29 Jun 2019

Hi, Im G and my partner is R. I'm 42, 39 at the time, and have been swinging for a number of years both with other partners and as a single male. R is 26, 23 at the time, and very new to the scene, having only have one sexual partner prior to me.

I met R a few years ago and have slowly bought her into the scene, starting with fantasy talk during sex, sex toys, restraints, sex outside, dogging (although we were never approached), and then a meet. the fantasy talk was always about us with extra people, men, women, couples, swinging, orgies, mfm, mff, mfmf, mmmf, ect. Some of the mfm scenarios would go into guys with bigger cocks, black guys, two guys with R whilst I watched, then me being tied and made to watch and finally into me being cucked. Eventually I had R at a point where she was ready to play and explore another cock and managed to find a guy, L, with a nice 8inch cock. Black and Larger than my 5inches, we were both looking forward to it!

I arranged the meet & he arranged a room. I took R shopping, bought her a new set of underwear and then dressed her once she'd showered. I was so turned on as I pulled her new knickers up, put her bra on, rolled her stockings up her legs. Then pulled her jeans up, buttoned then, finally putting her top and then boots on. I have to say it was one of the most erotic things I'd ever done, I'm still not sure how I didn't cum as my cock was so hard. We met at a pub for a drink and a chat. When he went to use the toilet I spoke with R and she said that she liked him. I thought he was ok but he'd lied. His profile said he was a Non-Smoker, but then he turned up stinking of smoke stating he had one to calm his nerves (that smell was a regular smoker). I knew R liked him though and I really wanted to see her get fucked so we decided that we'd see how we went. An hour and a couple of drinks later he slipped us a room key to the local travel lodge and went to see a couple of friends so we could decide if we were going ahead. A quick chat with R and then we headed to the room. We started to kiss, my hands wandering all over her body, her hand on my hard cock. I slowly undressed R, taking my time as I wanted L to see her in her new underwear which had been brought form him. I had her down to her underwear and was on my knees with R lying back on the bed, my mouth orally pleasuring her when L entered the room. I moved up and began got kiss & caress her again. Then L joined us on the bed. Due to how long ago it was the details are blurry, but I remember going down on her and watching them. kiss and then seeing his cock enter her mouth. Then we swapped and I watched L go down on R. I then got Rn to kneel on the floor and she took both of our cocks, one in each hand, and began sucking use in turn. Seeing her compare our cocks was again turning me on and I then asked R "Who's cock do you want first, mine or his?". I then heard R say "His".

I moved away and watched as she rolled a condom on to his cock, saw L lay R back on the bed and then begin to fuck her. I watched and listened as she got used to his cock, L going deeper with each stroke. I got my phone and filmed them. hearing R moan as his cock filled her pussy, stretching it, then asking L to fuck her, not to stop. It was such a turn on, how I didn't cum I don't know. L moved around and R got on to all 4s. She took the condom of L and began to suck his cock again so I moved behind her, sliding my cock into her soaking pussy. R was so wet, stretched from L's cock. I didn't last long, pulling out and coming over L's back. R was very tired by this point, we'd been playing for over an hour and it was late so she laid back on the bed and L began stroking his cock, eventually coming over her breasts as I filmed it. We chatted and thanked each other for a great time, then L dressed and left. I cuddled R and we fell asleep, waking several times throughout the night too chat and fuck again. We lost count of how many times we fucked that night. As I said, we talked when we woke and fucked and both agreed that we wished I sucked L's cock and licked his cum up off R breasts, then shared it with her. We also discussed that we'd like R to have a fuck bareback at some point so she could get another guys cum inside her and then have me clean her pussy.

Alas, we never met L again, life, work and lack of time got in the way. But I have had many a good wank thinking about that night, watching the videos and looking at the pictures that I took. Some are on our profile.

Move on 3 and a half years, lots more sex talk, more fantasies and many arranged meets that fell through and then finally we managed another meet......... more to follow.

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