Written by foxxhunter

22 Feb 2008

Well…. I have read some of the stories on here and wonder if a number of penned by a number of people with a ‘’hopeful’’ ‘’vivid’’ imagination but after what happened to me last Saturday night I just had to write the full story.

Firstly I have just hit 50 but still pretty fit … this is a slow read to start then it gets going.

I live in a small Somerset Town and living with a fantastic girlfriend but our sex life has been very limited lately as she is always very tired and stressed …but nevertheless I still love her.

On Saturday after I had watched the United v Arsenal match I suddenly realised I hadn’t taken the poor dog for his daily walk SO at around 9.30pm I got ready and wrapped up warm and put the dog on his lead and told my girlfriend that I ‘wouldn’t be long’ she therefore replied that she was ‘going to bed’ as she was tired and would see me in the morning.

As I closed and locked the door little did I know what was in store … I crossed the road and decided ‘tonight for a change’ I would walk around the housing estates that connect onto the main road where I live, its funny but as you read this I promise you all that I am ‘’not a pervert’’ but do you ever find yourself looking up at the bedrooms that have lights on? Or looking at the bathroom windows just in case you catch a figure having a shower…?

I had been walking for about 15 minutes when I realised that I had actually walked through a fairly new estate and noticed that they were rather nice modern terraced houses with well kept gardens, I also realised that I would have to head back the other way to reach the main road so decided to take a short cut through one of the lanes between two terraced houses and as usual was looking at all the windows to ‘see’ if I could see anyone, it was then that I slowed down to let the dog have a good old sniff when I peeked through the fence by one of the houses and could see a downstairs kitchen window and a large double patio window with dimmed low lights.

I looked around to see if anyone was around and stood there hoping to see if I could see anyone … my heart was beating and was feeling rather dirty and naughty I’m a voyeur I thought, but nothing happened at first but I could see people moving about so I stayed for about five minutes at this point the dog was pulling the lead to walk on .. and then it happened … I then saw a women walking towards the kitchen sink, I stood back quickly and looked around to see if I was being watched and then slowly bent back towards the gap in the fence the women was now stood at the sink and after a while my eyes focused and ‘my god’ she was dressed in just a bra … it was white and lacy and she had ample breasts I would say at first look she was about 35 she had long blonde hair and it was pushed back behind her neck … I could see she was talking to someone and she turned around, my heart was beating louder I could actually hear it, it was then that a man appeared from the room at the side and stopped in front of the women he was dressed in a black dressing gown and stopped and planted a kiss on her lips she put her arms around his head and the embraced in a long kiss I was beginning to feel uneasy and decided to walk away but something was stopping me from moving.

It was then that she grabbed the ties on his gown undid the two sides like curtains then pushed it back and it fell to the floor and then she slowly started kissing this guys chest and slowly disappeared down the front of the guys body until her head had disappeared … OH my god she is giving him a Blow Job!! I could now see his eyes were shut and his head was leaning back … it was then I could feel the bulge in my trousers and also noticed that the dog had decided he was totally bored and was lying down.

There was another shock ‘’another’’ man entered from the same door also dressed in a dressing gown, he said something and the women’s head slowly appeared and she had a huge smile on her face, all sorts of things were going through my head and I wondered what was going to happen next.

The first guy walked through an archway that entered into the lounge area, which luckily I could see through their double patio doors he was totally naked and had a huge erection she followed behind him and I could now see was wearing a ‘’white bask’’ ‘’white stockings’’ and ‘’Red stiletto’s’’ I nearly fainted she was probably just under 6ft had long legs and long blonde hair she smacked his ass hard and I felt something twitching between my jeans the other guy was laughing and in full view of the double patio window.

It was then that she bent down and started to give the guy a blow job again the sight of this women with her legs knelt down working on this guys cock nearly made my own cock explode while she was working on one of the guys cock the other took off his dressing gown and placed it over the chair he started to tease and rub his own cock and I could see it was starting to get hard and he slowly started to wank in front of the face of the women and she stopped sucking the first guy’s and quickly took the whole length of the seconds guys cock in her mouth and I could see his face was etched with pleasure.

