Written by Sophie

3 Mar 2018

I assume you have already read my accounts of how I fucked my landlord to cover a shortfall in our rent, and subsequently gave blow jobs to our landlord and three of his friends while that were taking photos of me with their cameras. I ended up having a bi-sexual romp with the wife of one of the friends afterwards, which makes me wet just thinking about it now. I imagine you can find the earlier posts if you search under my name.

A week or so after the photo shoot, I was on my day off, when I usually like to go shopping, not that I often have money to spend. I had already bought some new undies from the Victoria’s Secret shop with the money I was paid from the photo shoot, and they were so sexy. On the way out, I saw my landlord, Bob, who gave me a slip of paper with the name Marcus and a mobile phone number on it, which he said was the modelling agency he had told me about. I thought I would phone Marcus as soon as I got back from the shops. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try my new undies out with my boyfriend, Jake, but I knew they would really turn him on (as well as me).

Whilst wandering round the shopping centre, I met Brenda, the lady I had the romp with. I almost described her as the ‘older lady’ but, although probably in her sixties (I am early twenties), I find it difficult to think of her as old. I’m not sure why it is, it may be the way she dresses, it may be that she has a young outlook on life, but it is probably because we had the most amazing lesbian sex together.

We chatted briefly and Brenda asked if I had time for a coffee, and we ended up going to one of the major coffee chains for a chin wag. Despite being mid-morning, the place was not crowded, so we were able to find a quiet spot upstairs to chat. I told Brenda that Bob had given me details of the modelling agency one of the guys had mentioned and I was hoping a new career in modelling was about to open up for me. Brenda frowned and, after a pause, she said that a trip to Marcus’s casting couch might not turn out all I hoped for, and a video of me could well end up on the internet for anyone to see. I said that Marcus’s phone number would be going in the bin as soon as I got home. It suddenly occurred to me that Brenda’s husband and his mates had taken loads of photos of me, so I asked if they were going to be a problem, but she said it was more than their lives were worth to put anything on the internet. She said the photos they took were purely for their little group.

We chatted, about lots of things …… clothes, my job in the restaurant (Brenda said you have to do that sort of job when you are young), life generally …… and I realised we were becoming good friends. The coffee shop was starting to fill up, so Brenda suggested we go back to her place, which was only a short walk away. As we walked along, it crossed my mind that Brenda had not suggested going back to her place “for another coffee”, so I had an idea what she had in mind. She said her husband, Gerry was out until late-afternoon, so we would not be disturbed.

As soon as we got inside the door, Brenda turned to kiss me, a full-on passionate kiss, and I could feel the familiar stirring between my legs. She wanted to take me upstairs straight away, but I stopped her to say I was worried I was becoming a lesbian. She said “well I’m certainly not a lesbian …… I have been married for nearly 40 years, and I still enjoy having a man between my legs. This a bit of ‘lady love’, a bit of variety, I’ve enjoyed this for quite a few years and there is no way I am going to give up men”.

We went upstairs and hurriedly stripped each other, rubbing my small tits against her ample globes really got my juices flowing. She went down on me, I went down on her, we 69’d each other, and we both had the most amazing orgasms. A 69 side by side was the best, because I could control how much of her juices I wanted to lap up, instead of being flooded with her on top. I’m not sure how long we continued, but eventually we needed to rest, lying side by side to enjoy the ‘afterglow’. I was still slightly worried that I might be becoming a lesbian.

We heard someone closing the front door downstairs and then someone calling out ‘I’m home …… where are you?” and I realised it was Brenda’s husband, Gerry. Brenda whispered to me “do you fancy a bit of cock to round off the day”. I was still struggling with the thoughts about my sexuality and I had obviously thought for too long, because Brenda decided to make the decision for me by calling back “I’m upstairs …… in the bedroom”.

When Gerry opened the bedroom door to find us laid side by side in bed with the quilt pulled up to our chins, he must have thought Christmas had arrived early. He was standing there open mouthed for several seconds, when Brenda reached over to fold the quilt back on my side and said “well come on, get your kit off”. I don’t think I have ever seen a guy strip as fast as he did, and he was soon sliding in beside me.

He kissed me, which felt very erotic with his wife lying beside us, but she was encouraging him by stroking my tits. When he slid his hand down to my pussy, he looked at me wide-eyed and said “wow, you have been having a good time together”, and promptly slid down beneath the quilt, allowing Brenda to take over kissing me and rubbing her large globes against my tiny tits. Having a man who I couldn’t see between my legs, while I was trying to concentrate on kissing Brenda was simply wonderful, and I had to break off from kissing Brenda quite often to enjoy the orgasm that Gerry was giving me.

I was ready to be fucked …… I wanted to be fucked …… but all of a sudden Gerry surfaced for air and said “oh bugger, I haven’t got any condoms”. I was on the pill, so there was no problem there, and I had been ‘up close and personal’ with his cock at the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, so I knew he looked clean and healthy. I said “oh good, I was going to ask you to cum inside me anyway”. Gerry must have thought it was Christmas and his birthday rolled into one, he mounted me and slid his very stiff cock into my very wet pussy. Brenda had moved away slightly to give us space, but she reached over to gently caress one of my tits while we fucked, it was so erotic.

Having fucked missionary for several minutes, during which I had many orgasms, he ‘spooned’ me so Brenda and I were facing each other and could kiss and maul each other’s tits. Brenda pushed me back against her husband, who was still sliding in and out of my very wet cunt, so she could lick my clit, which sent me into another massive orgasm. It must have been the effect of Brenda’s chin rubbing against Gerry’s cock, but I felt him getting more excited and he started to groan as he flooded me with his sperm. Brenda obviously felt it coming to as she sucked my clit between her lips, and I am sure I passed out briefly. It was simply epic!

Afterwards, we were laying side by side, I certainly needed time to recover my breath. Brenda said she had lots of energy left, and she wanted to clean up my sodden pussy, which she did with both of us expressing our appreciation of each other. Not to be left out, Gerry kneeled up behind his wife to lick her pussy, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t just her pussy he had his tongue in.

Brenda and I showered together, washing each other’s bodies felt so good and I orgasmed again with her fingers thrust between my legs. When we came back into the bedroom, Gerry was lazily stroking his flaccid cock, “well it sounds as though you were having fun” he said. Brenda got back into bed with her husband and they watched me dressing. I think Brenda had managed to raise his interest underneath the quilt while I was dressing, as she told me to let myself out. Brenda winked at me and said “there’s nothing like a bit of cock” as I left the bedroom.