Written by Swingers across the pond

24 Sep 2017

This happened about 6 months ago and few months after our neighbors (Reba and Kevin) moved in.

They were a young couple that were able to afford the upscale neighborhood because she had a large trust fund.

They were both (22 years old) and had worthless liberal arts degrees.

My Wife (Anna 36) and my wifes twin sister (Sylvia 36) and my wifes cousin (Maria 34) (who live with us) got to be friends with Reba.

Kevin was something of an introvert at the time. So I did not get to know him very well until later.

One day Reba took a trip for a week visiting her family out of state.

My 3 kids are late teens and all 3 were away at an adventure camp.

The day after Reba left, my wife noticed a different car pull into the neighbors garage.

That evening my wife called me into the upstairs bathroom.

The bathroom had a window that had a view down into the neighbors yard.

We could clearly see Kevin fucking a blonde woman on a lounge chair on the patio.

Of course me and my wife watched while having our own fun.

The next day my wife again noticed the strange woman was still there.

My wife went over to the fence between the yards and called out to Kevin.

She stood on a little landscaping wall to see over the fence to talk to him.

My wife invited him and his new "friend" over to use our pool. My wife and her sister and her cousin were all in thong swimingsuits.

He was very nervous at first but my wife assured him that she wouldn't mention it to Reba.

His friend was a cute blonde named Julie and my wife let her borrow a Wicked Weasel swimsuit.

We started drinking and things progressed to everyone skinny dipping.

Those WW swimsuits didn't leave anything to the imagination anyway.

Things went on that would take several pages to write about.

To make the story a little shorter we partied each night with me sampling Julie's pussy a few times.

Kevin got to try out my wife and her sister and her cousin and even all 3 at the same time.

The part that is interesting is when Reba arrived a few days later unexpectedly and saw the strange car in her garage.

Kevin was fucking Julie on one of our lounge chairs when his cell phone rang.

He didn't even pull out but just said "everyone quiet! it's my wife"

We heard him say "Hi honey... I'm over at the neighbors having a swim"

Then she must have asked exactly what he was doing and he said "Just lying on a lounge chair at the moment".

Then his eyes got wide and he pulled out of Julie and turned around and we saw where he was looking.

In one of the upstairs windows of Reba and Kevins house (a house they lease from me) was Reba giving us all a wave.

Then he got off the phone and said "she's coming over".

He got into his shorts and shirt and I gave him a shot of single malt scotch.

We all got into some cloths and my wife answered the door and led Reba to the back yard.

We all expected some kind of scene but Reba very calmly started to undress.

When she was naked she dove into the pool.

Then she swam to the edge and looked at everyone and said "Did I miss the party or something?"

We all started to disrobe again except for Kevin who still looked like he expected to be yelled at.

Reba asked my wife something and then my wife said "be my guest".

Reba motioned to me and I dove in and swam over closer to her.

She grabbed my cock and said "holy shit! I don't know if this will even fit inside me."

She stroked me to hardness and even gave me a little underwater BJ action.

We got out and toweled off a little and went over to the lounge chair next to where Kevin was.

She sat and sucked me some more and then lay back on the lounge and spread her legs.

She just said to Kevin "watch as he fucks me".

As I sank into a warm wet pussy Kevin suddenly says "Condom please".

Reba just said to him "shut the fuck up!"

My wife and sister inlaw and Maria were all watching and playing with themselves (we watch a lot of porn together).

After about 10 minutes of fucking in different positions Kevin spoke up again.

He said "Please don't cum inside her".

Reba said "I told you to shut the fuck up. I was going to have him pull out but you opened your mouth"

I unloaded inside her and then Kevin started sobbing.

I remember thinking "what a pussy". So then I said it out loud "What a pussy!".

Kevin looked up and I said " Oh I didn't mean you..I meant your wife has a really great pussy"

He then said to her "you know why you shouldn't have let him do that"

Then she said to him "lay down here and you better try to get it all out of me"

He did as he was told and she sat on his face.

She then started to have a converstaion with us (me and my wife and SIL and cousin)

Reba told us that she and Kevin were trying for kids so she was off birth control for about 2 months now.

My wife asked about her ovulation time. Reba said she didn't know when that was. Then my wife asked when she ended her last period.

Reba told her and my wife did some math and said "You should be ovulating now"

Reba got wide eyed and said "oh fuck". She got off Kevins face.

My wife took Reba to the drug store to get a morning after pill.

But when they arrived they had the packaging already opened and Reba took a "pill" in front of Kevin.

Later on that evening my wife said that Reba took a fake vitamin pill and didn't want to take the morning after pill.

Reba told her she would take it only if I wanted her to.

I asked my wife "what would you think if she gets pregnant?"

My wife said "you mean what if she is already pregnant? Conception takes minutes after sex"

Then I said to my wife "you would want her to have a child if she is pregnant don't you?"

My wife said she talked to Reba about it and said that we could be godparents to the child"

I thought about it a minute or so and said OK fine by me.

Then my wife called Reba on the phone.

I got out of the shower and was about to jump into bed when my wife said that Reba was coming over.

My wife then said that her twin sister and cousin was going over to keep Kevin company for the night.

Reba and my wife got into a 69 and the sight of that always gets me hard.

I ended up draining my balls into Reba's pussy twice more that night and twice the next morning.

We agreed the story for Kevin was to be that we used condoms.

It ended up that Reba did get pregnant and shortly after finding out she had Kevin get a vasectomy.

At the time of this writing she is 6 months pregnant. Kevin works for me now.

I paid for some Tech school classes for him so he could be useful.

College kids now who take 4 years of interpretive basket weaving or other stupid classes are so worthless.

I asked Kevin recently about when does he think he got Reba pregnant.

He told me that she made him start wearing condoms again after the pool parties.

After sex he went to the bathroom and when he came out she poured the contents of a condom onto her pussy.

She then used a dildo on herself as he watched.

So he thinks that was the moment he got her pregnant.

I asked Reba about that later and she said it was lubricant and milk in that condom. His sperm went into the trash where it belongs.

I laughed and said "that was cold"

I am 53 and have a "godchild" on the way. I am pretty well off so I am not really stressing about it.

It also ended up that Julie the blonde (22 year old) also wanted to get into our swinging lifestyle.

She started bringing another boyfriend (28 year old) with her to our parties.

I recently hired Julie as a leasing consultant and her boyfriend as a maintenance person.

They moved into one of our apartment units that we own.

So now...several nights a week we have get togethers and I have the choice of 5 different women.

My wife is not deprived of sexual adventure either..but I will save that for another story.