At this point I was really wondering what the hell I was doing it was now nearly 10.30pm the dog had his eyes shut I was so bloody cold my feet were falling off and I was watching two guys and a women ‘’getting it on’’ through a gap in the fence but I kept thinking ‘what would someone else do’?

I was really considering getting my cock out and having a wank there and then and then just walking home when things went really mad, what I hadn’t realised that where I was stood was actually only 15ft away from the houses side gate and whilst I was concentrating on what was going on through the fence I hadn’t realised that a bloke had appeared from my right side and was just about to open the gate and he saw me… I froze he said:

‘Oi what are you doing’ I sort of muttered and said ‘um nothing out with my dog and …stopped .. um um …he then said, ‘did she ask you to watch’? .. Um ‘no’ I said and he laughed …do you want to come in and have a better view? I am never ‘ever’ lost for words but this time ‘I was’ he said ‘come on you can watch if you really want its up to you but NO funny stuff’ anyway you look bloody freezing… with that the dog jumped up and I followed this stranger through this gate as I walked up the pathway I was now walking directly in front of the patio windows and could see everything in full view …

Oh my god what a sight she was more attractive than I first though she was probably about 26 she had now taken both cocks in her mouth and was working on the two guys balls gently grabbing and teasing with her long well kept finger nails another thing that struck me her nails were so long and they were painted bright red and I loved that.

For some unknown reason I had now followed the other guy straight through the back door into the small kitchen with my dog thank god the heating was on and I laughed to myself, its funny but I immediately smelt the beautiful smell of perfume, I looked around to my right and could now see the women knelt down from the back and the two guys were facing me both of their eyes were shut and she was still working on their cocks.

I turned to the other guy and I remember saying ‘I’m sorry but I really don’t know what I am doing here as this is a bit crazy’ he turned to me and said ‘look don’t worry [I will call her Mandy] Mandy isn’t going to worry and I’m her husband so don’t worry as long as you don’t talk about this to the neighbours as they may get funny.

I just repeated ‘No problem’ as I couldn’t take my eyes off this women her ass was perfect ‘like a peach’ the shape was like you see in a porn movie and she was wearing the most sexy G-string I have ever seen I can only guess that the other two guys were probably in their mid 20s so I was the oldest person in the house, by the way the dog had curled up asleep in the kitchen and was bemused by all this action.

The husband disappeared and I was stood on my own watching Mandy tossing her head from side to side groaning out loud while she had both cocks entering her mouth I was thinking of getting my cock out there and then and just joining in but in came the husband and he had a camcorder in his hands and said ‘OK so you were a bit naughty watching from outside but would you do us a favour and video my wife getting a good shagging?’ he handed me the camcorder and quickly explained the buttons and then walked towards the group that were in the lounge I followed behind him and my hands were visibly shaking.

The women slowly withdrew both of the cocks out of her mouth and slowly stood up and grabbed each cock in her hands and slowly turned around and stared at me … I was just about to speak when she said ‘Oh has my husband roped you in to videoing our little get together’ I tried to answer but nothing came out of my mouth she then looked at me and said ‘If you do a good job I will suck you cock later as well’ at that point I nearly dropped the camcorder there and then …

The husband who by now was also totally naked told me to video as much as I could without getting in the way, I took off my coat and sat down on this rather comfy chair and started to video the three men and Mandy who by now I had totally fallen in love with she was stunning her legs went on for ever and ever and whilst the three guys were having a drink break she bend over and touched her stiletto shoes, her hair was hanging down until it touched the floor and she gazed at me through her legs ‘Is it on she said?’ ‘Oh yes’ I said and like a school kid I stupidly said ‘god your so fucking sexy’ and she just laughed …

