Written by Ian

8 Apr 2013

This continues and concludes what happened on our boat holiday in France with our life-long friends Jenny and Bob – with whom we (my wife Jan and I) have been swapping partners – see previous story posted 4th April 2013.

The four of us had been invited to stay for a couple of days at our friends Dick and Angela’s villa outside Carcassonne, and take a short break from our boat trip along the Canal Du Midi.

After a splendid evening – lots of good food and wine - we had retired to bed, but I had insisted on sleeping with Jenny in their bed, while Bob took Jan to our bedroom. We had agreed that Bob and I would revert to our proper bedrooms before breakfast, as Dick and Angela were unaware of our swinging.

After some passionate fucking Jenny and I fell fast asleep, the wine and love-making meant our bodies needed some rest.

There was a gentle knock on our bedroom door, “Good Morning, I have brought you some coffee and croissants.” Angela’s voice drifted to us from outside our door.

Before I could wake up properly, the door opened and in came Angela carrying a tray.

“I thought you could both use some coffee this morning after last night’s drinking.” Angela was busy putting the tray on the bedside table. Having placed the tray carefully, she looked at our bed and her face froze in shock, her eyes wide.

“Oh!” was all Angela could say, for Jenny and I had both emerged from under the quilt and were looking at her. The silence was deafening. Angela turned and hurried from the room; Jenny calling after her “Thanks, Angela, sorry to have given you a shock.”

“Shit!” I had woken sufficiently to know that this was not what any of the four of us wanted.

“What are we going to do now?” Jenny looked at me as if I had the answer to our problem.

“I don’t know, we must have slept late, I was going to go back to Jan before they were up and about. I suppose Jan and Bob are still asleep.”

“Should we warn them?” Jenny was now very concerned. Before we could move, we heard Angela’s voice again on the bedroom landing – she was telling the others she had left a tray of coffee outside their door. I could just make out Jan’s thank you call in reply.

“Well, Angela is obviously a fast learner,” I whispered, “and we now know the others are awake, but probably only just.”

Jenny jumped out of bed, naked standing in front of me, “I’m going for a pee, you pour the coffee.” She disappeared into the en-suite.

I quickly poured the coffee, and opened the en-suite door, “I need a pee too, so don’t take too long.” Jenny was in mid flow sat on the toilet, and I watched as she finished. She was not self-conscious at all, and smiled at me as I watched her. “Now my turn to watch you.” She laughed as she stood and made way for me. I stood, pointed my semi-erect cock at the loo and pushed a strong stream into the bowl. “Happy?” I enquired.

We washed hands together bent over the sink, and then quickly brushed our teeth to get rid of the garlic from last night’s meal (I used Jenny’s toothbrush after her), and returned to bed to drink our coffee.

As we sipped our coffee Jenny once again wanted to know what to do about Angela. “There’s nothing we can do.” I had thought about it. ”Let’s just leave it for the moment, but one of us needs to have a quiet word with Angela without the others hearing. Don’t say anything to Jan or Bob for the moment, as I don’t think they know that Angela saw us, for all they know she did the same with our tray as she did with theirs – left it outside the bedroom door.”

We ate the croissants, and finished our coffee. “Time to go back where I should be.” I bent over and kissed Jenny – pushing my tongue into her yielding mouth, and tweeked her left nipple.

“Hurry, then – I need Bob to fuck me before breakfast – so hurry and make sure he isn’t filling Jan with his cum.” Jenny crawled under the quilt.

I crept, as quietly as I could, out of the room and across the landing, gently tapped on their door and went in. Bob was standing at the side of the bed, Jan was on her knees in the bed, sucking on his proud cock. “Morning, Ian.” Bob grinned at me as I walked towards the bed.

“You’d best get back to Jenny sharpish.” I said. “She wants you to fuck her before breakfast, and will be mighty upset if you can’t.”

“Right.” And Bob eased his cock out of Jan’s mouth, “Sorry Jan, got to go.” With that he was gone.

“Never mind Dear, suck mine instead.” Dutifully she did.

I looked at their tray, no coffee left, so after a quick coupling, we showered, dressed and went down to breakfast.

My mind was still racing, trying to evaluate the situation. While the four of us had happily been swapping partners since that Gite holiday, we were not hardened swingers. Rather, we were close and long-standing friends who shared our love-making. It had taken a lot of careful planning and coaxing by Jenny and Bob before Jan eventually succumbed, and there was no way Jan would entertain fucking anyone other than me or Bob. I was less sure of Jenny, but although she had obviously been turned on by knowing that Dick had a very large endowment, that was a long way from Jenny actually being prepared to fuck him.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, but Jenny tried to act normally and struck up a conversation with Angela and Dick, and things then seemed to move back to a more normal setting.

We discussed how to spend the day. Bob was keen to take back some local wines, and Dick said he knew just the place – a small family vineyard a few miles away. Dick had to go into town to get a water pump for their well fixed, and offered to drive those who wished to visit the vineyard, drop us off before going into town. He said he could pick us up again after he had got the pump repaired, which would give us plenty of time to explore the wines on offer, etc.

After further discussion, it was agreed that Bob, Jenny and Jan would go, while I preferred to stay and enjoy the villa and gardens.

An hour later, they drove off leaving Angela to prepare the dinner for that night – our last night with them. I took a stroll around the villa and gardens, what a lovely setting, with their flowers much advanced with ours at home, and the sun stronger and warm.

Having explored most of the site, and feeling thirsty, I returned to the kitchen to find Angela busy preparing food and cooking some pastries.

“Any chance of a glass of white wine?” I asked.

“Of course, you’ll find an open bottle in the fridge. I’ll join you in a glass.” And Angela indicated where to find some glasses.

