Written by sue & dave

24 Sep 2007

Title:- Our First Accidental Swing

Dave & I have been happyly married for 25years,brought up 3 children,and although we were both

virgins when we met and later married,we have learnt the joys of sex together,through times of great

frequent sex, to times of little or even no sex at all.

Since the last of our children left home for uni,we have tried to spice up our sex life,with more

toys, and lingerie etc, and fantasy games where we act out each others fantasy situation,many of

them featured sex with another person or couple.

I told dave that I would never be able to share our sex life with anyone else,I am quite a shy

person really, and lack a little confidence about my appearance,so to our story:-

It was a cold day in november and our friend and neighbour cathy called to ask me if I would attend

a ann summers type party that saturday, and also help her to prepare everything on the day, I of

course accepted,cathy was 10 years younger than me and had nice long auburn hair, unlike me she

always took great care of her appearance, and dressed smartly,she was a confident person.

Her husband mike was more my age, tall, smart and quite handsome,he worked long hours, mainly to

keep cathy in some luxury,I must admit to picturing him making love to me quite often whilst dave

and I were having sex.

So to the day of the party,we had a great deal of fun unpacking and playing with, many of the disply

items delivered that day, dildo's, vibrators,anal plugs,and lingerie,and some slutty costumes too.

We chatted for a long while,and told each other all about our sex lives,and I mentioned we we trying

to spice up our sex life by fantasy games and new toys, to my surprise cathy said that they had

fallen into a routine in bed,same positions,same vibrator,and she wanted to re-ignite the lust they

used to have in the early years of their marriage.

Cath suggested that we could help each other,and maybe the fantasy of having sex in front of,and

with another couple could be a reality,we were so turned on by this talk we both grabbed a vibrator,

and we slipped off our knickers,and brought ourselves to a great shuddering orgasm.

As the 9 o/clock start approached,I began to be very excited and aroused at the thought of having

sex with our neighbours for real!!,I knew dave would be shocked when placed in that position, but as

he quite fancied cathy I did not expect him to refuse,anyway,during the party all us girls had a few

glasses of wine to break down our sexual inhibitions,and before long we got to know intimate details

of each others sex lives,the good,and the bad.

At the end of the party cathy and I were putting away some of the sex toys and lingerie passed

around during the night,when in walked my dave,and cathy's husband mike after having a few pints at

local pub,mike joked that we would not need a man anymore,as the selection of vibrating cocks on the

table would make men obsolete,we said nothing could replace a real hard cock,we both winked to each


Cathy suggested we could watch one of the porn dvd's that were on sale earlier,everybody nodded

nervously,she put on an amateur swinger title,closing the curtains,and turning off the lights we all

started to watch the movie,a little embarassed at first,but soon it was obvious that we were all

getting turned on by it.

We were all on their large settee,dave,then me,then cathy,then mike,dave was soon sliding his hand

up my jumper and cathy was rubbing the front of mikes trousers(now bulging),soon we were kissing

passionatly,cathy asked mike if he minded if she took off her top,he said he didn't,she removed her

bra,and exposed her small but firm breasts to us all,dave had a large bulge in his trousers by

now,he asked cathy if he could touch them,she nodded,dave looked at me for appoval,I nodded too.

I could not contain myself any longer and stripped down to my panties,mike moved in front of me and

began to stroke my large breasts excitedly,,mike sugested we could all go up to the bedroom,we held

hands as we climbed the stairs,we all stripped off having lost our shyness now,I began to suck on

daves hard cock,whilst he put two fingers into my wet pussy,we both kept glancing at cathy &

mike,mike was licking cathys pussy expertly,and she was moaning with pleasure,then she let out a

scream as her body shuddered to a climax.

Dave asked mike to do the same to me next,as cathy offered him a blow job,mike appeared between my

legs and began to use his wonderful tongue on my wet pussy,as waves of pleasure travelled through my

body I held daves hand,we smiled at each other as we saw the intense pleasure each of us was

receiving.Soon I felt an intence wave of pleasure fill me,and had the most exilerating orgasm of my

life,I let out a yell,then drifted off into an incredibly relaxed state,dave was now about to come

gudging from his heavy breathing,cathy senced this,and stopped the oral sex gently.

Swapping around,dave procceded to lick cathys moist love hole with an enthusiasam I had not seen

since our first year together.

I was longing for dave to fuck me now,I soon had my wish,he took me doggy style,and the thought of

mike & cathy watching us was a fantastically exciting experience,soon they were fucking too,(the

poor bed),now the moment of truth,cathy asked if we could now swap partners,dave looked at me

grinning like a cat finding a bowl of cream,I said try and stop us!!,mike laid me on the edge of the

bed,and pushed his lovely cock very slowly into my love tunnel,I gasped as he slid it in as far as

it would go,it was a similar size to daves cock,but it felt totally different,I wrapped my legs

around his waist and used then to push him deeper into me.

I glanced at dave,cathy was on top of him and riding him for all she was worth,as he was holding her

firm tit's in his hands,I don't know which of us moaned and panted the most,but soon mike whispered

to me he was about to come,I told him he could come inside me as I was on the pill,his face lit

up,and then his body stiffened and I felt a gush of his hot come squirt deep into my pussy.

Mike layed ontop of me for a while,and I could see dave was also about to come,cathy asked him to

come into her mouth,he nealt up infront of her and she slid her mouth rapidly up and down his

cock,dave held her head as his hot semen filled her mouth,she then swallowed every last drop.

Dave and I cuddled each other as we lay recovering from the marathon sex session,mike and cathy did

the same,we all agreed it was the best nights sex we ever had,but it wasnot over yet,after a rest we

all continued till almost dawn.