Written by Jon

13 Jul 2009

First thing for me to say is that we are not really swingers. We sometimes talked about it when it had been on the TV but it was never really a fantasy that my 37 y/o wife Kate liked, where as I did. I had often imagined her slightly prudish and very private ways being cast away by her having wild sex with another man she couldn't resist. I mean, she used to get enough attention off other men, being 5ft 8" tall, slim, long brown hair, beautiful eyes, long toned legs to die for, and firm pert breasts despite having a child. But she was never flirty with other guys much to my disappointment (except one I'll explain later). Now I'll try to shorten the background here but it is necessary to set the scene and the situation we found ourselves in or at least I did. I wish you can continue reading my story until it reaches its climax.

Whilst I say she was slightly prudish and private she had bared all on two occasions on a nudist beach whilst on holiday abroad (after much persuasion), gone topless many times (mostly after persuasion and because lots of other women did), visited a strip club with me (when she was really drunk), and has worn some incredibly sexy outfits such as very short skirts and tight tops with no bra underneath. Further to this, she is regularly completely shaven as she doesn't like hair on her body unless its on her head! Unfortunately most of this was in the first three or four years of our relationship (when she was in her late twenties / early 30s) and before our child was born. Over the last 3 years our sex life had been incredibly poor, in fact some would argue that it was perfectly good grounds for a divorce or playing away. Sex happened only once in maybe 2 months at best and then it wasn't the long marathons with plenty of sexy talking and foreplay I used to love, it was more a quick fuck to give her an orgasm or for her to make me cum in as quick a time as possible. It was all very disappointing and in some ways upsetting for me because I kept thinking that my wife no longer wants me, is not attracted to me anymore, etc. Now I'm no ogre at 6ft+, toned/slim, latin colouring, and averagely handsome and by no means have I let myself go at 36 y/o. So you're probably thinking she was having an affair right? but I was pretty sure she was faithful to me since there was no way she would have the time or opportunity to have an affair. She had just gone off sex with me and didn't feel sexy anymore I suppose.

I tried all kinds of things from romance, massage, doing more than my fair share of chores to de-stress her, gifts, and so forth but to no avail. There was no pleasing her and I just concluded that she wasn't interested in me anymore. Whenever I brought up the question of sex she would jump down my throat telling me how tired she was and how bad a day she had. Yet she still found the time to go shopping, see her friends, watch the TV, ad infinitum. When she went out I know this was all genuine. "Not again" she would say when I brought it up. It wasn't as though this was a daily question but only one that I raised about once a month which I thought was reasonable.

Anyway, back to the chase. I'd pretty much given up all hope of having a good sex life again until one weekend when something totally out of the blue and character happened that would change things for ever.

We had gone for a night out on a Saturday to meet up with some friends - quite a few in fact. Some were couples and some are singles. I think there was about 10 of us in all. It wasn't often that we went out drinking with friends - perhaps once every 6 weeks when we could find a babysitter. Kate was wearing a short flowery and flowy summer dress with strappy silver shoes. She had had her long hair coloured with blonde highlights and curled at the hairdresses during the day. She looked stunning as she often did and looked nowhere near her true age. Perhaps looking 30 at most.

That night we met up with everyone in one of the Whetherspoons pubs in town and the drinking soon started. Pub after pub and lots of catching up with friends made for a really good night and it wasn't long before we were all really drunk. We chatted between ourselves and our friends and my wife was having a great time and seemed very happy. As time went by friends started to peel off because they were either too drunk to continue or decided to go for an Indian. Neither I nor Kate fancied an Indian after having a couple of big meals in the day so we just carried on partying. It was about 1.30am and we were in no rush to get back as our child was staying at grandparents. There were just Kate, me, Lanny, and another couple left in the club - pub. I danced with my wife after she dragged me on the dance floor. She was feeling my arse and it felt good I was getting some attention from her. I returned with a squeeze of her bum and a fondle. I could feel her g string in my caressing and it felt "bobbly". I instantly knew what it was. It was a majorcan pearl thong I bought for her a year ago whilst on holiday there. She had pulled her face at the time I gave it to her and said that I must be joking. She had never worn it until now. I didn't say anything but was very very pleased. I could feel an erection growing. Perhaps she had decided to give it a try to boost our flagging sex life? If so it seemed to be working - or it could also have been the alcohol.

