Written by Greg

21 Dec 2008

We had a great time on holiday the experience with the waiters had been mind blowing. It was our last day on holiday and I wanted to make it special and take my wife out for a splash up dinner.

We sat around the pool and I told her to go up to the room and get herself ready for the evening, I like the idea of her preparing herself for me and surprising me with her outfit. I had a drink at the bar and took a couple of cocktails up to our room.

She was just getting dressed, she had a black plunge bra and pantie set and delicate strappy high heels. She was finishing her make up, pink glossy lips and dark smokey eyes. She took my breath away.

I sat on the bed and watched her, there was no conversation just an electric sexual energy in the room. She walked over to the wardrobe and took out a simple black jersey dress with a wide scoop neck and a low back finishing at calf length, it just pored over her, she looked at me and smiled.

I quickly showered threw on some jeans and shirt, ready in ten minutes.

We walked into town, I felt like a million dollars with her on my arm. After being there for a week we were well known by the traders and waiters, we were made to feel special, I know it is all an act but it really works and they know it.

My wife suggested that we stop at the bar where she had been with the waiters, I must say I was a bit surprised but we ordered a drink. The waiters seemed to be off duty but they came over and cuddled my wife and giving her a kiss on her lips, they sat at our table uninvited and flirted with her for about ten minutes and left. I felt like a spare part but I was trembling with excitement to think what they had done to her and they knew I knew. My wife looked at me and said \'you don\'t mind me talking to the guys do you?\', I said \'of course not\'. I know, weak as hell but I couldn\'t help myself.

I suggested we went for dinner, she said good by with the usual kissing and suggestive touching. I could see how familiar they were with her. We had a great dinner and walked back along the strip pasted the alleyway they had taken her. She said she would like to stop for another drink at her bar, I agreed (surprise!) and we got through two or three. She stared into my eyes and said \'how about I go up to the bar and speak to the waiters and see if they are up for some fun\'. Well, my mouth was dry my cock was hard and I could hardly sit still. She got up and slip across the floor to the bar and was immediately gobbled up by her Turkish waiters, they were laughing and touching her shoulder and rubbing her legs, I could see a hand go between her legs over her dress and squeeze the inside of her thigh.

They chatted and got up and all walked over to me, my wife bent over and whispered into my ear \'thought we could make our way back to the hotel, you don\'t mind if I bring my friends along with me?\'. Predictably, I said \'sounds interesting\' (great line!).

We walked out, the men had their hands all over her even as we walked along the street. As we approached the hotel down a dark secluded section they took it in turns to snog her and rub her tits in front of me, my wife was a very active part of the game I had never seen her like this before.

We walked up to our room and entered the room which just had a large double bed and sofa with an en-sute bathroom. She looked at me as if to say \'this is your last chance to stop this\', I just stepped back sat on the sofa and watched it unfold.

They were both sides of her kissing her neck and lips running their hands over her breasts and squeezing her bottom. The whole thing just made me dizzy I felt like I was in a dream and would wake up. They seemed so experienced, they knew what to do with her and she was very responsive. They led her over to the bed, they were talking in their own language and laughing. They laid her on her back and climbed each side of her. One started kissing her and unbuttoning her dress the other was unzipping and he got out an amazing thick cock that was standing proud, it was very dark like my said. He pushed up to her face and pushed it against her lips, she opened her mouth and took the helmet and sucked. She was very skillful, little kisses and using her tongue across the head and down the shaft. The other man had opened her dress and was sucking one of her tits that he had popped out of her bra, his hand was high between her parted legs and fingering her cunt inside her panties which managed to make her cum.

They swapped positions and the one that she had been sucked removed her panties and got between her legs and started wiping his penis along her opening and rubbibg it against her clit, she was having a great time and was showing it. He inserted his cock and started trusting in and out of her cunt which was very wet, I could hear the liquid sound as he went in and out. She was sucking cock the other end, when she could breath. The men were so good at fucking her they seemed to know all the right thing to do, they were firm with her just taking what they wanted and manoeuvring her into the position they wanted but she was really getting off on it.

They turned her onto all fours and roasted her for what seemed like an hour taking turns to swap entry into her. She had cum probably a dozen times and they were both near to loading her up. She took her first load of Turkish spunk from behind, he took ages to finish off in her then the other man took his turn moving her onto her back and slipping between her legs. She was so wet and creamy he unloaded into her cunt making her cum again.

They rolled off her and chatted between each other kissed her and left, they looked at me on the way out and smiled. I sat there for a moment and went over to my wife it looked like she had been drugged just completely out of it. I told her how incredible it had been for me and she said she was glad and she had enjoyed it too. I undress got on top of her slipped my cock into her gaping hole and fucked her through the spunk that had been left by the Turkish men, it felt amazing.