Written by Genies_hubby

9 Dec 2017

The stag part became a little fragmented as the night carried on and 5 of us had gone on to a strip club towards the end of the evening. In the club the guys kept commenting that none of the girls in their put on a show like that slut earlier in the evening. I was very proud of my dear Lucy and the effect she had had on the guys.

When we decided to leave, Jack, a friend of the stag who lived further out of town realised he’d missed his last train and before I thought it through properly I said he could stay at my house. It was only once he’d accepted that it dawned on me that he might recognise Lucy in the morning. Oh well, too late to worry about that now, my hope was that he would be up and leave before Lucy got out of bed and he would be none the wiser.

My fears about him seeing Lucy would be realised quicker than I thought though. As we walked into the lounge there was Lucy, passed out on the sofa, naked apart from the boots she had been wearing earlier with an empty bottle of wine and her Rampant Rabbit vibrator next to her and an empty case from a porn film in front of the TV.

‘Fuck me mate, how did you get the stripper back here?’

‘Well, about that… she isn’t the stripper to me, she’s actually my girlfriend’

‘Holy shit, didn’t you care when she was sucking the other guys off earlier?’

‘Look at her Jack, she’s fucking hot and a dirty bitch and I get to enjoy that whenever I want, why should I care?’

‘Mate, I’m not sure I could deal with that, but she is hot. I hope you don’t mind me saying but I’d love to have a go on her’

‘I take that as a compliment. Anyway, help yourself, I’m off to bed, I’m shattered’. I left Jack in the room with Lucy sprawled naked on the sofa and went off to bed.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep but I was woken by Lucy kissing me on the lips, ‘Hello baby’ she said ‘so you thought it was ok to offer me out to your friend’

I was barely awake at this point ‘hmm, I didn’t think you’d mind, but he’s not really my friend, I hardly know him’

‘You know me too well, but now it’s your turn’ she said as she straddled my face and lower her pussy onto my mouth. I love licking Lucy’s pussy so immediately stuck my tongue out and into her hole as she rubbed herself on my face. She was already so wet but she tasted different to normal and the consistency of her juice was different. In my half asleep state it took me a few seconds to realise that I was licking Jack’s jizz out of her cunt. ‘Argh, you dirty bitch, what are you doing’ I’d licked my own cum off Lucy before but not another guy’s.

‘You best get used to this James, I’m going to expect this from you if you want to keep fucking me’, I half resisted but I was honestly enjoying it so continued lapping away until she flooded my face with a combination of her pussy juice and James’ cum. Then she rolled off me and we went to sleep.

In the morning I went downstairs and found a note on the kitchen table:

‘James, great night, what a fuck, would love to hire Lucy for a bash I’m having in a few weeks, let me know, Jack’ followed my a mobile number. I hid the note away wondering what he had in mind and whether I should set Lucy up or not.

Lucy came down a short while afterwards looking a little hungover but content and relaxed. ‘You seem happy’ I said. ‘Yeah, fucking great, last night was so much fun’

‘What was the best bit?’

‘Apart from my surprise fuck at the end?!’ she said as she looked cheekily at me. ‘Just being the centre of attention and being felt up by so many different guys that I didn’t even know, some of them weren’t even good looking and a bit fat but I still enjoyed having their hands on me. I just wish I’d had more time for a few more cocks in the changing room!’

‘So you’d want to do something like that again?’

‘Fuck yeah, definitely’ she replied ‘but more cocks and more than one fuck at the end of the night would be nice’

‘You’re such a dirty cow, how did we end up like this?’

‘I don’t know, but I’m having too much fun to go back to just your lovely cock’

‘Well, I’ll be amazed if you don’t get any follow up offers after last nights performance’

‘You think so? My pussy is tingling just thinking about it’

So, I called James and set the plan in motion. Turns out he was having a poker night at his place and wanted to impress his mates with a sexy hostess and was willing to pay. I told him he could pay her for being the waitress but all extras were on the house as it were. The only condition was that I was there as well. He agreed, I was going to be croupier and Lucy would be the hostess bringing drinks and whatever else they wanted as well as being the bonus prize.

When the night came round I told Lucy to dress up in something sexy as I had something special planned. I wore a dinner jacket and she wore a very short black halter dress with a super low cut back, stockings and 5 inch platform heels.

On the drive to Jack’s house she became inquisitive. I told her that I had rented her out as a hostess for the evening and that she would have to serve drinks and look after 6 guys for a poker night. At first I think she was a little put out at being waitress but realised the potential and started to play with her pussy on the way to his house, dipping her fingers in and out and licking them tasting her own juices.

We arrived at Jack’s house first and got set up for the evening. As far as the guys were concerned we had been hired independently and didn’t know each other at all.