They all chatted and laughed I remember him saying ‘No anal ok boys’ whilst I was sat in the chair before I could say ‘camcorder’ she walked over to the large leather settee and sat back down her legs were spread wide open and I could just make out that she was perfectly shaved and the g-string was beautifully positioned hiding her probably now very wet cunt, as she led back one of the guys bent down and positioned himself with his head between her beautiful legs and starting nibbling at her flesh on the top end of her stocking it was then that I noticed that she was placing a silk blindfold over eyes and tying it behind her head as the first guy slowly worked his way up the inside of her leg she started to twitch and arch her back as if she was pleading for the guy to start licking at her cunt I decided to stand up so I could get a better view and was using the zoom on the camcorder I noticed that this guy had pulled back the front of the material on her knickers and was starting to dart his tongue in and out of her now visible cunt and my god did it look inviting she was starting to breath heavily and the other two guys were playing with there rather large cocks and I was wondering if this was it?

Mandy was starting to writhe with pleasure and as I focussed on the inside of her legs I could she his tongue darting in and out each time his tongue went in her body arched and she lifted her beautiful ass whilst I was concentrating on the action below I heard a dull groan and looked up to see the second guy stood up on the couch who had suffice to say placed his huge cock she instantly grabbed his cock with her left hand and was carefully and sexily working on the tip of his cock and then it disappeared into the back of her throat she was making more noise and her groaning was doubled each time his tongue went into her cunt and the other guys cock entered her mouth.

I had forgotten that there was a third guy until he walked in front of me lifted his hand and nonchalantly put his thumb up to me as if I was at a football match and then sat on the couch by the side of the women and eagerly grabbed her left hand and placed her hand around his fully hardened cock he instantly shut his eyes and gasped out loud and said ‘now my slutty wife you have three cocks now USE them’

I stood back slightly so I could get all the action in, WHAT a bloody sight this was ….this stunning women dressed in S&S and high heels being pleasured from all angles the noise level was going up as she was starting to moan and groan more and more her head was now moving quicker on the cock going in and out of her mouth almost as if her life depended on it, the guy on the floor said ‘I think I should stick my hard cock in your wet cunt now what do you think’? and between the sucking she answered ‘please please Oh fucking please’ and the guy put her hand behind her ass and pulled her towards him so that her cunt was perfectly placed on the edge of the couch.

My heart was beating so loudly I am sure they could hear me panting but I got the zoom right on the inside of her legs so I could catch the point when his cock entered her glorious cunt… he was playing with his cock making it hard and then he got it closer to her clit and rubbed it a couple of times against the outside of her dripping cunt it was so wet I could actually see how wet it was and slowly he dipped the head of his cock in the opening of her cunt and she let out a low groan and I sensed that she was getting slightly carried away with the cock in her mouth again she dipped the tip of his cock slowly until the head disappeared about 2 inches and she started to arch her back as if she wanted it SO bad she tried to push herself on his cock and he said ‘NO I am in control’ and pulled his cock out again she let out a squeal and said ‘Ohhhh pleassssssssse Pleeeeeeeese put it in please’ and he again slowly dipped his cock in her cunt until it only had entered about 2 inches and slowly and carefully he moved in and out and her body was starting to move rhythmically and suddenly he slammed his cock right up to his balls as hard as he could and she let out a huge groan ,,,, god that was so horny!!!

For the next 5 minutes Mandy was building up to a orgasm and we all knew it she was pumping the cock in and out of her mouth as quick as she could the guy sat of the couch was watching her hand moving up and down uncontrollably on his cock he had his hand inside her bra playing with her tits and I could see one of her breasts was almost out and exposed her nipples were hard and pert as the first guy was pumping his cock in her cunt and hard as he could it was amazing but watching from the side it was all happening in one building rhythm and the first guy started to shout dirty expletives and they all joined in calling her all the names they could ‘slut’ ‘tart’ ‘whore’ which seemed to turn them on even more until she let out a huge scream and had a huge orgasm…

She relaxed for a couple of seconds before one of the guys said ‘come on you naughty slut we haven’t finished with you yet’ and they all moved positions except the guy who was sitting on the couch Mandy was now in doggy fashion with her fantastic ass stuck up in the air her Basque and stockings still intact ‘what a sight I thought’ the guy on the couch grabbed hold of her head and blonde hair and pushed her mouth onto his throbbing cock and she instantly started to suck on it using her hand to pump on the shaft as she licked and teased the head one of the other guys had now positioned himself behind her ass and looked over to me and told me to ‘’video her ass’’, I didn’t need to be asked twice and carefully took aim I didn’t need zoom here I could see her perfect peachy ass this was like watching a dirty video but I was there!!!

