Written by aussi nudist

3 Feb 2010

Back some years ago when my wife and I had just brought our first home I discovered our elderly widowed next door neighbour had the hots for my wife. She was quite a tasty bit of arse back then with big tits and a slim body and always hot to trot. In those early years we used to often fuck several times a day and Liz was always wanting more. I came home early from work one day and saw our neighbour perving on her through the fence while she was sunbaking topless. We had begun going to nude beaches from time to time and Liz wanted to improve her tan so as to try and look like a seasoned nudist. I had suggested she sunbake in our yard as it was fairly private. I told her what I had seen with the neighbour and I think it made her horny cause she wanted some fucking soon after that and I told her next time she should strip completely. Next day when I got home from work I found her in the kitchen starkers and she told me she had been out in the yard like that all afternoon and Jeff had definitely been perving on her. After that she often sunbaked nude and on weekends I joined her and even fucked her knowing he was watching. He became real friendly with her over time and used to do odd jobs for her while I was working. A few months after we had moved there I was away working and she called and said Jeff had been over to mow the grass, I had let it get a bit overgrown, and when he was done she invited him in for a cool drink and while they were sitting chatting he flashed her. He had made it seem like an accident but she was sure he had done it on purpose. I thought she was upset and started to defend him and calm her but I realised she was actually turned on. She just wanted to talk and tell me all about it and I ended up jerking off on my bed as she told me about it. It was not till I returned home that she told me he had a big one. She had only seen the head of it but that was very thick and she could see the outline of his shaft under his shorts and admitted she would have loved to see the whole thing “Just ask him, I,m sure he,ld love to show you” I told her. She just laughed my suggestion off but I knew she wanted to and that made me both horny and jealous. Horniness won out because I began teasing her about him and telling her to invite him over more often and she would get so horny she would practically rape me. About a month after that day he invited us over to his place for drinks. It was a hot day and we were told not to dress up it was to be casual. Liz none the less took ages getting ready and eventually chose a short skirt and blouse. I grabbed her arse to see if she had panties on and she did so I suggested she leave them behind. She told me no then added that they didn,t hide much anyway and lifted her skirt to show me the flimsiest pair of sheer white panties I had ever seen. My cock sprang to attention instantly and she giggled and ran out of the house before I could jump her. Jeff opened the door wearing a pair of Speedos saying they were the coolest things he had to wear. I suspect he was more interested in showing off his package which as Liz said was more than impressive. We sat out back in the cool and drank the six pack of beer he had brought plus a bottle of wine which was all the booze he had. By then we were all starting to relax and enjoy the afternoon. Liz had been flashing her panties a lot and eyeing off Jeffs stalk and I was getting very horny watching so when he said he had nothing more to drink but coffee I said I,ld go get some from our place. When I returned 10 minutes later Liz put her arms round my neck and gave me a big kiss. Naturally I put my arms round her and grabbed her arse as we kissed and was surprised to find her arse was bare. “Is this better she whispered and giggled” “Much better I said looking over her shoulder at Jeff perving on her arse. She flopped onto the garden lounge leaving me to sit at the table with Jeff. As I sat I saw her panties in the middle of the table draped over a garden knome. I looked at Jeff grinning before me then across at my wife. She was obviously feeling the effects of the booze, her legs were apart and her pussy clearly on show, “Jeff said I should take them off she giggled, it was too hot for a lot of clothes” She waved for me to sit beside her “Give me a kiss” she said. I sat on the edge of her lounge and kissed her again rubbing my hand over her hot cunt. “You want to fuck me she asked” “I,ll fuck you silly when we get home I said “Ooooh you gonna make me wait she said. I returned to the table with Jeff and saw he had a raging boner the head of it hanging over the waistband of his swimmers. “Come here and sit on my lap I told Liz wanting her to see Jeff,s display. She was unsteady on her feet but did as I asked. She lifted her feet to rest them on Jeff,s lap and then saw his cock and giggled. Jeff took a hold of her feet and began massaging them. “Ooooh that feels lovely she said kissing me. I slid my hand between her legs for a feel of her cunt as we kissed. Her legs were well apart he had placed one of her feet against his cock as he massaged the other and stared at her snatch. Things didn,t go much further than that on that occasion. Liz ended up to drunk but the scene was now set for lots more fun