16 May 2018

Around a week or so after my episode with Sharon and Nadia my conscience was eating away at me and I decided I would tell my wife about our afternoon. She was not a jealous person and was always thrilled when I watched her fucking men and women at parties but I was still apprehensive about revealing all ! Anyway my fears were unfounded and she was keen to hear all about it. After taking it all in she said she would be keen to meet Sharon and Nadia herself. so I contacted Sharon and arranged to meet for a coffee again to sort something out. We met the next afternoon and needless to say we ended up back in a travelodge together again ! The thrill of the hotel room door opening with a naked BBW flashing a gorgeous smile had me rock hard right away and that rock hardness was quickly buried in Sharons smooth slippy cunt ! We fucked for another while and she finished me off with a sensational sucking taking my whole load in her mouth !

We discussed meeting my wife and she asked if we would mind her hubby coming even though he was not fully capable of achieving an erection. I said of course he would be welcome and the date was set. When we arrived at Sharon and Ray's house there were two other people this time Nadia and another man who was naked. He was young, no more than twenty twoish and very over weight but freshly shaved all over and showered. He had bigger tits than my wife (Mary) and had a sexiness about him Mary found quite attractive and wasted no time in touching his chest and private parts. Meanwhile I was talking Sharon again and telling Ray how wonderful she was, he replied by telling me to hurry up and fuck her !

However, Nadia had beaten me to it ! He had her bent over with her knickers pulled down and his tongue pushing into her bum hole so I took out my cock and offered it to Sharons mouth and felt her tongue all over the head right away. I then looked over to Mary and saw her and the young guy (Martin) in the ''69'' position with three of his fingers well inside Mary's pussy and Ray standing over them with precum running of the end of his semi hardon !

I withdrew from Sharons mouth as Nadia was fucking her pretty hard doggy style by this time so I went over and knelt behind Martin, moved him forward a bit and dropped my cock into Marys mouth and looked down at Martins chubby arse. I couldn't resist it ! I reached over for the lube, rubbed some on my cock and Martins anus and slipped in ! Mary was going crazy as Martin (all credit to him) really accelerated his tongue movement and gave her the most powerful orgasm while his arse gave me one !

We rested a while as the girls got it on, Sharon almost covering Mary's face with her swollen pussy. Mary replied with a fist halfway up her forearm buried in Sharons cunt ! The fun started again when Martin and Nadia put on a show for Ray fucking, rimming and cum swallowing. I noticed that Ray seemed to have a fairly good erection so I asked Mary to invite him to put it inside her but he declined saying Sharon's was the pussy he wanted most ! and quite rightly too !Sharon was delighted and had my cock in her immediately after ! Mary was a wee bit miffed in a nice way so to compensate Nadia. Martin and myself took a hole each and gave Mary three cocks.......she loved it.

Just before the evening ended Ray said he did not know that bisexuality could be such a turn on and asked if he could suck one of our cocks. Nadia was the first to offer and Ray did not hesitate and had it between his lips right away! He soon asked to be fucked. Martin duly obliged and Ray was hooked ! and wanted to arrange another evening for the following week !! Watch this space and I'll tell you about it !