The guy carefully pulled her knickers to one side and lifted her ass up slightly and just like the first started to tease her with his cock and her ass was moving up and down as she was trying to get his cock into her wet gaping cunt suddenly he slapped her ass and she sent out a cry ‘don’t move bitch’ he said and her ass just hovered perfectly but she found it very hard to stay in that one position and he again teased her throbbing cunt and pushed about 4 inches in before he pulled it out again she was going mad and crying out for cock I felt like saying ‘just GIVE it to her’ but I was just the cameraman it was long before he started to feed it in and she was again starting to suck harder on the guys cock who was sat on the couch it was then that suddenly the third guy appeared between the legs of Mandy led on his back so that he could get his head in such a position so that he could start to lick at Mandy’s clit, whilst the other guy was pumping away at her cunt as soon as the tongue touched her clit she was going to loose it again for about the next 5 minutes Mandy built up to one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever seen and forget about watching porno DVD’s….this women was going to knock the plaster off the walls I was so engrossed at what I was instructed to do that I didn’t even realise I had a hard on myself I thought to myself ‘they wouldn’t know If I had my cock out and I was pointing the camera at the same time surely’.

Mandy was spent for the second time but I realised that neither of the blokes had shot their loads and I quickly looked at my watch at it was now 12.15 …Without argument one of the guys said ‘we want you doggy on the floor now’ and she duly obliged at this point I sat down on the couch so I had a side on view the first bloke told me they would be giving Mandy a real good shafting and would turn her over and come over her tits and face, I just sat there and nodded with approval, would I have disapproved?

Within minutes they started off with her in doggy fashion and one of the guys was stood up while she sucked adoringly on his cock without talking they suddenly moved around again and the first guy was led on his back and Mandy was being guided in position as she still had the blindfold on, this part nearly blew my jeans off Mandy now positioned herself over the blokes cock who was led prostrate on his back she grabbed his cock with her left hand and slowly started to drop down onto his large cock and slowly and carefully her cunt engulfed his cock until I could see it no more she started to lift her ass up so I could see it again and then she dropped down again and it was he who was now gasping with pleasure I didn’t think he would last long I certainly wouldn’t anyway another guy appeared at the front of Mandy and said ‘Now I want you to suck my fucking cock’ and he teased his cock by her mouth before she took it fully into the back of her throat and he reached down and released the straps on her bra which meant they started to fall free and as she was working on his cock they bra started to fall away and I could see her breast in all their glory …. GOD they we amazing he started to tweak her nipples and she started to breath even deeper I have never seen a women enjoy so much pleasure she was starting to go mad again and I could see the guy on the floor was trying his best not to succumb to the vision that was before him.

After a couple of minutes I noticed that the guy on the floor had started to grab her ass and held her against him as he started to shudder into a orgasm they were both in a complete embrace and she started to kiss him as if they were the only two in the room this was actually ‘very’ horny to watch I suddenly realised that the three of us were watching as the two of them thrashed about until they guy screamed out at the same time as Mandy.

I actually thought that was it ‘time to go home’ and I also noticed that the battery was getting fairly low and really could not stay all night just being a cameraman, anyway they both crashed on the floor for a couple of minutes and Mandy pulled herself off from the guy on the floor and as her ass was in the air the second guy didn’t give her a chance and quickly went on all fours and stuck his cock straight into her now dripping cunt she let out a amazing sigh and within seconds was starting to enjoy this guys cock as well, my god she was really dirty and god why wasn’t I married to her??