We left the dance floor and went to the bar where Lanny was alone. The other couple had decided to catch up with the others at the Indian as they were now getting the munchies. Lanny was a really nice guy, very pleasant, attractive from a woman's point of view, and incredibly fussy when it came to women. He was totally none threatening to women also. No big ego and no pushiness. He had only ever had 3 girlfriends and the longest relationship was about 3 years. But all 3 girlfriends and the odd one night standers had been stunningly attractive and often much younger than he was. He was 36 where as they were often in their early to mid twenties. Kate got on well with Lanny which reminds me that early on in our relationship she asked Lanny if he wanted to come back to ours and stay in the guest room. She had said playfully that she would "tuck him in" and a bit flirty all night. He was a bit embarrassed at the time and declined the invitation. This was one of the things that got this itch in the back of my mind about swinging and how I would love to see her take pleasure sexually from another man.

Kate soon wanted to dance again and I said I'm ok as I dont really like dancing. I told her that Lanny would dance. He protested but she already had his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor. They danced separately mostly but occasionally she put her arms around his waste. He was a complete gent and didn't make any moves or return the gestures except once when she grabbed his hands and put them firmly on her arse. She clamped them there as Lanny protested whilst she laughed.

Finally the three of us ended up in a taxi on the way home. We were going to drop Lanny off first when my drunken wife surprised me by asking if he wanted to come back to ours for some more drinks and play on the Nintendo Wii. I chipped in and said "yeh why not come back". He did and it was the biggest pivot point in our relationship.

It wasn't long before we were over the threshold and pouring more drinks. Kate slipped off her bra whilst Lanny had nipped to the loo. She said it was digging in her back. So now my gorgeous wife had only a pearl thong underneath the flimsy and short summer dress! This was going to be fun I thought.

It wasn't long before we were playing the Wii. Lanny and Kate were playing the boxing one whilst I sat on the sofa. It was so much fun in more than one way. Whilst playing the game her flowy dress would rise and fall and occasionally I'd get a perfect glimpse of her perfect pussy and ass parted by the glistening white pearly thong. I had a hard on whilst I sat on the sofa. Both of them were laughing hard at the antics and I soon swapped with Lanny. He got on to the sofa and I just know he must have had a real eyeful of Kate's "shaven" pussy and pearl thong.

I was a little too drunk and doing badly on the Wii where as Kate was doing well, beating me. She is much fitter than I am. At one point her D cup sized right boob popped out of the dress and she didn't notice for a few seconds. When she noticed she blushed and popped it back in, turning to Lanny laughing "I'm flashing my tits now!". Lanny said "thats ok with me but its not the only thing being flashed". She stopped playing and turned to Lanny and asked naively what he meant. He said "you have no knickers on!". She blushed and said "oh my god could you see my arse?". Lanny nodded. She said "oh well I don't care. I'm too drunk to care. Besides that I do have a g string on". Lanny said that he couldn't see one. With that and totally out of character (but boozed up) she lifted the front of her dress exposing her pearly thong that delved between the labia of her perfect pornstar shaved pussy. "There" she said and put her dress back down. Lanny said he didnt have time to look and with that she did it a second time but this time pretty much in front of his face and held it up for a few seconds longer. I was shocked and so was Lanny. Her pussy glistened slightly with wetness around her small labia. "Did you get a good look?" she said and laughed at Lanny. Lanny looked across to me puzzled and I just shrugged my shoulders. He said "yes, that was sexy".

Soon the conversation turned to the pearly thong. Lanny was kind of inquisitive and not afraid to asked women questions about sex. I think it got him off. He asked if it shafed or hurt and what it felt like. She told us that she had to keep adjusting it to get it comfortable and yes it was turning her on as it was "rubbing on her clitoris". Lanny asked if she had had an orgasm tonight whilst wearing it? She gave him a playful slap on the arm and said "no" but it was turning her on and confessed that she had to go dry herself a few times in the ladies! She completed the statement by lifting up the front of her dress again, hooking her thumb under the pearls, and popping it out of her slit. "Thats better" Kate said "it was too intense where it was resting". We both got an eyeful. I was in shock and awe and well hard by this point. " Stop looking you pervs " she added as our eyes popped out.