Jack’s friends arrived a couple of them together and the others not far behind. Lucy greeted them all at the door clearly blowing them away with her outfit and taking their jackets for them. With her long legs and in her five inch heels she was towering over all of us and when the guys were sat at the table her crotch was pretty much at eye height.

As we initially started playing Lucy was bringing drinks and canapés and the guys were well behaved, clearly eyeing Lucy up but keeping their hands to themselves. I think she was getting a bit bored with the lack of hands on attention so started teasing them by bending over and exposing a bit of stocking top or rucking her dress a little higher as she brought them drinks.

After the drinks had been flowing a while one of the guys patted Lucy on the arse and thanked her for his drink. When she smiled at him and said you’re welcome I think they took this as a sign of encouragement and became a bit more brazen each time she returned. Hands began to grab her bum and slide up her legs and the standard of card playing went seriously down hill as they lost focus.

‘Gentlemen’, Jack said, ‘what I didn’t outline at the start of the evening is that tonights poker tournament is a winner takes all event’.

‘Yeah, we know’ one of them said dismissively.

‘No, I mean everything, that includes the hostess’

‘You’re shitting us?’

‘Nope, she is first prize’

They all looked at her, ‘Really?’

‘That’s right boys, best start concentrating’

Suddenly everyone started bringing their A-game to the table. Lucy kept trying to be cheeky and distract them, removing her dress entirely and serving drinks in her stockings and heels, pussy at eye level when she came to the table. The guys would still occasionally pat her arse but their eyes would barely leave the table, until one of them was eliminated. He thought this would give him the opportunity to try it on with Lucy but she rejected his advances saying that she was only available for those still in the game.

The numbers gradually whittled down until there were only two of Jack’s friends left, Geoff and Pete. The rest of the guys looking longingly at Lucy strutting around in her heels.

When Geoff finally won he shouted out with delight and taunted his mates. ‘I’m off to bang my prize boys’ he said as he started to lead Lucy towards the bedroom. ‘Lucky fucker’ shouted Pete.

Lucy looked over her shoulder as she was being lead away, ‘Don’t worry boys, I’ll be back for more once Geoff has finished’ and she disappeared behind closed doors. They were in there obviously fucking away frantically with the amount of noise that was coming from the room. The guys were sat around trying to listening to what was happening talking dirty about Lucy, saying how hot she was and what they wanted to do to her, still not knowing that we were together.

After about 15 minutes or so we heard a loud squeal from Lucy followed by a deeper noise from Geoff and then everything went quiet. About 30 seconds of waiting and out strolled Lucy, breathing hard, her breasts lifting as she took deep breaths and her body coated in sweat. ‘I think I broke him’ she said ‘who’s next?’. The guys hesitated taken back with her brash confidence so she came and knelt on the sofa sticking her arse out, cum visibly leaking from her cunt.

‘Come on, don’t be shy, one of you must want to fuck me?’ Jack jumped up, moved behind Lucy rubbing her arse before giving it a playful slap, then little harder, then harder still, and then harder again, leaving a red hand print on her backside. Lucy wiggled her butt with each slap and looked at Jack with lust. ‘You like that, you dirty bitch?!’

‘Yes, I love it, give me more’

Jack spanked her arse a few more times. ‘Come and touch her’ he said to the other guys. One of them came over, moved next to her and began pulling and twisting her nipples as Jack pulled his cock out and slid it in Lucy’s sopping cunt.

Jack had hold of her hips and was really ramming hard into Lucy, making a loud slapping sound each time he thrust all the way inside her. Lucy was clearly loving this, making lots of noise and reaching between her legs to frig her clit. The guy feeling her tits was pinching and pulling her nipples making Lucy’s mouth widen as the combination of pain and pleasure sent shock waves through her body.

Her open mouth was soon filed with the guys cock and she did her best to suck him off but with Jack thrusting into her cunt she was being shaken around too much to show what she was capable of. I could tell Jack wasn’t going to last much longer though and with a few more thrust he tensed up and held himself deep inside Lucy as he groaned out loud clearly dumping his cum inside her. He held still for a minute and then slid out, Lucy quickly rolled on to her back trying to keep as much cum inside her as possible before the guy she’d been sucking lifted her legs and slipped his cock in her pussy and began fucking away. Her pussy was now so wet that each thrust made a sloppy squelching sound which I found incredibly erotic.

With her now in a more stable position on her back and her head propped up by the back of the sofa one of the other guys came and knelt across her and pushed his cock into her mouth. Although Lucy couldn’t move much in this position or really deep throat he was able to fuck her face without her moving about too much.

Pete, who was in her pussy said, ‘I can’t come, she’s too fucking wet and I’ve had too much to drink’. ‘Fuck the slut in the arse’ said Jack. That would have been my response as well, but I was just the hired help so not my position to say.

