Written by netsub2

22 Jan 2011

Loving Wives: Husband finds stranger on internet to have sex with wife

On a chilly November evening the two sat at a small corner bar waiting for dinner. Diane’s husband, Mike was supposed to call around 7:30 to let a person named Joe come to meet them. She wondered out loud if they should wait to eat. Was he expecting to meet for dinner?

“I didn’t talk about dinner,” Mike replied between bites of food. Guys were great this way. Many women had to plan and orchestrate an evening, anticipating what people would want and expect. Most guys just figured if dinner hadn’t been mentioned, it wasn’t included in the plan; simple enough. She sipped her beer. There was a Wild Hockey game on. Dinner arrived. He made the phone call. His conversation sounded very loud.

“Yeah, Joe, we’re here, just getting some food.” Pause. She ate her breaded fish. Looked around to see if anyone else noticed how loud the conversation seemed. She imagined everyone knew what was being discussed. Up until now she half anticipated that he wouldn’t show, or she would back out. She could still back out, she reckoned. “I’ll be in a yellow cap. We’re sitting at the bar.” Conversation ended. Food finished. She noticed there were no empty seats by them and suggested they move to the end of the bar, closer to the door. How many people would have guessed they were planning on having sex with a stranger?

Diane and Mike made idle conversation while waiting. She saw movement behind her, as someone sidled up next to her husband, hands in pockets, relaxed, like they maybe already knew each other. “You two must be the Kerrigans.”

“Yeah, I’m Mike.”

“I’m Joe.” The two shook hands

“This is Diane. Have a seat.” Mike motioned to the empty seat beside her. Yep, just old friends meeting for drinks, she mused; her husband in his yellow cap and she in a short black skirt, textured thigh highs, black fashion boots, size B breasts enhanced by her shelf bra, nipples visibly outlined under her shirt, no underwear, and collar around her neck-nothing at all unusual about that-right? Without heels, she stood about 5’ 5” and was about 140. She exercised regularly and had good muscle tone. Diane had inherited her not petite bones, slight spattering of freckles from her Norwegian ancestors. She inherited her stubbornness from both German and Norwegian lineage.

Joe settled in the chair next to her. Raising her somewhat full glass she asked, “Should we go now? I don’t really want to chug this.” When meeting someone with whom you may have sex, does one just hop into the closest vehicle and take off, racing madly through the night?

Relaxed and confident, Joe replied, “Don’t chug it.” He placed his hands on his thighs, and sat back further in the chair. Evidently we don’t immediately take off. She relaxed a bit. Her husband had his arm around her chair.

He ordered a Coke. They had Pepsi. “Pepsi’s fine,” he said. She liked what she saw. Joe had an easy smile, short styled black hair, good looking; not a big man, average in height. She thinks he had brown eyes. She never really paid attention to eye color. The color of someone’s eyes had never been a deal-breaker. She liked that he was fine with pop. Many people, who don’t drink, sit nervously at a bar, as if they couldn’t wait to get out of the place. She mentioned she was nervous.

“We’ll take care of that,” he said with an air of confidence and a shrug of his shoulders, as if to say, “No big deal, it’s all in a day’s work.”

Actually she wasn’t nervous in the “get me out of here, now” sense. She was nervous with sexual anticipatory heat. That was it, she was in heat. She nestled against her husband, feeling safe. It’s now or never, she thought, letting her instincts take over. This would change their relationship, in some fashion. If this happened, there would be an added dimension to their years-long marriage. They were secure in their relationship. They had sexually experimented since they began dating. The two had progressed from having sex whenever they wished, to planning it out during child rearing days, to now, once again, having it whenever they wished. They were empty nesters. They had come full circle, she had concluded. She was his sexual submissive and felt safe and secure. She loved him immensely, and sex had been one of their common bonds. Sex was great with him. But she knew he had fantasies of seeing her be used by someone. She had fantasies about that too. She didn’t know how many photos of her were floating around the internet, didn’t have control over it, and wasn’t too concerned. That made her wet, the not knowing. She would like to see him with another female as well, but wasn’t sure how she would feel about it. She wasn’t sure how he would feel about this; although he said he was ready. Her husband sat calmly and confidently next to her.

She sipped her beer. They exchanged general “where are you from?” information. She liked to know where people were from. Did he ski? Stuff like that. Feeling her growing wetness, Diane kept her legs crossed. She and Mike had grabbed a quick and heated morning fuck session. She was still a bit heated from that. She nestled a bit more into her husband’s embrace. It felt good having him there.

