11 Jun 2018

If you have read any of my previous epistles you will realise I am a long time swinger who has had two wives in the lifestyle and a partner with whom it was just a sexual relationship but with genuine affection. I would now like to recount a very early encounter in my swinging career with my first wife Christine. Christine was always highly sexed and a straight screwing soon became a bit frustrating for her so we quickly graduated to anal, outdoor and risky sex in shop doorways ! (there was little tolerance for that in the law at that time). However she became bored with that too so we bought a VCR and started making our own movies. They were very exciting to watch, seeing myself cum over her face, tits and pussy really turned us on ! I even got to watching them alone and wanking myself off !

One evening after a very hot fucking and dildo session while watching one of our videos Christine said she would like to star in a movie with a group scene with men and women. I was still horny at the time and said if she sucked me off right now I would agree to it ! Her mouth came down on my cock right away and with her skills in that department she was gagging in no time ! We decided that it would be an adventure and made plans to go about it.

All we had to do was find some willing people to join us and that was going to be hard as this was pre internet days and swinging was not as common. So I went out to buy a contact mag from our local private shop and when I took it to the counter the girl there asked if I was a swinger and did I have a partner, '' not yet I replied but my wife and I are very interested''. ''Well'' she said '' I maybe able to help you there. She went on to explain the she and her boyfriend ran a swingers group in Edinburgh close to where we live and would we be interested in coming along next Saturday night. She assured us there would be no pressure and that no meant no. Without asking Christine I said yes right away (I think the size of the girls tits made up my mind for me). We exchanged fone numbers and she (Janet) said she would contact Christine later that night.

Janet rang about nine pm and she and Christine spoke for ages about what goes on at a swingers night. Christine must have liked it because as soon as she'd come off of the phone she had her soaking pussy in my face and had me lick till she was satisfied ! She told me all that Janet had told her then as soon as she had finished telling me I turned her over and emptied a huge load into her bum hole !!

When Saturday came around we were going crazy with anticipation and when we arrived at Janet and Bills' we were ready for any thing. We were warmly welcomed and sat down with a drink and Bill was eager to tell us about he and Janets adventures in swinging. He sat with his arm around Janet and was soon putting his hands into her blouse and teasing her nipples. Those gorgeous tits with the tips between Billl's fingers were getting not only me horny but I could see the look in Christines eyes, she was gagging for it so I slipped my hand up her skirt and pushed two fingers into her soaking cunt and knew she was more than ready !

Meanwhile Janet goes down on Bills throbbing cock and sucking like fury, she turned to Christine and asked if she would like to try it ? It was huge and very thick and I could see Christine was eager to get going so I said to her '' slip your lips round that'' she did ! but not the lips I thought ! She had slipped her knickers off and went over and straddled Bills lap, sighed, stood up and dropped down again. She then leaned back and groaned with pleasure, a few seconds later she lifted her feet and put them up on Bills knees then parted her legs. I looked at her crotch to enjoy the sight of that huge cock buried in my wifes cunt but It was obvious she had taken that member up her arse ! I could see the soaking wet pussy gaping at me and decided to fuck it but Janet beat me to it and had her face pressed hard against it and I could hear her slurping at the swollen clit. Christine was screaming in exctasy !!! Janet then pushed her fingers between Christine's soaking cunt lips and eventually her whole fist disappeared up Christines pussy making her moan with delight!

By this time I was going crazy but Janet helped me out by taking my cock in her shaved cunt doggy style while she fisted my beloved ! I thought to myself what a video this would have made ! The cum was pouring out of me into Janet and just as it was, Bills cock was slipping out of Chrisine's arse dripping cum all over the carpet ! Wow I thought I needed a break but the girls were still high as kites Bill and I just sat back and watched the show with his cock in my hand and mine in his and all the while I was wondering how quickly Christine took to bi-sexuality and how easily I was to take to it myself but that's another story,