Written by cris & cath

24 Sep 2007

I must tell you of a fantastic experience my wife and I have recently had, well,the hotel organiser of the wedding venue rob was a smart dressed guy in his late thirties or maybe about 40.

My wife wispered to me at the do! that she thought he was a very smart & sexy guy, now she very rarely says things like that to me, and usually keeps it to herself, I think the wine helped!,anyway after the evening disco finished, (about 1pm)we made our way to our hotel room, and my wife wispered she wanted fucking as soon as possible, I was very keen to oblige her.

After having sex in the en-suite shower together, we transferred to the bed, however neither the room light or bedside lamp would work, she asked me to call reception to ask if they could assist us.

To our surprise the hotel organiser guy turned up to see if he could help,he managed to get the bedside light to work, and said to my wife, is there anything else I can do for you!, she just looked into his eyes, then at me, and said, I want to have the best fuck of my life tonight, would you like join us, he looked at me as if to say "is this ok with you?" I just nodded.

He quickly removed his clothes,and got into our large bed beside cath, she reached down to his hard shaft, he let out a gasp,she told me it was very large,he was fondling her lovely large tit's,she moaned with excitement,soon he slid down and began to lick her wet pussy,she squirmed with pleasure, I began kissing her passionatly untill she screamed out loud having a fabulous orgasm.

I fucked her doggy as she gave him a blow job, I came too quickly filling her pussy with my hot semen, now rob laid on the bed, and cath lowered herself onto his rock hard cock as I watched my wife being fucked by another man for the very first time,she was in extasy,she fucked him vigorously like I have never seen her behave before,I was really proud of her.

He got her to lie on the edge of the bed, and as vigorously as he had been fucked,it was now his turn, he was thrusting hard and fast with his balls banging her pussy lips,she shouted "rob please come inside me"I want your hot come right inside me, soon he moaned, then cath let out a yell as he filled her pussy with his hot love juice.

After resting a few minutes, he quickly dressed as he said he would be missed by the hotel owner,I was now ready to fuck me lovely wife again, to complete the best night of our married life, one we hope to repeat again.