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"Cleaning up a spilled drink."

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My wife and I paid a return visit to Ray's house for a foursome this time and after a brief time chatting with he and his wife Pauline, the drinks started to flow but horror of horrors they didn't have a particular mixer that my wife liked and without any prompting Ray said that he'd go to the local off licence and I went with him to make sure he got the right one.

On our return with the mixer we got down to some serious drinking and soon Ray and I got into clinches with the girls which soon became a race to see who could get stripped off the quickest.

I found myself sitting on the sofa legs apart with Pauline giving me a BJ and my wife sitting at the other end of the sofa with Ray giving her pussy a lot of attention with his fingers and tongue.

During all this activity all of us were having a slurp or two of our respective drinks and having a bit of a laugh by rubbing the drink onto various body parts.

Ray thought it would be interesting to pour a little of my wife's drink over her pussy and some on his cock as an extra lubricant but as soon as he poured it over her pussy she gave out a cry of pain and Ray soon realising that the Vodka and Russian which had entered her pussy was not doing much by way of a lube job.

Without hesitation he buried his head between her thighs and started licking her pussy like his life depended on it and after a few more seconds it was obvious that my wife's discomfort was changing to one of extreme pleasure.

Ray realised that licking alone would not remove all of the drink from deep inside her pussy, he decided it needed to be flushed away and again without hesitation he thrust his cock deep inside her and within a short period of time I could see his buttocks clenching as he pumped his load deeply inside her which triggered quite a big orgasm in my wife which Ray's wife Pauline was also experiencing due to the fact that whilst we'd both watching Ray and my wife pleasuring each other, Pauline had been playing with her own clitty whilst I had been tossing myself off.

Pauline didn't mind the fact that I'd shot my load over her stomach and tits but as half of my load had gone over the sofa she wasn't a happy bunny and was soon running to their kitchen for a damp cloth.

Funny how women don't mind having their body, underwear and other clothes covered in cum but when it gets on the carpet or sofa, all hell breaks loose.

Written by TerrySk

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