Written by Alex & Sally

4 Jun 2018

Sally and I had been invited to a party at a house in the country by some of her friends, who we knew were swingers, so we assumed this would be our first experience of swapping with other couples. It was a few weeks until the party, so we had plenty of time to talk about what might happen. For example, would we pair up with another couple, or should we be free to choose our own partners, we decided that, as there would be a number of couples there, we should go with the flow of what other people wanted.

Sally had been told by her friends that condoms were optional. Some couples liked to use them always, whilst some would do so with new partners, although many of the group who knew each other well would not use them. We decided that we should both carry a pack of 3, in case they were needed, although we both said we preferred bareback. Sylvia had apparently told Sally that some of the older men would often take a Viagra tablet to make sure they could perform throughout the evening, and she had given Sally a tablet for me to take in case I thought I might need it. We joked that perhaps we should each have 2 packs of 3 condoms, if it was going to be a wild night.

Needless to say, Sally had to go shopping for a new outfit, concentrating on the underwear, but she had been told the evening usually started slowly, so she said a new dress was also essential. The dress was a fairly conventional green number, which showed off a little more cleavage than Sally usually did, but the undies were much more sexy than Sally usually chose. She bought, a lacy black set of half-cut bra and thong, rounded off with a pair of black hold-ups. Sally usually buys panties to cover her ample arse, but she said she would have to try to keep up with her slimmer friends. For the men, Sally had been told that smart casual was the order of dress, so you won’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t do any special shopping.

We booked a taxi to take us to the party, we decided not to book the return trip as we didn’t know when we would be leaving, and we had the number of an all-night taxi firm if it was needed. Prior to leaving our house, I popped my ‘little blue pill’, although I felt little effect during the journey in the taxi. The party was due to start at 9 pm and we decided to arrive at 9.30, not too early so we were the only people there, but not too late so we would have a chance to be introduced to everyone.

We were met at the door by Charles, the host, who introduced us to his wife, Dee. They were a bit older than us, perhaps early sixties, and Charles made a point of stroking Sally’s shoulder when he kissed her gently on the cheek. There seemed to be about a dozen couples there, most of whom I recognised either the husband or wife, and I think Sally knew all of the wives, at least by sight. The house was a large country property standing in its own grounds, with a swimming pool in the back garden, and it also had a wooden building close by which Charles said contained their hot tub and changing room. He said they liked to use the hot tub throughout the year, so having it inside was essential. I didn’t notice any other properties close by, so I imagine it was ideal for a party like this.

We circulated, me getting to know the faces I vaguely recognised, and Sally chatting to the friends which she thought she had known well. Perhaps it was all in my head, but I thought Sally made a point of kissing Jeremy, the guy with the 8” cock, a little longer than all the other men, even patting his chest as they parted, and I’m sure he squeezed my wife’s bum briefly. I assumed they were ‘making a date’ for later on.

We had been introduced to a couple called James and Tina, who seemed to be much younger than most of the people there, perhaps early-thirties. He was about my height, muscular and athletic, whilst she was very slim with tiny boobs which barely needed a bra. We chatted with them for a while, and Sally suggested we try out the hot tub, so we walked outside with James and Tina to find that Charles and Dee were already in the tub with Jeremy and Rachel. We left our clothes in the changing room, it felt slightly strange to be naked with people we barely knew, but nobody else seemed embarrassed at all, so I decided I needed to go with the flow.

The two couples who were already in the tub had been sitting next to their partners, but they split up when we arrived and I ended up next to Tina, Sally seemed to make a point of ensuring she was next to Jeremy (and I remembered her comments about his 8” cock). Initially, we were just chatting, but it quickly became apparent things were going on under the water. My wife, Sally, was stroking Jeremy’s cock and he put his arm round her shoulder to kiss her passionately. James got out of the water to sit on the edge of the tub so Dee could suck his cock, while Rachel suggested to Charles they needed to ‘get a room’, and they got out of the tub to go back into the house, picking up towels to dry themselves as they went.

I was slightly disappointed when Sally suggested that she and Jeremy join Charles and Rachel inside, as I had been hoping to watch Sally’s first infidelity with another man, but I was too occupied with the lovely Tina to worry that much. The sight of my beautiful wife walking across the patio with her arm around Jeremy and him squeezing her bum made me feel slightly jealous, but I had caught a glimpse of his cock as they exited the hot tub, and his semi-erection certainly looked close to 8”, so I knew my wife was going to get what she wanted. As I say, I was very pre-occupied with the lovely Tina, who wanted me to kiss her and fondle her tiny boobs, which I was more than happy to do.

The building we were in was quite large, and even included a sun lounger beside the tub. James and Dee had changed places, Dee sitting on the edge of the tub so James could eat out her pussy, and Tina suggested we make use of the sun lounger. This suited me well as, with Tina on her back on the sun lounger, I was able to spread her legs and gain access to her special place. I hadn’t really thought about it until then, but I realised I had a very stiff erection, with Tina barely having touched it. Perhaps the little blue pills do really work.

I licked around Tina’s clit, spreading her lips wide so I could slide my tongue inside her love hole. She was massaging my head with her fingers, grabbing hold of my head when she thought I might stop licking her pussy. It was only when I decided I wanted to fuck her that I realised the condoms were still in my trouser pocket in the changing room, nothing had been said about needing them (and Sally had gone upstairs with Jeremy earlier without hers), but I thought I should ask Tina whether I needed a condom. Her reply was “just fuck me”, so I was delighted to slip inside her bareback. She had already orgasmed heavily from my oral attention and, as I built up the pace of thrusting inside her, she orgasmed again, which quickly brought me to the boil and I exploded inside her, Tina orgasming again as I filled her pussy.

You won’t be surprised that the Viagra tablet really works, so I continued to fuck Tina for some time, much to her enjoyment, and spreading my deposits all over her pussy and my genital area. The hosts had been very thoughtful by putting a box of wipes on a table in the corner together with a bin, so I made use of these to clean up. Tina didn’t get a chance to do the same as her husband was on her in a flash to lick up the remainder of my sperm, I assumed this was part of their ‘ritual’ when she had fucked another man.

Dee, the hostess, was still in the hot tub, she beckoned me over to join her, and we were quickly kissing and cuddling in the chest-deep water. It crossed my mind that I had just fucked a lady 20 years younger than me, and I was now about to do the same with one 10 years my senior, what a varied evening this was turning into. I had never had sex underwater before, but I assume this was Dee’s ‘thing’ as she had me sit down on one of the seats so she could climb astride me.

James and Tina said they were going back inside the house, so we called out “see you later”, before returning to our passion. I was quite surprised that I was maintaining my erection, much to Dee’s enjoyment as she steadily fucked herself on my cock. I didn’t think I could cum again so soon, which proved correct, but this didn’t stop Dee orgasming with my cock inside her, and I did enjoy kissing her passionately, our tongues locking together as she orgasmed. Dee is clearly an experienced woman, because we carried on for ages, and I so enjoyed her squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles as she orgasmed. I also enjoyed sucking her nipples, and gently nibbling them between my teeth, which I thought would contribute to her pleasure which, judging by the noise she made, was certainly the case.

When she finally decided it was time to rest, Dee suggested we go back inside to see how the party was going, so we gathered up towels to dry ourselves and, for the sake of modesty (I still had the most amazing erection), I wrapped my towel around my lower half. Dee simply threw her towel over her shoulder, I assumed she wanted to show off her sexuality to everyone. I had seen Dee out of the water naked only briefly while we were in the hot tub and, although her tits were slightly saggy, I realised she is a very sexy woman.

To be continued ……