Written by Mal

6 Feb 2018

I posted a tale on SH a while ago entitled ‘Out of my league’ about how the break-up of my marriage led to my becoming friends with a very up-market lady, whose husband was not giving her what she wanted, and I started tending her garden, amongst other things. After a while, I realised that Leanne’s husband, Steve, had cottoned on to what was going on and he seemed comfortable with it, to the point where he was happy to go out for a while when I was there at the weekend so Leanne could enjoy us fucking each other’s brains out in peace.

I didn’t say anything to Leanne about what Steve might know and, after a while, she told me that he had realised everything. She said he had encouraged her to find a boyfriend to fulfil her sexual needs, so he couldn’t really object when she did just that. She said Steve liked to refer to me as her fuckbuddy, but she always described me as her lover, I said I didn’t mind which as it seemed to be a convenient arrangement for all of us. Steve had said he was surprised Leanne had not looked for someone a lot younger than her, but she said she felt comfortable with me as I am a similar age. Steve had made a joke, referring to Leanne as ‘Lady Chatterley with her gardener’, but she had scolded him, slightly embarrassed.

Leanne said Steve had bought her a tablet computer for Christmas a couple of years ago, and she had started looking at swinging on the internet. She must have noticed something in my expression, as she was quick to emphasise that Steve and I were everything she could ever want for, and she had no intention of seeking other lovers. She had, however, learned lots of new things about sex which she wanted to try out, amongst which entailed the lady sitting on her partner’s face so he could lick her pussy, which I said we could try sometime. When we did, she said it was brilliant as she felt she was in charge, and was able to control the flow of her orgasms, she said she felt she could go on forever like that. I told Leanne that I had enjoyed it too, although she should be careful to let me breathe. She said “oh sorry”.

Leanne said she didn’t want her ‘friendship’ with me to interfere with her relationship with her husband, he was, after all, the father of her children and she could not envisage anything affecting that. She immediately said “oh, I’m sorry, that must remind you of your marriage”. I smiled and said “don’t worry, it’s in the past …… the breakdown of my marriage enabled us to meet” and I smiled.

Leanne and Steve always go away for a fortnight’s holiday abroad each year, and last year, they went to Mexico, where they had stayed at a very expensive ‘couples only’ hotel. They had not realised when they booked it that it was for swingers, so they had witnessed lots of sex going on amongst the other guests, and they had to make their excuses several times.

During the course of the holiday, Steve had admitted to putting up hidden cameras in the bedroom we use, and he had been recording our activities onto a hard drive which was part of their home network. Leanne was horrified to start with, and they barely spoke for a couple of days but, when they did discuss the subject again, Leanne had secretly recorded the conversation on her phone and she got him to admit that he would never use the videos against her. Steve said it turned him on to see Leanne and me fucking and he had even masturbated whilst watching the videos.

We started to watch one of the videos one evening when Steve was away on business, and I noticed Leanne on the sofa beside me with one hand inside her blouse and the other up her skirt. When she started to breathe heavily, I asked her whether she needed me anymore and she said “oh yes please” and dragged me upstairs to the bedroom – perhaps ‘dragged me’ is a bit strong, I went very willingly. Leanne wanted to sit on my face again but this time she allowed me to breathe throughout.

Licking out Leanne’s pussy, while looking directly up into her face was so much fun, especially as I could maul her tits at the same time. I had not realised it but reading some of the tales on SH where they refer to rolling on a condom made me grateful we did not have to worry about protection. I sometimes wondered whether I would want to ‘play the field’ a bit, but decided what I had was all I could ever need.

After we had fucked and were enjoying the afterglow, Leanne said she had read about all sorts of things, and she asked me whether I had ever heard of ‘rimming’. I admitted I had not, so she told me it was where one partner licks the other’s anus. It didn’t sound much fun to me but, when I tried it on her, Leanne’s reaction was so strong I realised it was something I had to do. She said afterwards she might want me to fuck her arse sometime, which sounded very appealing.

A while later, Leanne said Steve had suggested a week’s break in Tenerife in November, where the weather was usually guaranteed to be warmer than at home, but he then surprised her by suggesting that I could accompany them. He had said there would be nothing unusual about a couple going on holiday with a single friend, who had his own single room and, with a little discretion, Leanne could spend some nights, or at least part of them, with me. Steve said he would pay for the entire holiday, but I could pay for some of the meals out if I wanted to. Leanne said she was quite surprised at Steve’s willingness to take a short break holiday, as he is usually so tied up with his business, but she had noticed him being a bit more attentive to her recently. Perhaps her taking a lover had motivated him to action.

