress and assisted in getting her accessories on. I had booked us a table for 2 at an upmarket fish restaurant for a 3 course meal. The evening was warm and Sas felt great. She was smiling and cuddling as we walked hand in hand to the restaurant. After our meal the 1st surprise was sprung. I told Sas we will be heading back to our room with a sea view, on arrival; I looked with the binoculars to check if hubby was standing exactly where I had instructed him to be. He gave me a hand signal to confirm he was. I pulled Sas to me against the window, lifted her dress and started fucking her doggy style. Unknown to her, Hubby was filming it all with his professional camera from the beech front. I had booked a double room for hubby as well and instructed him to record her getting fucked against the hotel window at 8pm while the sun was still up. He was then to come up to our room and surprise Sas.

I left the door slightly ajar for him to come in. Sas was on her back taking my BBC, writhing and moaning as I drove into her married cunt. She was squiring like crazy when hubby sneaked in, camera in hand. He wasted no time and got busy snapping pictures of his sophisticated well spoken blonde wife with her legs wide open and my fat black pole thrusting like a pile driver into her married cunt. I pinned her hands down into the bed to stop her from jumping off. Hubby took a series of pictures before saying. You dirty slut, you have never gushed on my cock before!

She composed herself after I shot my load inside her and kept her legs spread wide for hubby to bury his face inside her cunt and feast on my cream pie. I lay next to Sas and we kissed while hubby eat her pussy clean. He stood up afterwards looked at us kissing passionately and said I better leave you both to continue your weekend Sir. Thank you for allowing me to eat your girlfriends cream pie on your holiday. With that he left the room and shut the door behind him.

I let Sas into the next surprise. Hubby is in a double room one floor down I had booked for him secretly. She was to put on her red dress after my next cream pie and go down to feed him another load. This was to be the arrangement for the rest of the weekend. Sas was amazed we had planned this without her suspecting a thing but was pleased at the thought of hubby sleeping in the same building a few rooms away. For the rest of the night, Sas took two more loads of my cum and fed them to hubby. 2am, 5am and 830am she left our room to feed her loving hubby.

I ordered breakfast in bed for us and hubby. At 11am he was instructed to meet us down at the foyer and accompany us on a shopping trip. Sas was dressed in red. She had her ankle chain on proclaiming to the world she was my BBC slut. I had just filled her married cunt up with a fresh load of cum which was now trickling down her bare thigh. She commented how slutty she felt walking into shops with my cum oozing down her legs and hubby walking behind watching us behaving like teenage lovers. We stopped and French kissed knowing hubby was a few metres away pretending he was on his own. I took Sas to a L’Occitane, Molton Brown and white company store to buy a few more items with hubby walking behind; occasionally offering his opinion and paying for the items with his card.

When shopping was over, I suggested to hubby since we still had our rooms, to take the items upstairs and meet us with his car at the front for a leisurely drive around the countryside. He instantly knew what I had in mind and smiled.

Half an hour later we were in a secluded lay by with Sas and me fucking our brains out in the back seat of their Chelsea tractor. The air condition was on full blast to cool us down. Hubby could not control himself and shot his load onto his trousers while wanking to the sight of his classy trophy Hotwife fucking her black lover in the backseat of their car. I had Sas on her back and emptied my balls inside her for the last time that Sunday afternoon. Her red dress was going to have a wet patch if nothing was done soon. Hubby, having shot his own load was fidgeting in the driver’s seat trying to make himself look descent. Sas called out to him to quickly come down and clean her up otherwise she would have to walk into the hotel in a wet dress. Hubby was quick to get in between her legs, one back door left ajar as he leaned into the backseat and eat up all the cum sliding out of his beautiful wifes cunt. It was the dirtiest weekend they had ever had outside their home and they both loved it. After cleaning her up, I asked Sas to kiss him. I wanted to see them both sharing my cum and swallowing it together. They looked perfect as they kissed…..

Our adventures continue