Written by Anonymous

28 Dec 2018

After the first time with my friend John, Emma started to take much more interest in sex with other men, and she even started taking an active role in selecting her next boyfriend. We had joined a swingers’ site, and anyone who has done this will know there can be a lot of frustrations. Emma didn’t seem to mind though, she said the first time had been someone she felt comfortable with, and the next time she wanted someone she felt uncomfortable with.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when her next boyfriend turned out to be a guy with a big cock. I have called him a boyfriend, because it sounds better than a fuck buddy, but I know that Emma only wanted him for sex. She had really bought in to my idea of sharing her, and she even started referring to herself as a hotwife. She said she didn’t want to cuckold me as she didn’t feel comfortable with abusing me, but she knew I always wanted to be there to watch. She said I had been the one to introduce her to sex with other men, something she would always be grateful to me for. She said that when I reclaimed Emma after she had enjoyed a lengthy session of sex with her boyfriend was as important to her as it was for me.

Anyway, the first ‘stranger’ Emma had sex with was a guy called Tony. I refer to him as a stranger because we met him through the swingers’ site, although she spent quite a while getting to know him first. Although she was immediately attracted to the pictures of his fat 7 inch cock on his profile (I am only 5 ½ inches and average girth) she said she wanted to get to know him first. We met him for a drink a couple of times before Emma decided she felt comfortable.

Once Emma had decided she was ready to go further, we left Tony to finish his drink, while we went round to the local Travelodge to get a room and then text him with the room number. We had decided we weren’t ready to invite Emma’s boyfriends to our place yet, if we ever were. Although I had seen the photos of Tony’s cock on his profile, and the thought of my wife being stretched by him really turned me on, the reality of it was a bit different.

I started to get quite concerned how he was prodding his weapon against her entrance, probably because the noises she was making were not of pleasure, but when she raised her knees further, she seemed to have achieved the right angle, not to mention my position at the end of the bed. The first time I watched Tony penetrate my wife felt very special. Her grunts as he prodded away at her turned to a long gasp as her labia spread wide and she grabbed hold of his shoulders and buried her face in the side of his neck. Watching your wife’s pussy being plundered by a big cock was truly awesome.

Not surprisingly, there were several more times with Tony. I think I would have liked to see them doing it bareback, but safe sex was one of the golden rules we had agreed at the outset, so I didn’t feel I should suggest otherwise. After the first time, Emma said it became easier to accommodate Tony, although I did notice the difference when I reclaimed her afterwards as she always felt slack. It didn’t seem to matter though, when I was the one who was allowed to cum inside her, something that was reserved for me, her husband.

As I say, Emma continued to see Tony for more than 6 months before she decided she wanted to move on. She said she could easily become too attached to Tony, and she wanted the excitement of a new boyfriend. She then had several boyfriends in succession, each one lasting only a couple of months. The frequency of her meetings with her boyfriends had increased to more than once a month often.

One guy I particularly remember was a married guy who was 20 years older than us, and had a disabled wife. It was probably his added experience over the young guys she usually went for that made him so memorable, for Emma as well as me. The sight I particularly remember was of Emma laying on her back with her head thrashing this way and that, while John ate out her pussy. Emma said she particularly enjoyed his oral skills, as he seemed to readily understand her needs in that department.

Watching my wife suck John’s cock was also memorable as he seemed to be able to exercise endless control. She even slipped a finger into his arse one time, something she knows I enjoy, and the look of surprise on his face was amazing. She said “I bet you weren’t expecting that” and they both laughed, slightly nervously in his case I thought.

Emma continued to see John for several months before she decided she wanted to move on to someone younger. No matter how many lovers she had, our basic ground rules remained the same, so we both knew we could rely on each other. Emma never suggested I should not be there when she met her boyfriends, she always used protection, and I was always there to reclaim her immediately afterwards. If anyone ever suggested they dispense with the condoms, I knew she would always say no, and that would probably be the last time she would see him.

The point at which things started to change was when we had arranged to meet a guy, having allowed him to select the location, which turned out to be a ‘men’s pub’ and he didn’t turn up. You know the sort of place, where lots of men drink alone, so I felt the need to stay close to Emma, to avoid every guy in the place crowding round to chat her up.

It had become apparent that her date was not going to turn up, and Emma made eye contact with another guy. I am trying to keep these tales short and sweet, so the details will have to await part3.