In the first night at the hotel, we were all a little tired from the journey, and Leanne remained with Steve that night. Nothing much had been said about sex, but on the second night, I heard a little tap on my door shortly after I went to bed and it was Leanne. She couldn’t wait to strip off her clothes and slide in beside me. I had decided I should wear pyjamas just in case there was a fire alarm, but she had them off me in no time at all. It had been a few days since we had sex and she was desperate for it. I was about to say ‘what is it about ladies in their fifties’, but I haven’t had that much experience, perhaps it is something to do with the menopause.

Leanne rolled me onto my back and started licking and sucking my cock, it was very stiff quite quickly, I had missed her too, and I had to stop her before she went too far. I rolled her onto her back and started my favourite part of licking her pussy. It is almost as though her labia open wide to invite me in and I love to thrust my tongue inside her until she cums. This time, I remembered she wanted me to give her anus some attention, and I pushed her knees back, so I could lick round her forbidden place. She was gasping, telling me how good it felt, so I decided to take it to the next stage. I used some of her vaginal fluids leaking from her pussy to lubricate round her sphincter, and very gently pushed my index finger inside her. Leanne went wild, gasping through her orgasm, and she even put her hand over her mouth when she realised how much noise she was making.

The great thing I find about arousing Leanne is that, no matter how much she has stimulated me beforehand, I can maintain my control and, when she decides she is ready to fuck, I can do it properly. I slid into her pussy missionary, and we fucked for what seemed ages. When I flipped her over to do it doggy, she demanded she wanted my finger in her arse, which really sent her over the edge, and what I said about maintaining my control really went out of the window. When I had emptied my load into her, Leanne collapsed onto her tummy with me still inside her, panting to recover her breath. I kissed her shoulder blades, and she said “oh you really are a lovely fucker” which quite surprised me from the mouth of such a lady.

Leanne woke me at about 2 am, she said she didn’t want sex again yet, but she had been thinking about how often she should be coming into my bed at night, and we decided every other night would seem fair to Steve. Not that he wanted sex with her, but he is, after all, her husband. Massaging Leanne’s ample tits while we talked was so much fun, and I think she enjoyed it too.

I was woken again just after 5.00 am by Leanne getting dressed to return to their room. She crawled onto the bed to kiss me, saying she would have to wait for 2 nights for the next time. Not surprisingly, I missed breakfast, and I gather they did too. When we met for a light lunch, Steve said he would need to spend the afternoon on the phone and the internet in connection with his business, so we left him on the balcony of their room and went for a walk along the promenade.

There were lots of people about, so it was difficult to talk confidentially, but I sensed there was something Leanne was dying to tell me. We found a little café with some tables set back from the promenade and stopped for a coffee. When we were sure there was nobody who could overhear us, Leanne leaned towards me and said that, when she got back to their room this morning, Steve had been asleep, but he woke up and seemed to want to welcome her back.

He said she smelled of sex, Leanne had always been able to shower after she had been with me, so this was the first time Steve had found her in this state. Leanne started to apologise to him, but it quickly became clear he was aroused, his hands fumbling with her nightie, and he almost tore it off her. Leanne said she had not had sex with Steve for nearly 5 years, and it felt wonderful to be taken by him. Her pussy was still full of my sperm, but Steve didn’t seem to mind, he obviously liked sloppy seconds, and Leanne had the most wonderful orgasm. She quickly added “not as good as you give me”, but I wasn’t too concerned with comparisons.

When Leanne came to my room two nights later, she said Steve had wanted her before she came, but she wouldn’t let him. She said she had spent a lot of time getting herself ready and she didn’t want him spoiling it. She had brought with her a small bottle of lubricant, as she wanted me to finger her arse again, which I was happy to do. This time, after I had slid my index finger in thoroughly, I ventured two fingers, and Leanne simply loved that. After we had fucked for some time, Leanne said she was working herself up to having my cock in her arse, which quite surprised me, although I was warming to this new experience.

On the last night of our holiday, Leanne was due to spend the night with Steve, although she hadn’t mentioned whether they had had sex again, and I didn’t think I should ask. We were having an after-dinner drink in the bar, and Leanne had nipped off to the ladies, when Steve leaned towards me and asked whether I would like to join them in their room tonight. We noticed Leanne returning from the ladies and Steve said “sssh …… make it about midnight”, so I guessed Steve was planning a little surprise for his wife.

When I tapped on their door at just after midnight, there was a long delay before Steve came to the door in his dressing gown. Leanne was in bed with the duvet pulled up to her chin and, as we walked over to her, Steve said “I thought you deserved a special surprise for the last day of the holiday”. She looked a little confused at first but, when we knelt on the bed either side of her, Leanne folded the top of the quilt back to reveal her gorgeous boobs, Steve and I both leaning forward to kiss one each.