I thought that this was now or never. I'd get no other time like this and I had to seize the moment. I just had to. I started by pouring more wine. Kate had already poured her own. I switched the Wii off and put some music on. "Yeah, are we dancing" Kate said slightly slurred with a giggle "I love dancing. Lanny is a good dancer.". I said go on Lanny dance with Kate. He said he was ok and he doesn't like dancing. She dragged him up into the middle of our large living room anyway. The music I had put on was some slowish late 80s songs. Our favourites. She put her arms around Lanny's waist and started swaying to the music. Lanny did the same. "Hmmm" Kate said whilst squeezing Lannys arse "you have a firm bum". I felt a little jealous at this point and confused. It was really strange to see her flirting so openly in front of me. Still, my hardon overode those feelings. The dick does the thinking! Lanny groped Kate's arse and he told her that she had a firm bum too. She edged in closer to Lanny, pulling him towards her. Their bodies were touching each other and Lanny had an erection that was pressing against my hot wife. Kate noticed and jokingly said "whats this? we're only dancing.". She was teasing him now and Lanny was embarrassed. He said that he better sit down and he did.

Kate tried to drag me up but I said no and that I was far too drunk. "So am I" she said "I'll dance on my own then." which she did. Me and Lanny were getting a show as she twirled and gyrated her boobs popped out twice and we saw up her dress at least 5 times. I told her jokingly to stop it as she was giving us hardons. She came over to me and danced provocatively in front of me as I sat on the sofa. She said "imagine I'm a stripper" laughingly with a cheeky grin. She bent over in front of me and caressed the dress over her now hard nipples before straddling me. She gyrated on my lap thrusting her boobs in my face. Cheekily I unzipped the back of her dress which feel down from her shoulders revealing her pert tits. I was hard as a rock as my wife's slit slid over the bump in my trousers. She seemed not to care about the dress and closed her eyes and was rolling back her head before pulling back and standing up. Her dress dropped to the floor. Jesus this was hot. I was going to shoot my load any time.

I said "what about Lanny? Does he get a dance?". "That's were I'm going now" she smirked. With that she wandered the two paces across to Lanny and gave him a show - naked apart from her pearly thong that well and truly disappeared into her blushing wet pussy. I wondered how far she would go. Is it just exhibitionism or is it going to get better? Beforehand if someone would have told me that this was going to happen I just wouldn't have believed them and would have settled for this point for sure. But now was now and the raging testosterone pumping my manhood to epic proportions was damned sure that it wanted more action.

Kate gyrated on Lanny's lap as he squirmed. She had a big smirk as she took complete control of Lanny. She pushed her tits closer and closer to Lanny's face smiling as he tried to turn his head away. She rubbed them against his face, her nipple brushing the edge of his mouth. "Go on Lanny, give em a lick" I laughed but only half joking. After a few more thrusts in his face Lanny did lick them and suck on one for 2 or 3 seconds but it seemed like an eternity to me. Lanny looked a bit embarrassed and looked across to me. I nodded my approval and gave a sly wink. "Did that turn you on Lanny" she asked him. He sheepishly nodded. Kate looked at me and said "did that turn YOU on?". I said yes. What else could I say. The song had ended and my effectively naked wife was stood by the fireplace pouring another glass of wine for herself. She stood facing us as she sipped. Her firm breasts and shaven pussy on full view. "Do you like it" she said gesturing to her body turning her self a quarter turn each way. "You're sexy and super fit" Lanny said. I agreed. She smiled and said thanks and paraded around a bit more.

"Now its your turn" Kate said as she jumped down on the sofa between us nearly spilling her wine. Good job its white I thought! We asked what she meant and she said "dance for me. I danced for you now its YOUR turn" she said sternly in tone. I said "ok I'll go first" since I knew there was no way Lanny was going to do it first. So like a prized fool I jiggled and wiggled in front of my wife fumbling the buttons on my shirt while she whistled and clapped. I was soon down to my boxers and the hardon I was forced to carry round with me quite evident with a small wet spot drawing attention to it on my white Kelvin Klones (that's what they were called - a Christmas present from my mother from the market I bet!). I gyrated in front of Kate before sitting on her lap pushing my erection against her chest. She was laughing hysterically. "Off" she said "get em off". I complied pulling them down exposing my erection. It sprung out like jack in the box, all 7 inches of it I'm quite proud to say. I clumsily kicked off my boxers as she was beckoning me over. "Hmmm big boy" she said and groped my dick as I sat on her lap doing my best at a Chippendales impression though looking more like a Chaz n Dave impression. She was wanking me as she gazed into my eyes. "Oh my god, oh my god, great grandma great grandma who used to smell" I thought hard to prevent myself from exploding all over her. My wife made me turn around so I was sat facing away from her as she continued to wank me pulling back my shaft as far as it would go making the head swell and go deep purple in colour. She suddenly stopped and pushed me up off her. "You're next Lanny" she said. I sat down on the sofa as Lanny took a long drink before getting up nervously. "Come on then" she ordered. I couldn't resist and started a slow wank.

