Written by stax69

10 Oct 2012

You may have read the various stories by Di, Will, Joe ( my husband ) and myself ( Dawn ) on how we met at a club many years after our threesomes with Will. The four of us had a great time at the club and obviously we were all keen to stay in touch. The following week Di rang me and asked if we would like to stay the weekend with them in the near future. It did take a little arranging but a few weeks later we found ourselves driving up the motorway on the one and a half hour journey to where Di and Will lived. We arrived around about noon and they both were delighted to see us. Will and Joe had arranged to go to the match leaving Di and myself to go shopping. I was pleased at this as it allowed me to get to know Di a little better. As she pointed out. " So far I have spent more time having sex with you then talking to you. Not that I am complaining!" she added.

We arrived back from shopping late afternoon and sat around chatting in the living room over a coffee. She told me how Will's confession about our threesome opened up the whole area of extra marital sex to her. How at first she was a little shocked at the revelations by her husband and then how the whole idea of including others in their sex lives grew on her. Will, although a relaxed and laid back kind of guy, was eager to experiment when the opportunity presented itself. Her lesbian fling with her good friend Marie opened up that particular avenue to explore. " Got to be honest" I said to Di, " Joe would think he had died and gone to heaven if that particular scenario had presented itself to us first time. Will is one lucky beggar". " Yes, he certainly enjoyed that but so did I. Once I had experienced that first session I just wanted more and more." She went on to talk about the first time they played with another couple. " I didn't get the chance to be nervous. They were marvelous hosts and I was so much the centre of attention. The two lads were taking it in turns to face fuck or pussy fuck me and she had her hands and tongue all over me. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had that night." " Do you ever takes pics or video your sessions?" I asked " Not really" replied Di. " Joe is very keen on that side of it. We love to look back at what we have both got up to".

I went on to produce a memory stick from my handbag and Di got the laptop out. The pics of each session were neatly labelled in folders and Joe had done a good job on recording some of the hornier moments. " Oh, here's one you might like. James and Aki. He was on holiday with his Japanese wife. We saw their advert on a swingers site and met up". Aki was slight in comparison to me. Her small boobs contrasted greatly with my 36e's but as I explained she was certainly game and up for it. One pic showed Aki riding Joe's thick cock, her moist shaven pussy lips stretched to accommodate it while she greedily sucked on her husbands erection. " I took that one!" I said. " He does trust me with the camera every now and again". I could see that Di was fascinated by our album and and I must admit, reliving these sexy moments was turning me on too. " Tell you what Dawn, why don't we get ready to welcome the lads back? I am quite sure they would appreciate that" she smirked.

Minutes later we were undressing in the bedroom and putting on suspender belts and stockings. Well, I suppose that was as far as it went. Di began to stroke my boobs and I gently ran my fingers across the folds of her shaven pussy lips. She was wet, obviously having enjoyed the pics of our swinging escapades and moaned as I slid one finger and then two into her moist slit. Moments later she lay on the bed as I began to gently tongue her clit. She bucked her hips and moaned as I continued do this. After gently sliding three fingers in she was so obviously turned on that I decided to get my strap on out and give Di a good fucking. She lay on the bed gently stroking her pubic area and tweaking her nipples as I buckled the strap on. Di had a tube of lube in the bedside draw which she applied when I was ready and ( not that she needed too much lube ) and I slid into her. She gasped and then gave a deep groan. I continued to rythmically fuck her as my heavy jugs hung in her face. Di began to stroke and then eventually started to suck my nipples. This felt real good. I could feel Di's pussy juices running down her thighs and then onto mine as this continued for some minutes. Eventually, Di's beathing became shorter and shallower and then with a squeal she bucked into a huge orgasm.As she said, she isn't normally so noisy but as the climax roared through her she 'just let go'.

We lay there for a few minutes,me a little tired from my strap on work and Di slowly recovering from her deep and as she said 'knackering' orgasm. Then Di popped downstairs and brought up a couple of glasses of chilled wine. This was luxury. Lying on a bed in the after glow of great sex, chatting with a good friend. We both agreed that it was superb having tried and then taken to bi fun so enthusiastically as it added so much more to our experience. After a while, our hands began to wander again and before long we were kissing and caressing each other once more. Eventually it was Di's turn to use the strap on and before long I was lying back as she got to work on me.

We were in our own little world and neither of us heard Will and Joe return. Will called out and was half way up the stairs before either of us knew what was going on. Di looked over her shoulder, her strap on still embedded in my pussy as Will appeared in the doorway. " Joe. they are up here. I think you better come up too and bring the wine as well!" he smiled. " Don't let us stop your fun". " Don't worry you won't" we both chorused. Di continued and I closed my eyes momentarily letting the renewed waves of pleasure wash over me. By the time I opened them again, my husband Joe was in the bedroom doorway. " Hi darling, Having a hard day?" " I wouldn't say that" I grunted as Di thrust into once more. " I think things will be getting harder later" smirked Will. We carried on almost oblivious to our husbands. Joe had his trusty camera with him and with Will and Di's permission began snapping away. After a while I felt the beginnings of a huge orgasm welling up in me. It must have been a combination of Di's skillful fucking and also the visual impact of seeing both husbands ( who were by now naked ) wanking their hard cocks as they stood by the side of the bed but I felt as if my head was going to blow off. I seemed to be tingling for ages after this.

After a few minutes and with me slowly recovering, Joe sat next to me on the bed. He pecked me on the cheek asking " Been up here long?". Both Di and myself laughed. " Haven't got a clue" I said. " Time flies don't you know" said Di. " Will are you going to do anything with that or what?" she said to her husband who was lazily wanking his erect cock as he sat on her side of the bed. " That's what passes for a lady's 'excuse me' in this house Joe" Will said with mock world weariness. Di lay back on the bed next to me, as her husband slowly began to fuck her. She gasped once more as he slid his cock into her and I took that as my lie back encouraging Joe to fuck me too. The atmosphere in the room was electric. Di and myself lying back as our respective husbands fucked us. It was so horny yet felt so natural. After a while we swapped partners, as Will rubbered up and began fucking me, as I watched my husband do the same with Di. Will was really turned on and after a while he began to tit fuck me. I cupped my generous boobs smearing lube on them as well to enhance his experience. As he was getting closer to 'the brink' I started to suck him off and brought him off all over my face. The first jet of spunk shooting across my forehead and into my hair before the next few found their place over my nose and greedy tongue and mouth. It may be slutty, but I adore facials.

Will climbed off the bed and I sat up. Di by now had my husband on his back as she began to suck and wank him off. " Can I help?" I asked in a very stagey accent. " Be my guest" responded Di half laughing. Will had grabbed Joe's camera and was busy clicking away. In the pictures I look a right slut. Will's spunk dripping off my face as I helped Di suck Joe's cock. At one point she is snapped licking her husbands spunk off my face as I sucked Joe. This was all too much for Joe who ended up wanking a huge load over Di's face and boobs. Both myself and Di lay back well satisfied although looking a little bit dishevelled. " Wow! That was good". " Mmmmm" added Di. We went to clean up as the lads went downstairs to be later joined by us. The sheets on the bed were a mess stained with spunk, pussy juice and sweat, but soooo worth it.

It was still only early evening and after a few drinks and a light meal things took there natural course again and we eventually crept off to our respective bedrooms in the early hours of the morning absolutely exhausted and sexually worn out. The following morning, after a lie in and breakfast Joe went through the pics from the night before. A good move or a bad move who knows, but we all ended up fucking like rabbits once more before Joe and I headed home knowing it wouldn't be last time we would enjoy their company.