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I dropped Anna for her flight yesterday. I did have lunch lined up with a girlfriend, but she had to cancel. So I am here hoping for some meets in York next mouth and chatting online with Star Hyke on in the background. They are a ship full of sex mad weirdos.


When Anna called I had to reject her call, I was busy. When I called back her phone was switched off, when she phoned back she told me a man bought her a drink. 

I was thinking about a trip to a sauna, but all that sex put me off.


From what Anna said her man got what he wanted again.

"Do you like me getting fucked?"

"You know I like you getting fucked. Better when I'm doing it."

"I bet. What are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready for the club."

"Are you, you dirty boy. Don't do anything I would not."

"I'm not sure what that leaves."

"Nothing. Have a good time whah."

"You too."

"I will."

"Sounds like you know you will."

"He was good last night."

"Have fun."

The club was not busy, even for a Wednesday. 

I introduced myself to a couple and a man, after chatting we went to a public room. Bob started by fingering his wife, Debbie. I got to work on her tits. Bob gave his wife a fuck but pulled out and splashed her tits, then invited another man to fuck her. I was the last up with a few men looking on and hoping.

We went back to the bar room and talked before searching for a locked room. Debbie produced toy, which we never used. Bob and I went to work. Before I knew it a condom was produced and I was in her, no kissing, not allowed. Bob offered his cock and I sucked at it awkwardly as I fucked that lovely warm cunt. I filled the condom and Bob sucked deep on my cock. I returned the favour gagging twice. I sucked a ball and felt a finger at my ass. Then he demanded Debbie sit on him. She took him, reverse cowgirl. Bob was still sucking my cock I had my hands on Debbie. He filled and she raised her bum. I could not get at her pussy, so I started to rim her hoping I was still in her boundaries. I was, she went wild, pushed her ass at me and let everyone in the club know she was enjoying.

She leaned away and I sucked at Bob's cum covered cock and balls.

When we returned to the bar, Debbie said she was a passive Bi. I said Anna would enjoy playing.

Then it was time for them to leave. She had told me she did not kiss, but she gave me a lip to lip as she left.

I showered and had a conversation at the bar before returning to my cold bed.


I told Anna about Debbie and Bob. She said she would like to meet them. I thought it was a good idea.

Anna will be home on Friday then I am off to York.


I finished work at two to pick Anna up.

"How was your trip?"

"Success forโ€ฆโ€ฆ..and pleasing."

"So your man was entertaining?"

"He was, but you would not like him."

"Why not?"

"He is straight." Anna informed me rubbing my cock.

"Can't you wait."

"Sorry course sir." Anna answered in mock suffrage.

We left the bags in the car and rushed to bed. We never got there. We almost ripped each others clothes off and I had her standing at the bottom of the stairs pulling her knickers to one side.

"Did you miss me?"

"You know I did." I answered 

"Even with that couple, all to yourself?"

"Four is better than three."


"...and sometimes two is better." I offered.

"When are we seeing them?"

"Wednesday after next if we go to the club."

"Were they really good?"

"Good enough to want to see you fucked and between Debbie's legs."

"Come let's get you between my legs."

"Has anyone told you you're a wanton woman?"

Anna laughed and pulled her knickers down. I felt her leaking pussy as she moved towards the stairs. I was slowed down by trousers around my ankles.

I caught up with her naked on the bed. I lay between her legs and lapped at her pussy. Her hand rested on my head.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you?" Anna asked.

I moved up her body, kissed and fingered her.

"As I recall you kissed me."

"So I did."

I slipped my cock into her wet, full and hot pussy. She wrapped her legs around me.

"I'll never let you go." Anna stated.

"Not even to get another cock in here." I asked continuing to move.

"Depends how big he is."

"Cheeky bitch."

"Got to keep you on your toes."

"I'll keep you on your back."

"Yes please." That is when she came, just before me.

Written by Tony

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