Lanny tentatively stripped and danced. He was even clumsier than I. This seemed to make Kate laugh and smile even more. Finally he was bare. I couldn't believe that my wife was now looking at another man's erect cock especially after having ordered him to strip for her. Lanny's cock was about the same size as mine. May be a tad smaller but thicker. Not that I spent that much time looking as I am straight you know. Kate beckoned him over as Lanny's cock swung side to side in front of my wife's face. She was sat with her legs wide open, Lanny dancing in front of my wife. Juices were flowing from her pussy, her lips were parted and clitoral area was puffy, pink, and swollen. This is it I thought. This was confirmed by the Phil Collin's that was playing. You know the one... "Tonights the night owhhh ho". I couldn't help but chuckle at the serendipity.

Kate made Lanny sit on her lap with his swelling cock head dribbling precum on her firm tummy. She was looking at his cock swaying her head to get a better look in the half dimmed light of the room. She looked across at me as if to say "do you want me to? or can I?" I'm not really sure which of the two. I nodded and said "its up to you but I'm ok". With that she began massaging Lanny's cock whilst she commented on comparisons with mine. Lanny was completely shaven where as I just tend to have a short trim. She held it now with both hands as Lanny squirmed and looked flushed. She pulled his foreskin right back with her right hand and circled his cock head with her left hand, tracing her long manicured white nails over it. I was wanking feverishly at this point and was getting close. "Do you Lanny's cock?" I asked. She just said it was ok. Clear Precum oozed from Lanny's opening and stuck to Kate's finger tips. "You're all wet Lanny" she told him and half looked across at me for further approval or torment. Lanny moaned as she continued to lubricate the end of his cock with his own precum. Lanny reached down and started squeezing Kate's hard dark pink nipples. Kate whispered something in Lanny's ear that made him moan louder, his eyes closed as he did so. She lifted her wettened fingers and put them in Lanny's mouth forcing him to suck his own precum from her fingers. She was in total control now of the two of us. We were simply sex toys. That's what we were to her. And I loved it.

With that she brought Lanny closer thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth tasting another man's cum I thought. The salty taste must be on her tongue. God this was sexy. After a few tens of seconds of french kissing Lanny broke off and turned to me saying "Are you ok with this" as Kate was still wanking his cock as he talked. I said "yes, what do you think" with my rock hard cock in hand. "Are you ok sweetheart" I said to Kate. "Yes" she replied and pushed her tits into Lanny's face for him to suck. He did. He did so greedily. Tonging the end of her nipples before devouring them. God, my wife was having her pert tits sucked and massaged by my mate. Her nipples were hard and incredibly erect.

"What do you want Lanny to do to you now ?" I asked Kate inquisitively. "Anything" she replied before returning to french kiss Lanny. Lanny took the cue and his hand moved between Kate's legs and started to stroke her wet pussy. Kate moaned and she slowed the wanking of Lanny's cock, distracted by the new pleasure. This went on for a few minutes before Kate got up and quickly pulled off the pearl thong and threw it to the floor and regained her position straddling Lanny to continue the kissing and mutual masturbation. She let out a sharp moan as Lanny's fingers penetrated her sex. I sat closer. Right next to Lanny to watch from a better angle as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper into my wife. "Stop" she cried breathlessly "youre making me cum". "Let him make you cum" I said hornily. Kate was pushing down and thrusting onto Lanny's fingers then suddenly he removed them forced her on her feet then sat her down. She spread her legs wide for him, her pink pussy dripping wet and juices running down the inside of her thighs. Lanny resumed finger fucking my wife and went down on her clitoris. He licked and circled it with his tongue whilst feverishly fucking her with his 3 fingers. Kate started shuddering and began to reach a climax. "Kate. KATE!" I said "look at me, open your eyes and look at me while he makes you cum". Kate's eyes opened, she looked at me, her face taught with ecstasy , then she started to scream in pleasure. I couldn't stand it anymore and put my cock into Kate's mouth and received the most incredible suck I've ever had. Her hand clamped my cock and hard wanked it like it was a broom handle. The picture on her face and look in her eyes as she was being fingered and licked by another guy to an incredible orgasm was amazing. It was second to none. I came in Kate's semi closed mouth that was around my cock, unable to resist as her orgasm by another guy peaked. She swallowed all of my cum gulping it down greedily. This was only the second time she had done this for me.