This guy was giving it to her hard and fast and she was really enjoying it he was pushing her ass backwards holding onto her suspender straps and Basque his cock was huge and she loved it, I suddenly realised that her tits were free and bouncing about as ass was thumping against his cock and balls I looked at one of the guys and mouthed ‘battery’ and he put a thumbs up sign … whilst this was going on he came over and whispered in my ear ‘take of your jeans’ I looked at him and frowned ‘take of your bloody jeans she will suck your cock’ I must have looked shocked and felt stupid but I thought about it for about 20 seconds and realised that I ‘wasn’t being unfaithful really’ and then I thought ‘do it’ whilst the two of them were reaching another orgasm I held the camcorder until they both of them collapsed again.

Mandy looked like she had had enough and I wondered what I was doing but I carefully undid my belt on my jeans and undid my zip and pulled my jeans off and sat their with a huge hard on, my cock is fairly large and thick and I have had no complaints the second guy moved away from Mandy and the third guy said ‘I want you doggy now’ and she surprised me by saying Yes please I want another cock …

I felt a little bit silly sat there holding the camcorder in one hand with a twitching cock I pointed the camcorder at Mandy again who by now I was seriously in love with … without a fuss the third guy came over behind her and slowly placed his cock behind her ass and slowly inched it deep into her now well and truly dripping cunt she gasped again as if this was the first cock of the evening and instantly she started to moan again but I realised that this guy was edging her around so she was facing me and she moved without question and before I knew it her face was closing in on my cock and he was still pumping at her from behind she told her to move forward and she was now closing in on my cock and suddenly she reached out when she felt my legs and instantly found my cock and said out loud ‘Oh god a lovely thick cock’ I was worried I may faint as you never know when you get to 50 but nevertheless she had my cock in her hands and within seconds she was tasting my pre-come and licking the head of my twitching cock I was in heaven I was having a job holding the camcorder but doing my best.

She started to play with my balls like she was truly experienced and then she started to work on my cock and my god did she love it, I could see the guy behind giving her a good shagging whilst she was well and truly working on my cock the thing is that when you get to my age you can last longer and I knew this she was building up to one of those huge orgasms and I thought she was going to bite my cock off but as the third guy started to shoot his load she carried on sucking on my cock and I was loving every minute of it and started to grab my cock and tease her with it she loved it I even started to masturbate whilst she had the head of my cock on my mouth and she loved that as well she was now going mad and I said do you want me to come over you? And she replied ‘No I want it in my cunt’ I didn’t know what to say what WAS I DOING? the other guys were sat around the room watching us and before I knew it the guy put the thumbs up sign again and nodded his approval, before I could argue she was already moving away from my cock and had her hands on their coffee table with her ass up in the air ….

What would you do???

So I took off the rest of my clothes and knelt down and started to inch closer to her cunt, my cock was twitching big time and I just wanted to get it in there as I started to get nearer I started to playing around with her clit and play with it with my fingers and she obviously loved that her ass was even better up-close I played more and move with her clit and got up close behind her and slowly inched my cock in her cunt whilst playing with her clit she was starting to go mad again ‘what IS she on’ I thought anyway I slowly and carefully inched my cock in and it was far tighter than I thought it was very tight and I had to push really hard and she was getting more and more excited I then thought to myself ‘I will show you how you should treat a women’ as they watched me and I suddenly realised this was my chance I am the older experienced guy …

My cock was slowly entering Mandy’s hot wet cunt and I was loving it just as much as her and I told her to put her hand on the table so I could play with her tits and she duly obliged I got into position and told her not to move and I slowly and carefully started to pace myself and get into a rhythm she was already starting to moan and groan but I was determined to make her multi orgasm I was working carefully on her cunt sometimes reaching around to play with her clit and then taking both tits in my hands and pinching her nipples it was only after about 3-5 minutes she started to orgasm again and I just let her build up and I slowed down so I could control her into the next orgasm and after she had climaxed I carried on slowly pumping her with my cock skilfully using my fingers and hands again this time I could feel a huge orgasm starting again and I wondered if I should orgasm myself or just carry on until she exploded the next time she came I thought the whole of the south west would have heard us, it was incredible I know its not funny but even my dog came into the room and wanted to know what the noise was … I was still holding my own but she turned around and said ‘this is the best fuck I want you to go on an on please until you come’ I do know that I always last longer when the women is on top so I quickly suggested we move around and Mandy can go on top I was looking around the room just to make sure things were still OK and they all smiled.