‘Really?’ said Pete not sure whether that was ok. Lucy, cock in mouth, was unable to speak so pulled her arse cheeks apart to send the message. Pete didn’t hesitate after that and pressed his helmet against her puckered ring, meeting slight resistance until the entrance to her sphincter gave in and Pete slid inside. ‘Oh, fuck me, that’s much better’

‘Go on Pete, fuck that sluts shit hole’ said Jack I was so turned on watching and listening to this group of lads use Lucy for their entertainment I couldn’t wait for my turn, but I had to, knowing I had no rights here. Jack had paid for her for the evening for him and his friends and I knew if I was going to get a go it was after she had been well and truly fucked by each of them.

A little while longer and Pete began to speed up, his breaths got shorter and he clenched his butt cheeks and shot his cum up her arsehole.

The lad fucking Lucy’s mouth then moved down and took Pete’s place. This rotation took place until they were nearly all done when Geoff appeared naked from the bedroom. No wonder Pete hadn’t been able to feel much in Lucy’s cunt, Geoff was hung like a horse, his huge member swinging between his legs as he strolled out.

‘Ready for round two?’ said Geoff. ‘Hell yeah, fuck my arse big boy’. ‘Get on your knees then bitch’. Lucy knelt up on the sofa again, angling her butt up in the air and spreading her cheeks wide for Geoff, both holes opening and leaking cum as she did so. What a fucking horny sight, I just wanted Geoff to be done with her so I could have my go in her sloppy holes.

More for effect than for anything else Geoff held her cheeks open and spat in her arsehole, not that it needed any extra lube at this stage. His cock was beginning to swell as he looked at her waiting arse and it stiffened as he stroked it to attention. His dick was much bigger than the others, not much longer but much wider, probably as wide as her wrist, and even though Lucy had two cocks in her arse before I knew this was going to be a stretch for her tonight.

Geoff dipped his cock into her pussy making it wet then pulled out and repositioned himself against her arse hole and began to push. Again, there was resistance from her sphincter but Geoff kept applying pressure and with a gasp from Lucy her ring gave way and his helmet popped inside. He held there for a second while Lucy gathered herself and then began to push further inside. As he pulled back out I could see Lucy’s arse gripping and sucking on to his cock before he began to push back inside again. Each time he pulled out it was almost like he was turning her inside out with his cock.

Geoff at first had hold of her hips to pull himself into her, then he reached forward, bunched her hair and pulled on that instead. This had the effect of Lucy’s head being pulled back and her body arching, hips pushed up to meet his thrusting cock. As he pounded her arse Lucy was lost, making animal noises I’d not heard from her before, at first I thought she was in pain but it was clear she was in ecstasy, driven into a wild state by the fucking she was getting. It took a while as Geoff had already cum once but eventually he too added his load to the mess inside Lucy’s arse. He pulled out and Lucy slumped curled and shaking on the sofa.

I figured this was my opportunity. ‘Jack, is it ok if I take a turn?’, ‘Lucy, what do you think?’ asked Jack. Lucy looked at me, ‘You’re hired help just like me, if you want to fuck me, you’re going to have to earn it’ she said. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘Well, look at me’ she said as she rolled on her back and opened her legs, ‘I’m a fucking mess. I need cleaning up before you can fuck me’. Bitch, after Jack a few weeks earlier I knew I was going to have to do this but not in front of a room full of guys and not after she’d fucked so many of them. ‘Well James, you heard her, you best get down there if you want to fuck her. Let’s give them a hand lads’ said Jack. With that two of the guys pulled her legs high and wide, opening both cum soaked holes, and Jack pushed me on to the floor in front of her. I looked at the sticky mess inches from my face and hesitated but Geoff pushed my face down onto her pussy and held it there. Part of me wanted to resist, embarrassed as the guys cheered and laughed but I stuck my tongue in her cunt and began lapping away. Lucy moaned and grabbed my head pulling it harder onto her.

I moved lower to begin cleaning her arse, licking up the cum running down her arse crack. Geoff had clearly pumped a lot of air into her arse and just as I moved my mouth over her hole the bitch let the air out, bubbling cum into my mouth. The guys thought that was hilarious and laughed at me as I was forced to suck up their cum. It was erotic and degrading at the same time but I wanted to fuck her so bad I was willing to go through it to get my cock inside her.

I finished licking and sucking the cum out of her swallowing most of it thinking I must have learnt my fuck but Lucy said, ‘You know what, I think I’ve changed my mind about letting you fuck me here, but I will let you take me home, get my coat and let’s go.’

So we did, I took her home stopping on the way to fuck her bent over the bonnet of the car, an event which lead on to another horny adventure.