I sat down from my previous kneeling position my mind racing and what was happening and had happened, started to dawn on me. In the cold light of day and not fueled by a raging hard on I felt strange. Lanny was still fingering and sucking as she hit her second climax, eyes closed this time, in amongst the squelching noises from her normally tight pussy. I felt jealous and cheated but for some reason I was still enjoying this almost as much as Kate was.

A few moments went by as Kate's twin orgasms faded. Lanny slowly worked his way up from her ravished pussy over her tummy to her breasts. Kissing and nibbling her body as he went. He kissed her neck but didn't kiss her mouth which still had my cum around it. "Cum for me now" she told Lanny. She reached down and caressed his semi hard member until it was rock solid again. "Kneel across me" she said. Lanny's wet cock was only 6 inches from my wife's face. Kate looked at me and asked if I wanted her to suck it. I didn't know what to say and ended up just nodding like an idiot. "you sure" she asked finally whilst she gently wanked him. "Hmm" I think I mumbled. With that she pulled Lanny upwards and closer as she sat reclined on the sofa. She started by licking his cock head gently. His precum oozing and sticking to the tip of her tongue leaving a string of clear sticky fluid connecting my wife's mouth to another cock. I could feel myself get harder again. She licked down his hard shaft to the base of his balls before putting one of the shaven lumps into her mouth. Then she worked back up to the tip, slowly, very slowly. Lanny's eyes were closed and he kept muttering "its so good, its so good". Kate had a cheeky smile. "Do you want me to suck it for you Lanny?" she asked - a stupid question really. "Oh god yeh" he whimpered. Kate looked at me straight in the eye as she devoured Lanny's cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her bright pink lipstick marking his cock when she withdrew it. Slowly she sucked down on him at first and worked faster and faster. Was this my wife? The wife who wasn't keen on giving oral sex? She started to go faster now, sucking, wanking, and playing. Lanny blurted out "I'm cumming. Oh god I'm cumming. You're making me cum you sexy bitch." "Cum then." Kate said "but not in my mouth". Phew! I thought she was going to suck him dry and swallow his cum. Another man's cum. My cock was hard again by now as you can surely imagine. "Cum on my pussy" she instructed to Lanny. In a rush Lanny dropped onto his knees on the floor and Kate edged herself forward. Lanny wanked himself feverishly whilst Kate opened her lips with her fingers using both hands. Oh my god I thought. "Rub it on my clit" my wife demanded. Lanny did. The wet precum oozing cock head was circling Kate's clit. Lanny slid his bulging purple cock head up and down Kate's slit as she watched intensely. Occasionally his cock head would half disappear into her gaping love hole. Kate was moaning now and moaning very loudly. "Cum for me Lanny. Cum on that pussy" she gasped. Dirty sexy bitch I thought! Lanny CAME. Thick oozing spurts of white cum shot all over her slit and exposed clitoris and dripped onto her gaping opening. Kate reached down for Lanny's pulsating cock and rubbed it furiously on her clit despite Lanny's cock starting to soften. She came with an almighty shudder arching her back and thrusting towards Lanny's helpless dick. I watched her cum covered pussy twitching and doing something I had never observed before... squirting clear liquid all over Lanny. I pushed Lanny aside and entered my wife with my cock pushing a multiple orgasm out of her before I shot deep into her despite not having any birth control or protection. I then collapsed on my wife whilst she stroked the back of my head lovingly.

It was ten minutes before anyone spoke and it was Kate who said she was wet and sticky so she disappeared off to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up. Me and Lanny just stared at each other completely taken aback by what had just transpired. When Kate came back down wearing a silk nighty the conversation was awkward and it wasn't long before Lanny decided to go. When he had left we spent the next hour fucking hard with me reminding her of what she had just done with Lanny helping to bring her off again. She had told me what she whispered to Lanny. She had said that she wanted him to make her cum and that she would give him a blow job if he did!

So it's really never too late nor is it a "never will happen". It's just a case of the right place at the right time with the right people and enough booze. Although there is a little more to it than that. It turned out that Kate had been checking out some of the websites I'd been visiting which included swinging. She had known about this for over 12 months and had never confronted me, choosing instead to bottle it up and thinking about who she would like to have sex with. She had decided that at that particular moment and being as drunk as she was - she always says she was drunk when I bring up what went on - she thought "fuck it" and to give it a go. She told me that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and our love making has been boosted - having a new lease of life. Only one other thing since then has happened but it's another story for another time.