“How do you get to your house from here?” Joe asked.

Her husband started giving directions. Joe suggested she ride with him, to navigate. The ease with which she accepted the offer baffled her, but it just seemed most logical.

“I like the picture of you decorating the tree,” he said, after some casual talk about general news. This was in reference to a photo of her decorating a Christmas tree, nude, which her husband had posted on AFF. He listened patiently while she described how she and her husband had snuck in some fooling around time, when their son stilled lived at home.

He casually touched her knee. “I like your nylons.”

She kind of laughed at that, saying, “You guys are so easy. One time my husband and I were out at a bar, and I was wearing a skirt and fishnets. Some man stopped to tell my husband, ‘she’s wearing fishnets.’” Her husband had replied, “Yes I know.” Joe chuckled at that. Fishnets and a skirt and guys were impressed; pretty simple, really. All the while, she knew she was wet, surprised that she was this turned on at the prospect of having sex with someone she didn’t know, and that her husband would be joining in some capacity; either to help move things along, or watch.

He had already told her that he expected her to suck Joe’s cock, without a condom, but anything else would be with a condom. She had shivered at that information. It sounded so lewdly naughty.

Back at the house, her husband got the fire going. She lit candles. She sat down on the couch, not sure what was expected, and not wanting to make the first move. The three formed a lopsided triangle in the family room.

“I like your collar.” Joe said.

“Some people don’t know how to take it,” she said with a wave of her hand. Conversation dwindled. She began petting their dog.

At this point, her husband made two short steps over to her, took her hands, and stood her up. He gave her a very gentle reassuring kiss. The three were all about 5’ 5” or so. All were average in bone structure builds.

“Take your shirt off.” He said. She did so without hesitation, leaving on her black thin camisole. Her husband stepped back, as if inviting Joe; who walked right over, and gave her a very sweet and gentle kiss, slipping his tongue tip around hers. She responded, knew she was breathing deep. Wow, this was really going to happen.

The three then sat down, and her husband said to Joe, “Take off her other shirt.” Joe did so, leaving her in a shelf bra with nipple nooses on. He seemed to approve, as his hands ran over her breasts.

He slipped his hand under her skirt and found her clit. “You don’t have any panties on.”

“I didn’t wear any.”

“She often doesn’t wear them with skirts.” Her husband explained. Joe fingered clit, and then he knelt down to lick her. She rolled her head back, reaching for her husband’s cock. She hadn’t noticed when he had taken off his clothes. She was thinking she really should have undressed him. She began rubbing his cock as Joe licked her clit and pussy. She was in heaven, breathing shallow, “I really should be sucking your cock,” she said as she maneuvered off the couch and began sucking her husband’s cock. She took him deep like she knew he liked it. It was always a challenge to her to take him back in her throat, but she always tried. She turned to see what Joe was doing, and saw his cock. It was already erect, thicker and longer than her husband’s. He had a cock ring around his balls, and another ring at the base of his cock.

“Wow.” She said, rubbing her hand over his hard cock. She had never seen a cock ring in use. It made his cock intimidating, but she sucked him in her mouth, trying to get it to the back of throat.

“MMM. Don’t make me cum, girl.” He muttered.

Things moved really fast from here. At some point her skirt was removed. In a shelf bra, thigh highs, and black fashion boots, she sucked Joe’s cock while she felt her husband’s cock thrust into her pussy. They all changed positions and she sucked her husband’s cock. Joe fucked her from behind after putting on a condom. She had a couple mini orgasms, which were difficult to convey while her mouth was filled with someone’s cock. She found sucking a cock while being fucked from behind more challenging than she thought it would be. She felt she couldn’t keep a good rhythm with the cock in her mouth, and one in her pussy.

The three took a couple of breaks. There they were, three people sitting on a couch; two naked guys, with an almost naked woman between, who had a hand on each cock, discussing various topics.

“Do like you like your nipples pinched?” Joe asked as he tweaked her right nipple.

“Yes. This one’s inverted.” This was quite obvious. She had a tendency to state the obvious.

“I noticed.”

“What’s this?” she asked, as she ran her hand over his smooth balls and rigid cock, sounding naïve, asking the obvious. She really meant to ask what it was all about. It looked painful.

