Written by Robert

19 May 2019

My wife had always talked about the time's she stayed at her friend's house after clubbing.

She'd crash on her friend's bedroom floor with a quilt wrapped around her, one morning she went to the loo, she heard her friend's brother in the shower next door.

She liked him, and thought about him coming out of the bathroom naked.

She went back to the bedroom and left the door open so she could see the brother come out the bathroom.

As she waited, she touched herself and pulled the covers off, wearing just a t-shirt she opened her legs and rubbed her clit ,

She wished he was watching her

she loved the thought of being wanked over

She thought about her friend's brother seeing her like this, she arranged herself so her face was covered so he could get a good look without worrying about her waking up and seeing him

She heard the bathroom door open, she was already in position, she layed on her back with one leg bent and the other one straight, her tshirt was up around her waist

As the footsteps came closer, she felt a wave of sexual excitement like never before, her heart was beating soo hard

She layed still, and listened.

She could tell he was watching her, it made her pussy tingle as she thought about his view .

Soon he left the doorway, she listened for a while still touching herself,

She heard him come out of his bedroom he crept up to the doorway, she could hear him wanking, he had lube on his cock which made it quite noisy.

She was in heaven, her all time fantasy had come true.

Later that morning, she asked her friend where her brother was today

Her friend said he had been away on a course all week and will be home tomorrow.

She straight away felt her face going red,

Her friend said is was nice having her parents all to herself this week.

She knew it must've been her friend's dad that watched her., and wanked.

She was shocked and embarrassed at first, how could she ever face him again,

Then after a while she quite liked it.

Her friends dad was a nice man, and always kind to her.

She loved knowing he had a dirty side.

She loved that so much, she wanted to try it again sometime. But never had the chance again until now

My cousin came to stay for the weekend at xmas, he's very shy especially around women.

He joined the navy and when on leave he'd visit and stay over for a weekend.

My wife liked him staying with us, she knew he fancied her and enjoyed the attention.

She'd have a shower and wear just a bath robe all evening, sitting on the settee with him opposite, the robe would loosen off showing her pink soft skin, it'd always open down the front to reveal her chest and part of her boobs,

She would lift her feet up behind her bum leaning on the arm of the settee her robe would rise up so high around her thighs she had to put her hand behind her and hold the robe in place against her bum, so if she moved her hand at all her bum and pussy would be on show,

This went on for years, whenever he stayed she did something like that.

My wife and I loved it and I knew my cousin did too.

My wife said it made her heart beat really hard when my cousin was looking at her

just like when her friend's dad wanked off while looking at her wet pussy.

We decided to take it further next time he stayed.

My wife was so excited about our plan

We spoke about it for ages before, she would wank her pussy and id tell her what was going to happen.

When he came as usual she spent the evening sitting on the settee with her bathrobe on showing off legs and chest, she said how tired she was and layed down on her side, after about 10 mins she wriggled around a bit then she rolled on her back her robe fell open all the way below the belt showing her naked body from the waist down.

Her mound was sticking right in the air,

She then moved her leg and her foot slid off the settee, with one foot on the floor her legs were open enough to show her pink pussy lips, i could see how wet she was from my chair.

My cousin was opposite her trying not to look.

Laughing I said to him, here have a look!

He looked, and giggled nervously, its lovely he said.

When was the last time you saw a pussy up close i said

He said that he'd never seen one up close in real life, only in magazines

Wanna see what a womans pussy looks like in real life

Id so love to, he begged

he was shaking with nerves.

I got up and told him to sit in my chair, he could see all of her pussy lips from here.

I went upstairs leaving him to stare at my wife's wet pussy

I came down with a quilt and covered her top half and face, we was left looking at her open legs, i reached up and opened her lips with my fingers, she was dripping wet. I told him to kneel next to the settee i lifted her knee and lent her leg against the back of the settee, her pussy was right by his face.

Open it up i said, have a close look, he slowly reached up with one hand and shakily put one finger on her slit, he then put his thumb there and opened her lips, i got up and turned the big lamp on so he could see more detail

You can have a quick wank if you want, I'll leave you alone for 10 mins, but you're allowed to look ok

Oh yes please he said, i left the room

When i came back i said its bed time and off he wènt

My wife said when he was alone with her he took lots of photos with his phone then wanked over her

She said next time he stays, she wants me show him a video of her masturbating,

Im sure he'll enjoy that