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My First Swinging Club

"and how three men had me"

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You know how I started swinging. Now I will tell you how I went to my first club.

Kim had been before and she took me one Saturday. We changed in the locker room and went into the club. I was very nervous, "If you're hit on and you don't like them just say no thanks. If you like them we can fuck them together."

"OK, can we hit on them?"

"Are there any you fancy?"

"Him in the corner."

"O, yes, you will enjoy him. He is Bi, he has never failed me. Would you like another?"

"Can we have just him to start?"

"Tony, this is my sister Joy. Joy would like to play with you." Kim said simply. 

"Hello Joy, very nice to meet you. I have not seen you here before." Tony said as he stood up. 

"This is my first time."

"What would you like to do?" I must have looked confused, I wanted to fuck him.

"Shall we try the swing?" Kim asked.

"That sounds interesting." I commented. 

Tony shut the door and took my towel off. He never groped me, he did kiss me. Kim dropped her towel, Tony revealed his hard cock.

"Sit in the swing and lay back." Tony instructed. He lifted each foot and placed  a loop around it, then asked "Would you like your hands restrained?"

"No thank you."

His hands began to glide over me, Kim stood the other side running her hands over my body. Tony licked my firm nipple and blew on it, I tingled.

"I don't know who is the most beautiful, you or your sister" Tony reached for my pussy, "perfect breasts, smooth pussy,  full lips."

My legs were held open by the swing. Tony took advantage and probed. 

"You kiss very well."

I was beginning to feel very nice and relaxed and in anticipation of far more. Tony moved and kissed my pussy. His muscular tongue played with my bean. 

"I told you Tony was good." Kim reminded me.

Tony brought me to orgasam, I reached for Kim and pulled her to me. She kissed me. Tony stood up and Kim started to play with my bean. I grabbed the chains holding up the swing, and felt Tony push his cock into me. He began to thrust, each thrust pushed the swing away from him. As the swing swung back his cock retreated, as the swing swung away from him again he thrust forward again. His timing was perfect. I was soon cumming again. Kim was running her hands over me. Tony came and stepped back. Kim started to play with my pussy again. 

"Would you like some more?" Kim asked.

"Yes" I answered as I came again. 

Tony started licking my pussy again. Kim opened the door, if you want to fuck my sister show your cock. Kim was naked as she selected men. I was rising from pleasure to extirsty and back again. 

"Do you have condoms?" Kim asked. 

"Yes" a stranger said.

"Give him a blow job Joy."

The man offered me his cock, I sucked.

"Do you have condoms?"

"No" another man said.

"Eat Joy's cunt."

The stranger took Tony's place. He was not as good as Tony but enjoyable. 

"Do you have condoms?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then you can fuck her. The rest of you can wank and watch."

Tony came back to my side and looked down at me like a benevolent God rewarding me for my devotion. I could not see what Kim was doing but I knew she was sucking cock. For just a moment I had a wave of guilt as I realised I was fucking a man who's name I did not know with another lined up, my  best friend was giving a blowjob to a man who had eaten my pussy and a dozen more strangers watching. Then my guilt was replaced by another wave of pleasure, then another and the man came and left me.

"Fuck her." Tony instructed the first stranger. He did. He fucked me and I enjoyed his cock. When he came I knew I had enough. 

Kim and Tony helped me down and I lay on the bed. Kim kissed me and felt my pussy. "Did you enjoy your fucking?" Kim asked.

I nodded. 

"Lay there and rest."

Kim climbed on Tony and took her pleasure. 

We went to shower and sat in the hot tub. Kim and I took Tony to a private room and shared him. 

Written by Joy

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