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This was our first Christmas together and we are still working out our traditions. On Christmas Eve we took a large box of chocolate, candy, cakes and nuts. Left it on the doorstep of the local battered wives' home. Rang the bell and rushed away. They may have seen Tony in his Santa uniform and me in my sexy Elf outfit, but I'm not going to tell you about that.

Lotty is a year older than me and I followed her up to university. Daddy rented a house for our use.

Lotty and I were sociable, but it was after I passed my exams but still staying in the house that Lotty came to stay with her boyfriend Adam. That was when I started to discover myself.

I was between boyfriends and when Lotty was out I allowed Adam to fuck me. He was good in bed, I have to admit he always was.

Later we went out as a 3sum. In the morning I woke up in bed with Lotty and Adam. We were in bed, but I was still mostly dressed. Adam was fucking Lotty. I was embarrassed but when he turned his attention to me I was confused but excited.

Over the next few days Adam fucked us both.

Lotty never minded that but when Adam started inviting other men to fuck us, Lotty and Adam argued. Lotty talked to mummy and daddy got involved. He never knew everything, he did know that I had taken on Lotty's boyfriend, Adam. That was enough for daddy to fall out with me. I left university after my exams, but before the results were in.

I enjoyed fucking and I trusted Adam enough to protect me. Lotty considered Adam to be a self  centered bastard. I consider him to be the right man to enjoy swinging with, but Lotty does have a point. Tony always considers me, Adam uses me as a ticket to fuck others. 

When Lotty found women more attractive than men, daddy fell out with her. That meant he fell out with both daughters.

Adam said he would take me around the world, we got as far as the Canary Islands. We lived mostly off a small income of mine and lived in a VW camper. That was when we met Tony and Lyn.

Tony was nothing like Adam. Adam treated me like a ticket to fresh cunts, sometimes a way to fuck men. Tony cares about me. Some say he is shy, but he is just considerate of others feelings.

When Lyn invited us to stay with them I was pleased to have more time with Tony. 

Lyn ran off with Adam, she will become more like me, a slut, yes I know I'm a slut, or she will learn like Lotty that Adam is a self centered bastard, which he is but I'm glad I was with him. Without my time with him I would not have learned to be myself.

It was because of Adam that I met Tony. It was because of Adam that Lotty and I are so close, yes we had an argument but we made up. It was because Adam fucked us both that Tony had his fun last week. We must see more of my sister and her wife.

Written by Anna

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