“It’s a cock ring. It delays the inevitable.” He patiently explained. It kept him hard, and delayed ejaculation; how handy was that?

“Here, climb on,” he said as her helped her settle onto his cock.

She fucked Joe while he sat on the couch, riding him. She remembers seeing her husband next to them, watching, approving. She smiled at him. She didn’t cum in this position. She rarely did, but it still felt good. She moved off him to take a rest. She was sweaty. She sucked her husband’s cock, feeling him grow hard in her throat as Joe entered her from behind.

She heard him say something about her ass.

“She has had some anal.” Mike said, adding, “nothing that big.”

“We’ll save that for next time.” Joe said as he plunged into her. It felt so good having a cock in her pussy, while she sucked her husband. It wasn’t long before she had another orgasm, squealing around her husband’s cock. They all took another rest. Joe removed his cock ring and sat down next to her. His cock, out of the confines of the ring, was less intimidating. She ran her hand over it, comparing the differences.

“Ready?” Joe asked.

She knelt in front of him. She sucked him in her throat, taking him back until she could feel him in the back of her throat. He got hard quickly. She sucked each of his balls in her mouth, then ran her tongue from under his balls, up the length of his cock, and then sucked him all the way back. She did this several times.

“Get on the floor,” he said with a husky voice. She did so. Her husband moved from the couch. Joe went to his coat and got a condom. She lay on the floor, her knees up, legs apart. Her husband moved to the kitchen, where he could easily see into the family room. She reached for Joe, as he knelt down. She raised her hips, urging him in with her hands, and enclosing her arms around his back as slowly penetrated. She still could not believe this was happening. The lewdness of the situation made her hotter. He went into a plank position, and pumped into her, in a wonderful, steady rhythm. She adjusted her hips to take him deeper, lifting her legs up, doing mini lower abdominal crunches - and sweet jesus, that – is – the – spot, she thought.

“Yes. Yeah. Oh god! Yeah, fuck me, fuck me,” she panted, trying to match his rhythm without throwing off his pace. His breathing came deep and steady, panting into her shoulder. She could feel his orgasm approaching.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she cried again, thrusting her hips up to meet his, her pussy clenching with orgasm. His panting became more feverish, as he came, resting his weight on her, while he took deep cleansing breaths.

“Wow. That was pretty hot.” Her husband said as he came back into the room.

Joe deep a couple more thrusts, her pussy seemed to involuntarily clench in what she referred to as post orgasmic aftershocks.

Mike gave her a hug, saying, “I knew you would like it.”

She didn’t feel horrible, or guilty for enjoying this fuck with a stranger. She was actually proud she had been able to let herself go.

Two Saturdays later; however, she was in full slut mode. The prior evening, she had murmured that she wanted to be fucked. Mike had cradled her, as he told her, “sex will not happen tonight. I expect you to be ready at 4:30 for whatever I want tomorrow. You need to be in a skirt, shelf bra, thigh highs and no underwear.” The manner in which he had delivered this statement had made her catch her breath. What did he have planned?

Saturday, she kept herself busy. She cleaned, and put lights on their recently purchased Christmas tree. After showering, paying special attention to shaving her pubic area and legs, and dressing appropriately, she was sitting on the couch. She and Mike kissed. Standing before her, he unzipped his pants, and she sucked his cock. She was shivering with sexual need. This 4:30 appointed time was highly unusual for them. Mike pulled his cock from her mouth and went upstairs.

He returned with her black leather leash; which she rarely wore.

“What’s that for?” She asked stupidly; since she was the one wearing the collar, it was quite obvious. Mike said nothing as he clipped it to her D ring, sat her down on the coffee table their son had made in high school shop class, blind folded her, and pushed her down in the wooden surface. It was a sturdy table. On several occasions, she had danced for Mike on it. Mike propped her feet up on the table, exposing her pussy. He loosely tied her waist to the table. She felt the last of any resolve slip away, letting her instincts take over. Diane wasn’t the slipper fetching type, and did not cater to Mike in any other way; except sex. She enjoyed his sexual dominance over her; actually craved it.

The fire was going, the music was playing. She sucked his cock until he was hard. He fucked her with a 10 inch life like dildo. She was so hot, she came quickly, and she was ready for more. She heard his cell phone, which she knew he answered. This was very unusual. The past couple of days she had noticed more cell phone activity, and he rarely used his cell phone during sex. She forced herself to remain calm. She didn’t say anything. Mike made sure her knees were up, exposing her pussy. She smelled of sex.

