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I have been told I have a dirty mouth, that is so impolite, I am just honest. Simon did that to me, I was such a nice girl. Then he taught me how good fucking can be.

I invited Ken and Tony to our bed. I was planning to be a slut. Three men, one cunt. Simon was there when I was fucked by 4, but I had to share them with June.

Tony arrived first, I knew he would fuck Simon. Ken arrived while we were talking. I wanted Tony as soon as he arrived but I wanted  them all there when we started. Simon answered the door. As soon as I knew it was Ken I pulled my long t-shirt off. Three pairs of eyes brighten.

"Who would like wine?" 

Ken was the only one without a drink. "Later, thank you.

"Then why are you all still dressed?"

They were not dressed for long. Things were just toasted away. Three men moved towards me. I felt three hard cocks pressed against me. Three pairs of hands all over me. I turned my head from one to another and kissed each in turn. I had never been surrounded like this, not standing.

"Who wants to fuck me?"

"We all do,'' Simon answered. 

I pushed them all away and went to the bed. I lay like a star. They started on me again. Simon ate me, I came. Ken ate me and I came again. Tony ate me, I came. All the time I reached for flesh to feel.

Then they fucked me. One fucked me, the others held me to the bed. I never wanted to escape but my body contorted with pleasure. They each had me three times, when I called stop. I was aching all over, I was worn out.

Tony and Ken lay on each side of me and Simon went for a tray of food and drink. 

"Well?" Simon asked.

"Well fucked, but I want more soon." I replied.

"You will get all you want." Tony confirmed.

"I hope you will get all you want." I said,

Tony looked at Simon, "we will." they said together.

I finally got my strength back and drank some juice.

I knelt on the bed. "I don't want to know who is fucking me."

The first cock went into my bum. The second in my cunt, I knew that was Ken, the last in my bum. Then my bum was being eaten. It was Simon pushing his tongue in. 

I turned over and looked at the three very pleased men. It was Simon who said they should tripple me.

I sat on him, and Ken slipped in alongside of him. Tony fed his cock to me, and I knew his balls were in Simon's mouth. When Tony came I kept it to kiss Simon with. He told me I was a dirty bitch. I knew I was. When Ken left me I sat up, Ken and Tony molested my tits as Simon left his cock juice in me.

Simon had me doggy and Tony fucked Simon. I know Ken was not Bi, but other men fucking each other did not bothers him.

I was fucked silly that night. They are the best three cocks in the world, well in my world. 

Written by Jane

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