27 Sep 2017


please read the above the last posting.

Well its Tuesday night 2240 and he [ Pablo ] is still here slowly fucking Carol .

Carol invited him around on Friday for just one night she wanted me to watch her getting screwed by his large cock, me I couldn't wait to it happen. On the Friday I went into town to the local sex shop and purchased some remote controlled Chinese balls crutch less knickers and nipple tassels also a quick trip to M/S and purchased a full length housecoat with a zip from the neck to just below the knee . I took these home and told carol that I wanted her to wear the knickers and put the tassels on her tits[ 34gg ] under the housecoat. I told carol that I would insert the Chinese balls before he arrived o we could have a bit of fun together. Pablo arrived right on time at 1930 and shook my hand on entry and kissed Car feeling her tits at the same time , it was then that I pressed the remote on the balls , this caused carol to gasp out loud and she went weak at the knees, she looked at me and said I love you terry. Carol was dressed in tight jeans and a very tight white knitted top at made her tits look even bigger , we all sat down and had dinner all the time Pablo couldn't keep his eyes off carol watching her every movement .During the meal I would occasionally press the button again making carol squirm in her seat and her breathing became very heavy again I pressed the button , lifting her head backwards carol sighed " oh my god am so horny " Pablo I need your black cock now ."

With that carol got up and said am off to the bathroom to get myself ready for you my bull , upon her return she was wearing the long housecoat which completely cover her but showed off her curves to perfection, walking over to me she placed the balls on the table and I said 2 don't think I will be needing these now ".the look on Pablo's face was one of disappointment , he said " carol babe I thought you would have worn something sexy for me ". Carol had her back to Pablo and looked at me and said " remember you wanted to share me well tis is for him and he's staying in our bed tonight and you in the spare room, Pablo at you ready for me " Yes he replied good cause I ant to fuck me very slowly then really hard tonight in front of my husband before he goes to sleep in the spare room , then am all yours when he's gone to do has you please " anything he replied yes anything you want to do I will do it ", with that she looked me in the eyes and started to un zipped her housecoat " this is what you wanted isn't it Terry you wanted me to fuck someone else " al the time her eyes never left mine the zip was now pulled down to her waist , her big 34GG tits came into view her nipples were covered with the black tassels I had brought he that day. Still her back was towards Pablo , lowering the zip further she told me that I can only touch her while she's fucking Pablo only if he lets you I replied "anything darling for you anything .

now her housecoat was fully open revealing her body to me , tits with tassels on show and crutch less black knickers only she looked fantastic, she then told me that she was going to turn around to face Pablo and that I should open her coat to reveal what she's got on under her coat and say something to Pablo to get her off otherwise I wont be able to watch and join in . So I ensured the coat was closed, turned carol around, with my hands around her waist I said " I know you have had carol in the past but tonight you can have her white pussy if your a good lad do you want to " yes man he said with that I lifted her coat up to show him her knickers , and what about her big tits do you want them too.

part 2 to follow