When she heard the front door open and someone come in, she softly muttered, “Oh shit.”

“Lady Madeleine” came on their kitchen i-pod. She settled deeper into the pillow beneath her neck. This singer from the 70’s was her favorite. That man was, and still is, a nice tight package of talented, sensitive masculinity. Diane contemplated her options, as she listened to the sounds of clothing being removed. She could end this. She could easily get out of the light bondage. Her hands were free. Her legs were free. She could remove the blindfold. That would ruin everything. Like two weeks ago, it’s now or never. She stayed where she was; not saying anything; waiting.

She sensed immediately that this had to be Joe. Anyone else would have been exceedingly too much. Mike would certainly know this, she reasoned.

Hands began roaming over her. Mike gave her a deep gentle kiss. She could feel his mustache. His hands roamed over her breasts. She felt another pair of hands running up and down her legs, and a tongue running from her ass to her clit, and settling there. Mike mouth fucked her. She couldn’t really suck cock in this position, as she didn’t have much leverage. She raised her hands, and fondled Mike’s ass, cupping his balls while he fucked her mouth. The tongue on her clit and pussy was heaven. She was on the verge of orgasm in minutes.

The two changed positions. As the stranger fucked her mouth, she knew it was Joe. He had the same clean smell she remembered. She could here the condom foil. She ran her hands over his ass, and cupped his smoothly shaven balls; felt the cock ring, certain this was Joe.

Joe stopped to put on a condom. Mike came up to her, giving her another deep kiss, the slipped his cock in her mouth.

No one said anything. There was just a crackling fire, music, and heavy breathing. Even their dog was quiet.

She lifted up her hips and Joe’s hands reached under her ass cheeks. Her hands reached out for him. Joe entered her slowly, resting his cock against her g-spot, and giving her little thrusts. Her hips responded, her pussy clenching. Again he thrust into her. Her husband was pushing down on her shoulders, which shoved Joe’s cock further into her. Say what you will about a good dildo; there was absolutely nothing better than a real cock pounding into her. She exploded in one of many loud orgasms. The only thing that would have quieted her down would have been concerned noises from their dog.

Joe rested a bit, and then put her legs over his shoulders, raising her up higher. She knew what was coming; glad she had thought to prepare for it. His cock found her ass opening, and gently began to push into her. She was so relaxed, she easily took him. Mike had anally fucked her on several occasions. She would never beg for this, nor would she tell him no. Anal sensations were something she had yet been able to explain. Joe went deep. She could feel his cock go as far as he could; however far that was. Diane reached for Mike’s cock, and began massaging it; reassured that he was there. She did not orgasm from this; although she had sometimes in the past. In this area, too, she far preferred a real cock as opposed to an unresisting butt plug. When she and Mike did this and his cum exploded in her ass, she would reach orgasm. It always seemed perverted.

Joe was panting heavily. She was beyond words. Mike was breathing hard behind her. Joe put on another condom.

“It’s been awhile. How’ve you been?” She asked. Reaching out, her hands found his. She heard him chuckle a bit, saying something she could not understand. He fucked her some more. She wanted him to cum. He stopped and moved up to her mouth. She licked his very hard cock. He did not have a condom on.

“Get off the table, on your knees, and suck him off.” Mike gruffly said. She hadn’t realized the rope had been removed, as she rolled off the table, onto her knees and sucked him into her mouth, deep into her throat, gagging a bit.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” Joe asked. While it was nice he asked it wasn’t necessary. It was the least she could do. With him still in her mouth she tried to nod.

“I’m going to cum.” He said. And he did. Having cum down her throat was always challenging. She really had to force her muscles to relax, but gagged a bit anyway, as she swallowed his jism.

When he was done, he leaned his hand on the coffee table, saying, “Whew,” or something like that.

She got up, removed her blindfold and said, “Merry Christmas.” Corny-sounding, she knew, but that was the way she felt.

She then went over to Mike, to suck his cock. He hadn’t cum yet. She licked his balls, and ran her tongue up the length of his cock, and sucked him back into her throat, pumping down on him. She knew it wouldn’t take him long, and it didn’t. She needed him to cum too. She swallowed every drop. Male ejaculate is salty, and she didn’t care for salt, but swallowed none the less.