This was something totally new for all of us, but it wasn’t apparent, Steve and I took to pleasuring Leanne like ducks to water. When I slid my hand down to her pussy, I found Leanne was so wet, and it became clear Steve had fucked her before I arrived. This was to be my first experience of sloppy seconds, and it wasn’t half bad. Fingering and licking Leanne’s pussy as his sperm leaked out really turned me on, but it did make rather a mess when I added to her swamp. We all had a shower afterwards, Leanne seemed to enjoy being groped by two men at the same time.

As we all got back into bed, I noticed Leanne getting something out of the bedside drawer and sliding it under the pillow. Nothing was said, so I decided to let her tell me in her own good time what it was. In the early hours of the morning, we were all fast asleep naked, Steve and I with our arms draped round Leanne, when she gently nudged me awake. She kissed me gently and it was obvious she was ready for more, when she gently slid away from Steve and folded the quilt back over him.

I guess she must have been awake for a while formulating a plan, because she whispered she wanted me to finger her arse again, and she produced the bottle of lubricant from under the pillow. I got her to lay on her tummy and pull her bum cheeks apart, so I could begin smearing the lube around her anus, she really enjoyed it when I started to slip my index finger inside her, nudging past the knuckle made her gasp slightly. Usually, Leanne likes to stimulate me orally, but I didn’t need any that time, the thought of what Leanne wanted me to do had got me stiff as a rod.

I noticed that Steve was not breathing as heavily as he had been, and I guessed he was awake too, I wondered whether he would intervene but he simply lay there enjoying the show. After I had increased it to two fingers, both knuckles together were causing Leanne to bury her face in the pillow to stifle her cries. I was wondering how far Leanne wanted me to go, and she gave me the answer when she looked back at me and gasped “I want your cock”.

This was something totally new to me and I was not quite sure how to go about it. I smeared some more lubricant around her anus, pushing some inside with my fingers, she certainly felt well lubricated so I decided to begin my assault. With Leanne holding her cheeks apart, I nudged my cock against her sphincter. Whilst I am not massively endowed, I am circumcised so I have quite a large knob end and Leanne seemed to be holding her breath and wincing as I tried to enter her.

Steve was certainly awake now, as he had thrown the quilt off and was slowly wanking his cock. The sun had started to rise and we could all see each other, it felt very erotic. I was trying to minimise any discomfort Leanne felt, but her sphincter was resisting me and her murmurs seemed to be of discomfort rather than pleasure. All of a sudden, she seemed to relax and I slipped inside her, she gasped “oh yes” and I also heard Steve exhale deeply.

It wasn’t too long before I had built up a rhythm, encouraged by Leanne’s verbal encouragement …… “oh that’s good …… that’s good …… you’re making me cum …… I’m cumming …… oh yes ……aaargh!!!!!” I decided I didn’t want to maintain my control and, when I announced I was about to cum, Leanne told me she wanted it inside her. My cock pulsing inside her anus certainly was the peak for Leanne as she buried her face in the pillow to smother her cries.

I flopped onto her back, Steve letting us know he was awake by stroking his wife’s shoulder and reaching over to kiss her on the mouth. As my cock softened, I volunteered to get some tissues from the bathroom, and I paused there to wipe off my cock. As I walked back into the bedroom, Steve was just about to mount his wife, she seemed to be willing as she was holding her bum cheeks apart for him. At first, he seemed to be trying to take her gently but, after I had assaulted her anal cavity, she just wanted to be fucked, and she told him so. Leanne must have been well lubricated from my sperm, and Steve was quickly fucking her vigorously.

Not wanting to spoil their moment, I had sat in the chair beside the bed, and it was so erotic watching Leanne orgasm from her husband’s vigorous fucking of her arse. Steve didn’t last any longer than me, and he was soon adding to the mess which steadily oozed out after he had withdrawn. I joined them on the bed, Steve and I stroking Leanne’s back and kissing her shoulder blades occasionally. After she had recovered her breath, Leanne turned to each of us to kiss us on the mouth, no words were spoken, I realised it was just what she wanted.

Fortunately, we had an evening flight home, so there was time for all of us to recover, particularly Leanne. We were supposed to be out of the room by mid-day, but Steve went down to reception to pay the supplement to keep their room for an extra few hours. On the plane home, Leanne sat between us and, when she thought nobody was watching, she stroked our legs with both hands. I’m not sure whether anybody did notice, but I don’t really care, and I don’t think Leanne or Steve cared either.