I was now led on my back and Mandy started to climb on top of me I could now touch her tits and I could feel her stockings against my legs it was heaven …. God knows how she had kept the blindfold on but she had she must have know that it was me but I was determined to show her what I could do she slowly eased her beautiful cunt onto my cock and as I looked up I could see her wonderful tits I whispered in her ear ‘use my cock use it’ and she started to pump her cunt up and down on my cock she was starting to build up again and my god was she good suddenly she would slowly engulf my cock and then she would tease the end of it she would then fuck it as hard and she could and then slow down again I was starting to nibble at her tits but was worried that this maybe off-limits she told me to ‘suck my tits’ so I didn’t argue she was now going totally mad what with me sucking her tits whilst she was using my cock it was only a matter of time before she exploded again but I didn’t let her stop as soon as I felt her exploded I grabbed her ass and started pounding her again I was actually touching her as and by god it was good I was pushing her ass down on my cock and working my cock around inside her cunt and she looked like she was going to collapse her hair was now in my face and I was sucking on her tits for all she was worth it was then that things got a bit difficult and she leant over and my face touched her and she started to kiss me I concentrated on her tits but her mouth was trying its best to link with mine … Please kiss me she said and I relented and god was this good I suddenly forgot where I was and It seemed like we were on our own she started to bite my neck and whispered in my ear ‘please make me come once more and then come with me’ please ..

I started to kiss her again my tongue was deep in her throat and I could feel her body starting to relent again I grabbed hold of her tits again and this time I put one of my fingers near her ass and carefully placed it near her ass to see what she would do….. OMG if I thought she went mad before it was possible that she may rip my cock of she was now going totally and utterly mad I actually had a job to hold onto her as she bucked and twisted it was utterly mind blowing and she screamed as if she had been shot I actually heard one of the guys say ‘bloody hell’ she now had her head down near my neck and whispered again ‘please come now I need you’ and with that I can only explain that the next five minutes were possibly the most amazing five minutes of sex I have ever experienced, she was kissing me like there was no tomorrow and we were entwined and as one as they say I could feel my cock starting to pulse and I guess she felt it too and whilst I wanted it to last for ever I knew it had to end so I stared to relent and gradually we started to come together it was absolutely fucking amazing and I could not describe it on here.

We led on the ground for what seemed hours but after about 4 minutes we both got up and I quickly dressed and Mandy went upstairs the other guys said ‘you are a Legend mate fair play’ I just laughed and said thanks for inviting me but I must get going because it is now just after 1pm.

Mandy reappeared and we didn’t make eye contact two of the guys were playing with the dog and one of the other guys said that Mandy would freshen up and they would give her a good shagging in the morning … I was a bit shocked but hey its nothing to do with me…

The other guy was playing back the video and saying how good I was and said do you want to film us again when we meet up and I said probably not as I was just lucky tonight.

I decided to make an exit and get away so said ‘I must be off’ Mandy was sat on my coat and I had to make eye contact but she looked straight through me I held out my arm for my coat and she duly obliged but then gave me a quick smile I kissed her on the cheek but I sensed she wanted more I grabbed the dogs lead and left through the back door like it never happened and looked back at the three blokes and MANDY.

I was still shaking when I got home and as usual the missus was fast asleep I could have been out all night but as I went to get my mobile out of my pocket I found a note….

It said …

‘’I don’t even know your name but whoever you are I need you again I have never experienced anything like tonight please phone me ….’’