I poured two large glasses and handed one to her. She was wearing a summer dress, yellow floral patterned, and with a gathered low cut bust – almost like a German Bier Keller waitress.

“So, how long have you four been swapping partners?” Angela looked at me as she sipped her wine.

“I’m very sorry about this morning, we never intended for you to see us and find out.” I was now quite nervous.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Angela was now wearing a mischievous smile.

“Well, it all started two years ago when we were on holiday at a Gite. Jenny and Bob set out to make it happen, as Jenny wanted some fun before she got too old.”

“I must say I got a shock seeing you in bed with Jenny, where Bob should have been. I must admit that since then I cannot stop thinking about it, and imagining you all having fun.”

“I am sorry if you disapprove, but there’s no harm in it really, we are all adults, and it hasn’t spoilt our marriages. In fact, our sex lives have improved because of it.” I explained, and it was true, all of us had enjoyed better sex with our own partners since that holiday.

We both drank more wine. “Will you tell Dick?” I asked.

“Oh no, Dick will never know, at least not from me. He’s not really interested in sex anyway.”

“But, I thought he had been blessed with a large cock.” I was puzzled.

Angela looked at me, “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts.” She paused for a moment, then continued “Dick lost interest in sex a long time ago, sadly.”

“Oh. Sorry to hear that.”

Angela finished her wine, and went back to the sink to carry on preparing vegetables.

I sensed Angela was a little envious of our fun, and stood behind her at the sink, not quite sure of my ground. “Does that mean you’re frustrated?” I spoke softly as I put my hands on her waist.

“Maybe, I haven’t been so wet for a long time.”

I could not believe what Angela just said, and envisioned her pussy lips juicing.

“Let me see if you are wet.” And I slowly moved my hands from her waist pushed them under the hem of her dress, and put them on her thighs. Angela’s body gave an involuntary start, but she didn’t stop me. My hands reached further, and I was surprised to find no knickers, she was naked underneath that dress.

Slowly, my fingers explored her soft skin, moving to her bum, and then inching to her crack. She sighed, and shifted her stance, her legs were now further apart, and I found her sex - wet, juicy, and flowing over my fingers.

I gently stroked her labia and ran two fingers along her slit.

She dropped the kitchen utensils, and grasped her hands on the sink to steady herself.

My fingers opened her lips and entered her slit; she leaned forward and pushed her bum out affording me better access to her pussy.

“God, that’s nice. Don’t stop Ian.”

I added a third finger, and pushed as far as I could. “Mmmm, that feels so good.” Angela murmured, as I gently worked my fingers in and out of her wet snatch. My cock was now rampant inside my shorts.

“Let’s get more comfortable, shall we?” I wasn’t a question, and I removed her hands and turned her around. Our mouths met, and we kissed, her lips yielding to my tongue.


“Conservatory.” Was all she could say, and hand in hand she led me to the small conservatory on the side of the villa, a suntrap with two loungers.

“Are you sure?” I didn’t want to say it, but felt obliged to offer her the chance to stop now.

Angela didn’t say anything, but quickly unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall. I was wrong, she wasn’t naked, as now she was standing before me in just her bra. We kissed again, and I felt her hands on my shorts, undoing the clasp and pulling the flies down. Without breaking our kiss, she deftly pushed my shorts and pants down, my cock rebounding and standing to attention, pushing on her tummy.

I reached around and unclipped her bra. She shook it off, and I had her ample breasts in my hands, warm and soft. I could feel her nipples hard under my hands.

“Dick and the others won’t be back for another couple of hours.” She had a gleam in her eyes, and she knelt and took my erect cock in her mouth straight away, no messing about, in her mouth it went, she took it all the way down.

I stood there in the sunshine, admiring the view of the top of her head, as she eagerly fed on my penis, her hands working my bum cheeks. She continued for some minutes, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long, so eventually pulled her up and said “My turn now.”

I stepped out of my shorts and pants, pulled my shirt off and led her to one of the loungers, and she lay down, splayed her legs over sides, and there was her pussy shining wet at me. Angela’s bush was trimmed and not hairy, and I soon had my lips on her labia, with my tongues prodding into her slit. She responded to my administrations, she couldn’t keep still, but gently moaned and moved her head side to side. “Yes, more, please.”

Another two minutes of licking and sucking and teasing her pussy, and Angela reached her first climax, bucking and squealing softly.

I let her rest and recover for a moment, and looked at her, naked before me. Her breasts were as good if not lovelier than I had many times imagined, large brown areola, her nipples hard and erect, her ample tits, now splayed wide, milky white below her tanned cleavage line.

I bent over her, and sucked on her left nipple, while massaging her right breast. Angela loved this, her nipples were obviously sensitive. I sucked some more, then switched to her other breast; enjoying the feel of her with my tongue and teeth.

I stood up, and she looked at me “What now?” Angela asked.

“I want my cock between your lovely tits. Please?”

She climbed off the lounger, sat sideways and wrapped her bosoms around my member. It was heaven, the sensation of her warm bosoms around my cock is something I will never forget.

My juices were rising and I gently pushed her back on to the lounger, climbed on top and hooked her legs over my shoulders. She guided me into her lovely pussy, I put arms tightly around her and our mouths opened for each other. I fucked her in hard strokes, urgently fucking this woman who I had wanked about so many times. Sadly, I couldn’t last long, and came, Angela pulled me close pulling me as far into her as she could.

Then, I was spent, I rolled off her, and fell on to the floor. Angel laughed, and sat up. “Are you OK?” She asked.

“Yes, better than OK. Thank you, that was so special.”

“Come here, let me clean you up.” And she took hold of my now relaxing cock, took it in her mouth and licked and sucked all her juices and my semen clean.

“Now we both have a secret to keep.” Angela smiled.

Sorry this was so long, but I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and re-living such a special memory.